Maou-sama V1C39

Chapter 39 - Concentration

    Dia lost to Ron, and I never returned to my job as waitress.

You will gain nothing from this. You'd better give up!

"This happened because Fell-chan's appetite is too big!" (Dia)

I can't deny it. I always want to eat endlessly.

"I'm still in my growth period, after all." (Fell)

"Apologize to all people in the growth period!!!" (Dia)

Dia is in a high tension. This makes her two times more annoying than usual. I hope she returns to the guild soon.

"I certainly won't contribute to the guild's income anymore. However, there's still Yato, isn't there? I've heard that she became an exclusive adventurer recently. Even if I quit, I don’t think the guild's income will change much." (Fell)

"Naïve! You're too naïve, Fell-chan! If you don't get what you can get, that means it’s a loss. That's a common sense for merchants!" (Dia)

No, look, you're not a merchant to begin with. You're a receptionist slash guildmaster.

"Oh, by the way, Yato-chan's hourly wage has been reduced from fifteen big copper coins to ten." (Ron)

    When Ron said so, Dia's eyes widened.

"Wh-Why!?" (Dia)

"Yato-chan will be treated as a live-in from now on. I will provide her free room and meals in exchange." (Ron)

    Hearing that, Dia vomited blood.... or she pretended to vomit blood to be precise.

You're overreacting. Yato's hourly wage was reduced from fifteen big copper coins to ten, that was the same as my hourly wage. In other words, she was paid more than me before. If I wore the cat ears and tail accessories from Ron, I wonder if I would get the same treatment....

The effects of cat ears are terrifying!

    I ignored Dia who plastered her cheek on the table, unmoving.

"Is this over? Then, I will go to look for a job." (Fell)

"Yeah, good luck. By the way, I hope you can carry her back to the guild if possible...." (Ron)

    Ron pointed at Dia while making a troubled face.

"No problem, but submit that request to the guild first." (Fell)

I will do it for 2 big copper coins, I guess.

Now then, let's go to the general store. I don't think I can get a job there, but it's fine since I have nothing else to do.

    I left the inn and immediately headed towards the general store.




    I arrived at the general store, but Via was nowhere to be seen.

How careless of her. I don't think anyone will steal in this village, but it's not good to leave her store open unattended. Then again, where did she go? Let's check her location using search magic just to be safe.

Hmm, it seems she's near the river right now. It's the same location as yesterday. Is she practicing her magic? Well, let's check her out.

    I passed through the fields and arrived at the riverside. There was Via practicing bestowal magic with bloodshot eyes.

"Via, if you're going out, you should close the store first!" (Fell)

Does she not hear me? That hurts a bit.

"Hey, Via!" (Fell)

    I called out to Via while shaking her shoulder. Via finally noticed me.

"It's a good thing to concentrate during practice, but be more mindful of the surroundings." (Fell)

"Fell-chan...? When did you change your clothes? That was fast." (Via)

Change clothes? What is she talking about?

"I'm sorry for dirtying your clothes. I was so happy and hugged you without thinking." (Via)

Huh? That was from yesterday. In addition, one day has passed since I changed my clothes.

No way! Don't tell me she....

"Have you been here since yesterday?" (Fell)

"Yesterday? I just told you that I would stay here to practice a little more a while ago." (Via)

Is she the type of person who forgets everything when concentrating on something? This place should be completely dark during night. I'm sure she hasn't eaten and slept since yesterday. Is she alright?

"Huh!? My body...." (Via)

    Via staggered and then collapsed.

Look, she's not alright after all! I guess I have to carry her back. Via is heavier than Dia because of her breasts, so the reward should be three big copper coins at least.

    I passed through the fields and headed towards the Forest Fairy Inn while piggybacking Via.

I don't know where her house is. There may be a bed or something in her store, but I think it's better to bring her somewhere with more people.




"Via collapsed! Give me a hand!" (Fell)

"What's wrong!?" (Dia)

Dia has recovered. Thanks, it's not something I need to celebrate.

"I will explain it later. Call Nia!" (Fell)

    Dia went into the kitchen in hurry.

I guess even Dia can be useful sometimes.

    Nia and Yato came out of the kitchen together with Dia before long. Nia was surprised after seeing Via unconscious.

"What happened to Via?" (Nia)

"I'm not really sure, but it seems Via has been practicing magic non-stop since I parted with her yesterday. Furthermore, she didn't realize that her body have already reached its limit until I came and called out to her." (Fell)

"Hahahaha. This girl must be really happy. Enough to make her completely forgot about the time." (Nia)

    Nia laughed heartily.

"I'm sorry, could you please carry her to my room?" (Nia)

There's no helping it. I have some responsibility in this matter.

"No problem." (Fell)

"Thank you. You can leave the rest to me. I will wash her body and feed her something when she wakes up. You may go now." (Nia)

“Okay.” (Fell)




“I went looking for Via to ask if she had a job for me, but then this happened. I think I will spend the rest of the day reading in my room.” (Fell)

"You didn't find a job?" (Dia)

    Dia leaned over the table and asked.

Close! Too Close!

"Unfortunately. The old man priest told me that there might be a job for me in the near future, though." (Fell)

"What kind of job?" (Dia)

"It's an escort job. He told me that a nun of Goddess Religion will come here. I don't know where she comes from, but he asked me to escort her to this village." (Fell)

The nun seems to be a troublemaker, but if you think about it carefully, there are only troublemakers in this village. The only decent people are the village chief, his family members, and Nia.

"When you get the request, please respond immediately! Let's earn a lot of money together! So, is there anything else?" (Dia)

"It's not really a job.... He also asked me to crush the Goddess Religion, so I told him to prepare 100 big gold coins as reward." (Fell)

"Okay, let's crush it right away!" (Dia)

I feel that there's a person in front of me who must be crushed before the Goddess Religion.



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