Maou-sama V1C40

Chapter 40 - Fun Time

    I explained to Dia that I wouldn't undertake the request of crushing the Goddess Religion because the old man priest had no money to pay me.

"Tell me if the situation changed! Don't accept it personally, got it? Make sure he makes the request through the adventurer guild! If I had ten big gold coins as a commission, I'd be invincible at the guild meeting!" (Dia)

    Having said that, Dia went back to the guild.

If someone submitted a request to subjugate Dia, I will gladly accept it even if the reward is just one small copper coin….

Well, setting the jokes aside, I wonder if the adventurer guild and the Goddess Religion are not on good terms. If they really pass the request of crushing the Goddess Religion, that must be true.

Even so, the guild system isn't kind to the adventurers. I think having 10% of our reward taken is pretty tough.

    When I told Nia about my thoughts, she said that might be the case in this village. In the case of large towns, most of the requests were for monster subjugation, and the materials of subjugated monsters could be sold separately, so it seemed that there was no problem in 10% reduction of the reward. Or rather, in most cases, the adventurers earned more money from selling the materials than the reward itself.

    The same applied to the collection request. The adventurers could collect more than the amount requested, and then sell the surplus separately. In the case of escort request, it seemed that there was no problem since the food and accommodation expenses during the escort were the client's responsibility.

Speaking of which, I guess the waitress job doesn't have that kind of extra income. No, there should be tips. I have never received it, though.

"Yato, have you ever received tips from the customers? I have never received it." (Fell)

"Yes, ~nya. I usually get one small copper coin per customer~ nya." (Yato)

Why!? Is this because of the cat ears? If I force myself, I could wear the dog ears, too.

"In Fell-sama's case, you received a bite of food instead of money, ~ nya." (Yato)

Muh!? Those were tips? Now that I think about it, since I quit, the amount of food I can eat will be reduced. I'm happy since I don't have to wear the waitress uniform again, but I also feel a bit sad.

Now then, I don't want to get in the way of Yato and Nia's work. I will read book in my room until the dinner time.




I brought various books from the demon world, but what should I read? Yeah, let's read books about how to improve the relationship between the boss and subordinates. In my case, maybe something like monster taming books?

    I found what I was looking for among the books stored inside my subspace.

Good. Let's read this!




    Three hours later, I finished reading the book.

The answer is to feed them their favorite food, after all. That might be worth trying, but…. will this be effective for my slimes? To begin with, I don't know what is their favorite food.

Putting that matter aside, something about this book is bothering me. The author didn't put a consideration in the difference of strength at all. I mean, he brought Hellhound, Rock Bird and Gigantopithecus together with him just to defeat Ogres. The Ogres were wiped out without being able to put a decent fight as a result.

No, there must be something.... something like; "the war is already over before it even begins" kind of lesson, maybe? Yeah, this is deep....

Then again, to think that the main character was born from a fruit, is he perhaps alraune's relative? I also want to try the food called 'kibidango' from this story.

It's been quite a while since then. Not the time yet, but the dinner time is near. Let's go to the dining room.




    When I stepped into the dining room, I saw Via was eating at one the table there.

"Via, are you alright now?" (Fell)

"Fell-chan! Yes, I'm alright. Umm…. thank you very much. I heard Fell-chan carried me back here." (Via)

"Yeah. I was planning to charge you three big copper coins for transportation, but since I seemed to be partly responsible, it's free of charge." (Fell)

I was the one told her to practice a lot, after all. That being said, I've never thought she would keep practicing while forgetting about the time until collapsed. If it were me, no matter how I concentrate on something, I would never forget to eat.

"Ehehehe. I was enjoying it too much and didn't realize that the day has already changed. I will be more careful from now on." (Via)

    Via shyly said so. Her smile that used to be somewhat fleeting, was so dazzling.

"You can practice as much as you want, but don't cause troubles for others. That's right, make a magic tool to create water for me later. In my case, I have trouble in adjusting my magic power when casting everyday magic. Because of that, a lot of water always gushed out and causing damage to the surroundings." (Fell)

"I understand! I will make a magic tool that can generate enough water to make a pond or two for Fell-chan!" (Via)

"Yup. You don't understand at all. I just want a magic tool that produces a glass of water, is that clear?" (Fell)

I don't think my words will reach her right now. Maybe it’s better if I put the request on hold until her excitement dies down.

"Fell-sama, there's only wild boar dish for today's dinner, ~nya. Do you want the large portion as usual, ~nya?" (Yato)

Speaking of which, Yato looks livelier since she started working as waitress here. Does she like the job? There's no problem with it. However, the gap of her old and her current image is too big that I can't think she is the same person.

"Yeah. By the way, my free meal ticket is still valid, right?" (Fell)

This is the reward for saving the villagers from the bandits' attack. Even if there's a possibility of hitting their business, I will utilize it to the last minute.

"Of course, ~nya. You will be charged only after the reward period ends, ~nya." (Yato)

    Having said that, Yato returned to the kitchen with my order. Her tail was in a good mood like usual. While waiting, I chatted with Via about various things. Then, after a while, Dia came and immediately sat at our table as if something natural.

"Via-chan, are you alright now?" (Dia)

"Yeah, I'm alright now. I’m sorry for making you worry." (Via)

"You two sure are getting along. Are you perhaps childhood friends?" (Fell)

    I wasn’t really interested, but I asked.

If I remember it correctly, their age should be the same as mine. Except for the village chief's granddaughter --- Anri, everyone in this village is older than us.

"Not just Via-chan, I'm also getting along with Fell-chan!" (Dia)

Okay, that’s not what I want to hear.

"We are not childhood friends. I and Dia both moved to this village about a year ago." (Via)

"Is that so? I was sure you grew up together in this village" (Fell)

"No, I'm from the Ruhara Empire. Nia-san became my guardian after my parents passed away, and when she decided to move to this village, I followed her." (Via)

Hmm, so that is her relationship with Nia. I guess that means Nia and Ron also from the Ruhara Empire.

"I'm from Lomon. I was dispatched to this village by the adventurer guild. I don't believe in Goddess, by the way." (Dia)

Figures! You were so eager to destroy the Goddess Religion for money. Then again, isn't it strange for someone born and raised in the religious state --- Lomon, to not believe in the goddess?

"Come to think of it, when Dia-chan just moved to this village, she was kinda hard to approach and somewhat scary…." (Via)

"I'm really ashamed. Back then, I believed that I was the chosen one, while the others were just inferior creatures that could perish from this world for all I cared. The puberty can be scary sometime." (Dia)

"No, it's different from the puberty I know. It's your head that scares me!" (Fell)

Is this what they call Eight Grader Syndrome? Those who wear an eye-patch, fingerless gloves, and wrap one of their arms in bandages for no reason. There's also someone like that in the demon world.

    The three of us had dinner together while chatting after that. From the topic about trendy fashion to the love stories, and other unimportant topics. However, that moment was truly precious to me.

I've always had meals alone after my parents passed away. Now that I think about it, I can't remember ever having this kind of casual talk with the other demons of my age either.

Could it be I don't have friends? I've never been bothered by it, and I've never thought of it as problem. There were so many things I had to think about at that time, after all.

In any case, it's all thanks to Maou-sama that I can spend such fun time like this. To tell the truth, I should have dead. However, Maou-sama appeared and I was saved. I can't thank him enough. Because of that, I must be of service to Maou-sama.

    When I returned to my room while having such thoughts, Maou-sama was already there, waiting.

"Fell, welcome back. You're quite early today." (Maou-sama)

"I'm back. I was fired from the waitress job, so I returned here after finishing my dinner." (Fell)

"Well, cheer up! It's fine. I’m also unemployed, after all. Besides, the timing is just right." (Maou-sama)

I don't quite understand, but it seems Maou-sama is trying to console me. Let's not say the cause of unemployment. Then again, his words have piqued my interest.

"Maou-sama, did something happen?" (Fell)

"This is about the Elven Forest. Some problems occurred when I was trying something. Tomorrow, I think the angry elves will come to this village." (Maou-sama)

Does Maou-sama want me to repel the elves? Okay, I’m ready to fight anytime!

"Therefore, I want you to let the elves catch you instead of me. You just need to follow them obediently. After that, I want you to repair our relationship with the elves and get permission to go to the Word Tree while at it. You're not allowed to use violence." (Maou-sama)

That's a tall order!

"Maou-sama, umm, what was that called again.... that's right, isn't the difficulty level of this mission too high?" (Fell)

To be frank, this is an impossible mission. In terms of mode, it's beyond a hard mode, it's an ultimate mode or even a nightmare mode. Those elves tried to give us a death penalty because of some apples before. I don't know what Maou-sama did to offend them, but I'm sure it was just something trivial.

"I believe Fell can do it." (Maou-sama)

    Maou-sama put his hands on my shoulder and said so while looking into my eyes.

Okay, I will do my best! I will do my best even it kills me!

"Please collect my bones if I die!" (Fell)

I guess I have to start thinking cool lines to be written on my gravestone.

"Don't worry. Fell won't die." (Maou-sama)

The trust from Maou-sama is heavy….

"Of course, I will be watching you from the distance. If something goes wrong, I will immediately come to help." (Maou-sama)

"That's really reassuring. This mission is difficult, but I will definitely complete it." (Fell)

"I'm counting on you. Well then, you'd better go to bed early. Good night." (Maou-sama)

"Good night." (Fell)

I wonder what will happen tomorrow....

In any case, let's write a diary, eat an apple, and go to sleep.

This is the last apple. Let's add the apple procurement to the mission. The mode just changed to apocalypse mode, but it can't be helped.




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