Maou-sama V1C38

Chapter 38 - Development Department

I wonder what today's lunch is. I like egg dishes, I hope Nia will answer this expectation.

    I took a seat, and after waiting for a while, Yato came with a glass of water.

"Good work today, ~nya." (Yato)

Come to think of it, how does Yato usually spend her free time?

"By the way, when you're not working as waitress, how do you usually spend your time?" (Fell)

"I learn how to cook from Nia-san, ~nya. I practice by helping her during the preparation, so no money is needed, ~nya." (Yato)

Indeed, bringing the cooking technology of human world to the demon world is an important task. It will be hard to reach Nia's level, but I hope she can improve her cooking skill to some extent, and teach what she had learned here to everyone in the demon world later.

Maybe I should consider taking Nia to the demon world…. No, I don't think she can withstand the pollution in the demon world. I wish I could purify the road from the gate to the dungeon, at least.

    When I was mulling over it, Ron came in from the entrance while carrying some eggs.

"Are these enough?" (Ron)

Hmm? The eggs are smaller than I thought. The cockratice eggs and basilisk eggs were much bigger.

"Yes." (Nia)

    Nia received the eggs and returned to the kitchen.

Is she going to cook them for lunch? I can't wait.

That's right, the livestock! I plan to try raising cows, pigs and chickens here. I will contact the demon world and tell them to send some livestock here. Well, the lunch comes first.




Today's lunch was bread and omelet. Who's the genius who came up with the combination of omelet and tomato sauce? Magnificent!

    I went back to my room and immediately tried to contact the demon world, but then stopped.

Speaking of which, which department should I bring this matter to? For a start, I guess I will try to contact the General Affair Department.

[Yes. This is the General Affair Department of Demon World. Please provide me your name.]

[It's me, Fell.] (Fell)

[Fell-sama, it's been a while! I've heard everything from the Development Department, about what you're doing in the human world.]

[Yeah, I'm trying to procure food for everyone here. I'm struggling.] (Fell)

[Everyone is deeply moved because Fell-sama went there in person. By the way, how can I be of help today?]

[The thing is, I want to try raising cows, pigs, and chickens in the human world. I'm sorry for the trouble, but could you please arrange it for me? That’s right, I want them in pair.] (Fell)

[I understand. I will process this request immediately. There will be a selection period, I'm afraid Fell-sama will need to wait a little longer.]

[No problem. I leave the rest to you. Oh right, as you may have known, Yato is still in the human world with me. Please treat it as a long-term business trip or something.] (Fell)

[Yes, I will do so. Speaking of Yato, her affiliation was changed to the newly established department called Pioneering Department. Yato is the only member of that department at the moment. Therefore, she will assume the director position. Please inform her to come up with the appropriate divisions later.]

[Got it. I will tell Yato later. I guess that's all.] (Fell)

[I understand. Please contact us anytime.]

Okay, I just need to wait.

Hmm? I’ve got this uneasy feeling suddenly….

In any case, Yato is a director of department now. Though she has no subordinates at the moment, promotion is promotion. This calls for a celebration.

Come to think of it, is Maou-sama in his room? Because I left the room early this morning to see off Nost, I haven't seen him today .

    I knocked the door of Maou-sama’s room, but there was no reply.

Has Maou-sama left already? I wonder if he finally found a way to the World Tree. I guess will ask him later. No matter how little it is, there must be something I can be of help to him.

No, it's not because I almost run out the apples, okay!?




    I returned to the dining room and immediately looked for Yato.

"Yato, I was told that you have been promoted to the director position of a newly established department called Pioneering Department. They also told me that you should come up with the appropriate divisions yourself." (Fell)

"They're being unreasonable as usual, ~nya. Speaking of appropriate divisions, maybe something like Technology Promotion Division, ~nya."

"I think the director position suits you well, Yato." (Fell)

"If you say so, ~nya. Though I want Fell-sama to act as director instead of me, ~nya." (Yato)

"Sorry, but I can't." (Fell)

I have my position as the captain of Demon King Guard Unit, after all. Though I said captain, I'm the only member of this unit. It's a super-elite unit with the highest authority that Maou-sama had created directly. In addition, it's also a super-secret unit. I can't become the director of another department.

"I know it's not possible, ~nya. I just wanted to say it, ~nya." (Yato)

    Having said that, Yato went to the kitchen.

I wonder if she's going to help Nia to make preparation for dinner.... I also have to find a new job soon!

Come to think of it, I haven't visited Via's store and adventurer guild today. I guess I will go to the adventurer guild first.

    When I was about to leave my seat, Dia entered the dining room while running.

"Fell-chan! Is it true that you got fired?" (Dia)


I've got the feeling that it will be a pain to deal with....

"That's right. I won't be working as waitress anymore." (Fell)

    Dia took a seat on the opposite mine and fell limp on the table. Her body was slightly trembling.

What's wrong with her? Is she mimicking a slime? That's not cute at all.

"That's right! I will complain to Uncle! Fell-chan is a hard worker! He has no reason to fire you!" (Dia)

"Look, we have reached an agreement, don't bother!" (Fell)

"I don't agree!" (Dia)

I don't need your agreement, who is the least related person.

    Ron returned from the inside at the wrong time. Dia immediately rushed towards him.

"Uncle! How could you fire Fell-chan? Cancel it now!" (Dia)

"This place is in a tight spot because Fell ate too much yesterday. I can't hire more hands than I need right now. I'm sorry, but it has been decided." (Ron)

"Please do something about it! You will make her life here harder at this rate!" (Dia)

No, it's not that bad. Or rather, it's working as waitress that makes my life here harder.

Maybe Dia is not as rotten as I thought. I mean, she is standing for me and all. That makes me a little moved.

"But if Fell-chan got fired, the guild's income would decrease!" (Dia)

Give back my feelings! Give them back with the interest!!



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