Maou-sama V1C37

Chapter 37 - Familiars

    Leaving the church, I saw Elizabeth --- one of my slimes, who seemed to be in the middle of visiting the neighboring houses while carrying a signboard of some kind. Elizabeth knocked the door, and when the people inside came out, she showed the signboard to them. Looking at the signboard, those people brought out something from inside the house, and then handed it to Elizabeth together with some money. Elizabeth dissolved the object she received inside her body, and went to the next house.

What is she doing? From their reactions, at least, it doesn’t seem like she’s doing something bad.

    I approached Elizabeth and looked at the signboard.

Garbage disposal. One big copper coin /10 kg. No needed for separation.

"Oh, did you start a garbage collection business?" (Fell)

[I'm at work, so please come back later.] (Elizabeth)

You too!? I feel like there's an invisible wall between me and my familiars. I wonder if we all should eat together once. However, if they feel like I was forcing and complain about power harassment behind my back, I may not be able to recover from the shock.

They're competent subordinates. I hope they pay a little more respect to me, though. Or is this because I'm not worthy of their respect? I'm unemployed, after all.

I have to find a new job soon and get their respect back. Okay, next is the field!




    When I arrived at the field, the first thing that caught my attention was the scarecrows --- their number had increased. In addition, they were not ordinary scarecrows, but scarecrow golems.

I have an idea about who's the one responsible for this, but I can't think of her reason doing this.

"What's going on here?" (Fell)

"Oh, Fell-chan! Your slime made them for five big copper coins each. We apparently will be charged another one big copper coin if the scarecrow needs maintenance. Or rather, isn't she following your instruction?"

"No, I don't know anything about this. This is something she came up herself." (Fell)

"Your slimes are smart."

Is this still at the smart level? I wonder if I had used too much magic power back then. I've got the feeling that they're no longer slimes. I need to check them thoroughly later.

"By the way, I am looking for a new job because I just got fired from the inn. Is there anything here?" (Fell)

    I heard the sound of falling objects. Looking around, all the people who was working in the field dropped their hoes, while looking at our direction with stunned expressions. I could hear “unforgiveable”, “our healing time”, or “absolute territory” from the surroundings.

Did they get angry because I was fired? They’re actually good guys.

"Fired? Yato-chan too?"

"No, Yato will continue to work as waitress. I'm the only one who got fired." (Fell)

    The people around picked up their hoes and resumed to their works as if nothing happened. No one was looking at our direction anymore. From the surrounding, I could hear "it's fine if there's Yato-chan", "I have no complaints", “cat ears are enough", and so on.

I take back my previous statement. They're just a bunch of good for nothings!

"Hahaha! Don't be angry. Everyone is just joking."

I'm not angry. I just want to punch them once.

"Well, about the job, I don't think I can be of help. I don't make enough money myself here. You have received a reward from bandit subjugation, right? You should have no problem with money for a while. How about focus on your field in the meantime?"

He’s right. I still have that card in hands. I've informed the villagers about my situation. If there's a job, I'm sure they will contact me soon. Until then, I will put my energy into the fieldwork.

“Your field is going to be something amazing. You should manage it well!”

What’s so special about my field? Oh well, I will see it myself.




    In the field, there was Josephine --- one of my slime.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this situation…. No, I’m sure of it. If I call out to her, I bet she will also tell me to not disturb her during work. I will just watch the field from the sidelines.

From what I can see, Josephine is watering the field while dancing. Maybe she is doing Fertility Dance.

The sunflowers are almost blooming. They sure are growing fast. The stalks are swaying in unison as if dancing with wind, creating such a lively sight. I hope I can get a lot of sunflower seeds from them later.

In the plot where I sowed mandragora seeds, leaves have started to sprout from the ground. They’re also growing fast. How should I harvest them? I don't want to sacrifice dogs. I guess I will let my slimes to do it.

The alraunes are already budding in the plot next door. Though I heard they needed blood to grow, I only gave them water so far.

If the scarecrows caught another preys, I will give their blood to them. For the time being, let's see if they can grow properly with only water.

Overall, their growth rate is quite high. Unlike the demon word, the soil in this world seems to be rich of nourishment. Or is this the effect of Fertility Dance?

    Josephine, who noticed I was observing the field, came approaching.

Is she going to tell me to not get in her way?

[I can manage the field alone.] (Josephine)

What is this... am I an unneeded child...?

    When I was feeling dejected, Josephine gave me another hard blow mercilessly.

[Please lend me the hoe, bucket, and ladle. Fell-sama won't need them anymore, after all.] (Josephine)

I have no problem with letting Josephine manage the field, but.... it kinda hurts when she treats me like an unneeded existence. I'm unemployed, but I'm working hard!

[It's the master job to prepare a working environment for her servants.] (Josephine)

    Josephine added when I was still feeling reluctant. Then, without uttering any words, I took the hoe, bucket, and ladle out of my subspace, then handed them to Josephine. Josephine nodded and returned to the field.

Next time, let's read the books about how to improve the relationship between boss and subordinates. Even if I stay, there’s nothing I can do here. Let’s go back….

"Did you see them? They have grown a lot in such a short period of time. The plants from the demon world are really amazing!"

"Is that so? The sunflowers are also amazing, though." (Fell)

"Eh!? Were there sunflowers in your field?"

I've got a really bad feeling about this, but it may be already too late....

Yeah, forget it! I will think the answers when the problems occur. There's no point thinking about that now. It's fine to escape from the reality sometimes.

Yeah. Let's have lunch instead!




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