Maou-sama V1C34

Chapter 34 - Unemployment

    I woke up and opened the window.

The weather is so nice. I feel like something good is going to happen today. Speaking of which, Nost and the others are going to return to the city this morning. Let's see them off.

    I went downstairs, and found Nost and his subordinates were having breakfast.

"Good morning, Fell-san." (Nost)

"Good morning. Are you still planning to return today?" (Fell)

"Yes, we will depart immediately after having breakfast. If we depart around this time, we can reach the camping spot before dark." (Nost)

I've heard that it took two days to reach the eastern town. I guess they will spend one night outside on the way.

"Okay, be careful." (Fell)

"Thank you for your concern. This time, we are really indebted to Fell-san. If you come to Leanne City, please visit the guard office. I can show you around." (Nost)

"I don't have any plans at the moment, but I will be counting on you at that time." (Fell)

    Nost's subordinates have finished their breakfast when we were talking. Leaving the inn, I followed them towards the adventurer guild. Over there, I saw Dia went back and forth to care of something.

Dia seems to be working properly for once. Is this a dream? Or am I seeing a hallucination right now?

    The soldiers went into the guild's basement and came out with the bandits shortly after. When the man with broken arms saw me, he immediately clicked his tongue.

Does he still intend to resist?

"Feel free if you want to escape. However, keep in mind that I've put mark on you using magic. No matter where you hide, I can easily track you down. I will get a reward each time I catch you back, so do your best to escape!" (Fell)

    Hearing that, the man glared at me in frustration, but then hung his head down.

I'm the type who crush my enemies' spirit to pieces to prevent the future troubles. I have nothing personal against them, but after seeing the prison, I just recognized them as enemies. I don't know what will happen to them after this, but they better pray we will never meet again in the future.

"Fell-chan, your killing intent is leaking out since a while ago." (Dia)

Oops, not good. I shouldn't be like this here. I will leave them to Nost and work hard today.

"Well then, Fell-san, Dia-san, I will be taking the bandits with us. Once again, thank you for your cooperation." (Nost)

    Having said that, Nost and the others left the village.

"It's over at last.... Okay, let's call it a day!" (Dia)

Oi, the day just started!!!




    I parted with Dia who said she was going to sleep and returned to the inn. In the dining room, Nia, Ron, and Yato gathered.

What happened?

"Fell, we need to talk." (Ron)

    Ron's face was unusually serious. Nis smiled awkwardly, while Yato made an apologetic face for some reason.

Seriously, what happened?

"What's wrong? Is this something troublesome?" (Fell)

    Ron took a deep breath, seemed to be preparing himself before answering my question. His nervousnes gradually affected me, too.

"Unfortunately, I can no longer rely on Fell for the waitress job." (Ron)

Why!? I did my job faithfully. I've never late, let alone slacking off.

"Can you tell me the reason? I should have the right to receive an explanation, at least." (Fell)

Is this because of restructuring? I will call my lawyer if it's just an unfair dismissal.

"You ordered too much fried dish yesterday, which put our financial in a tight spot. Because of that, we can't afford to hire two waitresses anymore." (Ron)

I thought I was the victim, but I turned out to be the assailant. Let's settle it peacefully.

However, they should have stopped me before that happened. I'm not a heartless demon. I would stop ordering if they told me to stop. In addition, I've also heard that they were prepared for a deficit. I'm not completely at fault here.

"My bad. I've heard that you were prepared for a deficit, so I also didn't hold back myself." (Fell)

"Indeed, we were prepared for a deficit, but not bankruptcy." (Ron)

My only source of income has lost. I will be fine for a while since I have the money from the bandit subjugation. However, I have to find the next source of income as soon as possible.

No, hold on! Ron said he couldn't hire two waitresses anymore, didn't he? Does it mean I'm the only one who got fired?

"What will happen to Yato?" (Fell)

"We will continue hiring Yato." (Ron)

On second thought, I will call a lawyer from the demon world after all. It looks like they're asking for a fight.

"Okay, let me hear the reason." (Fell)

"Yato-chan is popular with the costumers." (Ron)

Is that an implication that I'm not popular? No, it's rather direct for an implication....

    Yato looked apologetic but her tail was in a good mood.

Yato, let's meet behind the inn after this!

"I'm sorry, Fell-chan. He was joking, so please don't take it to the heart. However, it's true that we can’t afford to hire two people right now. The reason we chose Yato is because she's more in need of money than you." (Nia)

    Nia explained that since I still could stay at the inn free of charge for another week, and there was also the money from the bandit subjugation, I wouldn't be troubled with money for a while. Meanwhile, Yato has been paying for her lodging fee since yesterday. However, since the process was tedious, they have decided to reduce her hourly wage and treat her as a live-in waitress instead.

"I understand the situation. Okay, I shall accept your decision." (Fell)

Now that I think about it, I don't really like the job, especially the uniform. Though I don't want to lose my source of income, I still can look for a new one. The job where I can make use of my strength as a demon race will be better.

"I will return the uniform after washing it." (Fell)

"You may keep the uniform. It has been fitted to Fell-chan's size, after all. Just think of it as a severance money." (Nia)

    Ron face turned into a startle for some reason.

Are you sure? I don't think I will have a chance to wear it again, but if you want to give it to me, I have no reason to refuse it.

"Okay, I accept it. Then, I will go to Via's store a bit." (Fell)

"Pl-Please don't sell it!?" (Ron)

    Since Ron was begging persistently, I had to change my plan of selling the uniform.

If I can't sell the uniform, what should I do with it? There's no helping it, I will put it inside my subspace for the time being.

"The talk is over, right? I want to have breakfast." (Fell)

"Sure thing. I will prepare it right away, please wait a moment!" (Nia)

    Nia and Ron returned to their works. Only Yato and me were left there.

"Fell-sama, I'm really sorry, ~nya." (Yato)

"Don't mind it. You want to stay in this world for a while, right? You were able to avoid losing your job at least." (Yato)

"No, it's not about that, ~nya. I'm sorry because I'm more popular than Fell-sama, ~nya." (Yato)

Okay, let's meet behind the inn after breakfast!




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