Maou-sama V1C35

Chapter 35 - Marriage

The problem was solved after I gave a little thought. In the first place, whether I'm popular with the humans or not doesn't matter to me. The fight was avoided in the end, but it was not because Yato gave me extra bread and eggs for breakfast, okay?

Now that I've finished my breakfast, let's think about today's schedule. I'm unemployed now. I still have a lot of money, but it won't last forever. I have to find a new job soon. I would like to do real adventurer works if possible. However, I don’t think I can find such works in this village

Mulling over it will change nothing. Let's go around the village to look for job. I couldn't find another job before, but I might be able to find it today. Okay, action!

    Near the entrance of inn, I met Charlotte, one of my slimes, who was standing while carrying a signboard of some sort. Laundry service, only one big copper coin per service --- was written on it.

Oh, she really started a new business. There are even some clothes for demonstration, she looks credible.

    When I tried to talk to her, she said she was in the middle of work and told me to come back later.

I wonder what is the definition of subordinates.... No, as a boss, I should always support my subordinates.

"Good luck." (Fell)

    Charlotte made a thumb-up pose.

Does that mean 'leave it to me'? I feel like I shouldn't think too much about it. Oh well, let's go to the village chief's house next.




“Good morning Fell-san. Do you need something from me?” (Village Chief)

"Good morning. I came to talk, but it looks like you have guests right now. I will come back again later." (Fell)

    The village chief was talking with two people, man and woman, when I came. I didn't know their names, but I felt like I've seen them around several times before.

From their faces, it doesn't seem to be a serious topic, but maybe it's not something I should hear.

    When I tried to leave, the village chief stopped me.

"Please wait, Fell-san! You don't have to leave because we are done here." (Village Chief)

    The village chief turned her attention back to the pair.

"I understand the story. I will send a word when the preparations are in order. Until then, please wait patiently." (Village Chief)

    The talk seemed to be over. The two people left the village chief's house after bowing to me with somewhat happy expression.

"Did something happen to those two? If it's not something I shouldn't know, I won't force you to talk." (Fell)

"No, it's not something I have to keep secret. Those two came early in the morning to report that they were getting married." (Village Chief)

Marriage? I've read about it before. Marriage is a kind of contract between two individual to become spouse. Something about 'till death do us part' and so on. I wonder if they get cursed to be together until die.

Speaking of marriage, there was a story about a bride who was taken away by another man during the wedding ceremony. After that, the bride and the man took a bus to escape to a distant place together.

What is bus, though? Some kind of carriage? Oops, I got sidetracked.

"Marriage is the cursed contract thing, right?" (Fell)

"Cursed contract? If anything, marriage is when two people receive a blessing." (Village Villager)

I don't really understand because demons don't have a concept of marriage. In the demon world, both parties just decide it among themselves and then start living together.

"You said something about preparation, but what exactly will happen?" (Fell)

"We will hold a ceremony in the village square and so on. To put it simply, wedding is about reporting the marriage to the spirits and then make a celebration together with everyone afterwards." (Village Chief)

"Celebration? Specifically?" (Fell)

"Young people will dance, and after that, it’s a form of entertainment…. In any case, I'm planning to play a musical instrument on that day myself." (Village Chief)

Musical instrument? That's unexpected.

"Fell-san should join, too." (Village Chief)

"I'm a demon, but may I?" (Fell)

I feel like the demons shouldn't get involved in this kind of thing.

"What are you talking about? All villagers are invited to the wedding ceremony. Of course, Fell-san and Yato-san are no exception." (Village Chief)

For some reason, I and Yato have already been certified as villagers. I think they should be a bit more cautious of newcomers, though.

What about Maou-sama? He spent most of his time outside the village, and even if he was here, he always confined himself inside his room to do something or just sleeping.

"It's also thanks to Fell-san that they're getting married, so please join us by all means. I'm sure it will make those two happy." (Village Chief)

I don't think I'm related to their marriage. To begin with, I don't really understand the concept of marriage itself.

"Those two have been dating for a long time but not married yet. When the bandits raided this village and they were about to be separated, at that time, they were really regretting it." (Village Chief)

Whether they were already married or not at that time, the situation would not change, right?

"However, Fell-san saved them from the predicament. Now after going through such experiences, they don't want to waste any more of their time. Fell-san is like a matchmaker for them." (Village Chief)

I don't know what matchmaker is, but it seems I've become a bridge between them without knowing it.

"I'm afraid I will just stick out like a sore thumb and spoil the festive mood. I think I will not---" (Fell)

"The meals are served free of charge at the wedding party." (Village)

"I will join!" (Fell)

Only fools who would miss free meals. I should be able to attend the wedding party without attracting attention. I'm good at eating in the corner, after all.

"Is that all? Now then, do you have a job for me? It doesn't matter whether it's day or night." (Fell)

"I'm sorry, not at the moment, but at night as well? How about your waitress job?" (Village Chief)

"I got fired." (Fell)

"Fired? Is this because you always asked for the second bite?" (Village Chief)

How did you come to that conclusion? Besides, those were proper negotiations. I've never forced them, and no one became unhappy either.

"No. There are many reasons, but simply put, it's a staff reduction. The diner could no longer hire two waitresses and Yato was chosen to remain. That's all there is to it." (Fell)

"Well, although there’s no other diner in this village, I guess hiring two people is still difficult." (Village Chief)

"That's how it is. In any case, if you there are any jobs, please let me know." (Fell)

"I understand. But still, instead of Yato-san, I think Fell-san who has been working longer is a better choice." (Village Chief)

"Yato is more in need of that job than me. I have received a big reward from the bandit subjugation, so I won't be troubled with money for a while. It's not because Yato is more popular, okay?" (Fell)

"Y-Yes. Of course, it's not because Yato-san is more popular." (Village Chief)

Hey, don't look away, it's true!

Oh, whatever! Let's go to the church next.




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