Maou-sama V1C33

Chapter 33 - Deficit

I usually would be working as waitress around this time. However, I'm having a day off right now. I’ve earned a lot of money from the bandit subjugation, so as a reward for my achievement, maybe I will treat myself to the full today.

Yato has been wandering around since a while ago. Did something happen? If she has a problem with her job, as a senior waitress, I can provide her with some advices.

"Yato, what's wrong?" (Fell)

"I want to clean up the floor, but I can't find the mop anywhere, ~nya." (Yato)

The mop is still inside my subspace after all. In addition, since I've strengthened it, the mop has become a unique item. No one will notice it, right? Oh well, since the performance of mop has increased greatly, there’s no reason to get angry at me.

"Oh, my bad. The mop is still inside my subspace. I borrowed it to be used as weapon to subjugate the bandits." (Fell)

"Come to think of it, Fell-sama did borrow the mop this morning, ~nya. Please return it, ~nya." (Yato)

    I took the mop out of the subspace and handed it to Yato. She didn't realize that it has become a unique item.

"Thank you, ~nya." (Yato)

    Yato accepted the mop and began to clean the floor with it. I moved to the table in the corner so as not to disturb her work.

"Is it just my imagination or the floor is cleaner than usual, ~nya!?" (Yato)

No, it's not just your imagination. I won’t say it out of loud, though. Unless someone uses appraisal or analytical magic on the mop, no one will notice the change.

"By the way, is this fine to prolong your stay here?" (Fell)

I'm not telling Yato to go back to the demon world soon, but she should have her own duties over there.

"This world is interesting, ~nya. The sun makes me want to curl up on the roof while bathing in its light, ~nya." (Yato)

I don't understand that feeling, but this world is indeed comfortable to live in. In addition, I can eat Nia's cooking here. If I can be honest, I don't feel like going back to the demon world either.

"In that case, you may stay here a little longer. Don’t forget that we came here to establish a friendly relationship with the humans. Also, you also should earn your own living cost yourself." (Fell)

"Thank you, ~nya. I thought Fell-sama would say that, so I registered as an adventurer yesterday, ~nya. Now I'm also an exclusive adventurer of this village, ~nya. I will earn money to live here by doing adventurer jobs, ~nya." (Yato)

    Yato said so while showing her guild card. There was a deformed portrait of her with emphasized cat ears.

Okay, I will teach her something as a senior adventurer.

"The guild has no jobs other than working as waitress." (Fell)

"Nywat!?" (Yato)

I will leave the stunned Yato alone and have a meal instead. There are the soldiers besides the villagers today. The sales are going to be exceptionally high. I wonder if they will raise my hourly wage later.

    After recovered from the shock, Yato continued doing her works without any problems. Everyone tried to give Yato a bite of their food, but she refused politely.

What a waste! If I were Yato, I'd aim for the second bite in the negotiation.

Today's menu seems to be a fried fish dish. I wonder if the fish here could fly. I mean, the sharks in the demon world could fly.

According to Yato, the dish was made using a cooking method called deep-frying, which seems to be a fairly expensive cooking method. However, to celebrate the subjugation of bandits, they were ready for the deficit.

The sales may increase, but that goes for the expense too. In other words, the higher the sales, the bigger the loss. From the management perspective, I don't know what to say about this situation.

Nah, Yato said that they were ready for the deficit. In that case, I'm also ready to take that challenge.

"Fell-sama. Thanks for waiting, ~nya." (Yato)

I have given up on the fact that I always smile during meal. If I eat while minding my facial expression all time, I will not be able to savor the taste of the food. It's stupid to think something extra during meal. Now then, let's try the fried fish dish in front of me!




    I’ve eaten a total of twenty servings. Nia was laughing, but Ron burst into tears.

There are a lot of people who cry today....

    Nost came when I was enjoying the afterglow of meal.

"Good evening, Fell-san." (Nost)

"Good evening. Are you going to have dinner?" (Fell)

"Yeah, we're going to take turns." (Nost)

"The deep-fried fish was really good. The more you order, the more Ron cries." (Fell)

    Nost looked somewhat confused, laughed a little, and then sat down on another table with his subordinates.

They all should just eat dinner together, but.... well, that's not my business.

I've heard that some of the soldiers were patrolling the village. They seem to be good guys who faithful to their duties. I'd like to have a friendly relationship with them.

    Dia came and sat at my table as if something natural.

Shouldn't you ask my permission first!?

"Haahhh... I'm tired from all the work! Yato-chan, one large serving please!" (Dia)

You were just slacking off in afternoon, weren't you? Dia is not bad person, but I just can't acknowledge her. I feel like losing if I acknowledge her.

"Speaking of which, your slimes were dancing outside, what was that all about?" (Dia)

Oh, I forgot! I asked them to wash my jacket, but are they not done yet?

"I asked them to do the laundry before. I wonder if they're still doing it. I'm going to check them a bit." (Fell)

    I went outside the inn and saw one of my slime was spinning around on the spot. Her unusual action caught the attention of people passing by. When I asked if my jacket has been cleaned, the nearby slime told me that it was currently undergoing the dehydration process. The next process was drying and it would take about an hour.

Doing laundry is more complicated than I thought….

    My slimes also told me that they would deliver it to my room later, so I didn't need to wait for them to finish it.

That's fine, but why are they doing it outside? You can do it inside the room.

    When I asked the reason, they told me it was for advertising since they were planning to run a laundry service in this village to earn money. In addition, they also asked permission to stay outside the subspace for the time being.

Oh, are you girls going to work? I would expect no less from my subordinates. Okay, do your best! By the way, I wonder what are they going to spend their money on....

    I left my slimes and returned inside. Dia was eating her dinner.

"Fell-chan, how was it?" (Dia)

“You have to do your job properly, too.” (Fell)

"What was that!? I did my job properly! My break time is just flexible!" (Dia)

Does she not realize that there's something wrong with that logic? Or does she just pretend to not realize it? I guess it's the later.




    I returned to my room after chatting with Dia for a while.

Things really wore me out today....

Maou-sama has been sleeping since afternoon. I will also go to sleep after writing a diary. My head is full of writing material right now.

    When I was writing a diary, my slimes came to my room to deliver my jacket, and then went off to somewhere again afterwards.

Oh, it's clean and beautiful! I trust them, but since they have never consulted about their plans to me in advance, I couldn't help but a little worried. No, I'm sure everything will be all right. It's important to give some freedom to your subordinates.

I'm done. Let's sleep!




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