Maou-sama V1C30

Chapter 30 - Mystic Eyes

"Fell-san, I've kept you waiting." (Nost)

    When I was talking with Dia, Nost came with a smiling face.

No, I'm not waiting for you. Do we have a promise to meet or some kind? To be honest, I couldn’t care less about it right now. The fact that I always smile during meals hit me too hard.

"First of all, it's a reward for capturing the bandits." (Nost)

    Nost placed a somewhat heavy-looking small bag on the table.

Oh, that's right. I forgot about the reward. This is really important matter.

"There are forty big silver coins inside." (Nost)

I suddenly became crazy rich! My total fortune didn't even reach one big silver coin before, but now, I have a whole forty big silver coins in my hands. Bandit subjugation is a pretty profitable job.

"The details are as follows; first of all, the bounty reward is one big silver coin per head. There are 15 bandits which mean 15 big silver coins. However, since the bandits had escaped once due to mismanagement of the guild, including an apology and a token of gratitude for re-capturing them, the bounty reward was doubled, and became 30 big silver coins in total." (Nost)

There's still 10 big silver coins surplus, though. Is that perhaps the MPV reward?

"The rest, 10 big silver coins, is the price of camouflage bracelet and the valuables confiscated from the bandits. It's mainly the price of camouflage bracelet, though." (Nost)

Was the bracelet that valuable? I'm not interested, but let's keep it in mind. Maybe I will find another one lying around somewhere.

"Thus the total of your reward is 40 big silver coins, or equal to 4 small gold coins. I thought it would be difficult to use gold coins in this village. Therefore, I've decided to pay you in big silver coins instead.” (Nost)

That saved me the trouble. Still though, I think the reward is too big for something this easy. In any case, let's count them first....

"40 big silver coins, I've confirmed it." (Fell)

"Then, please sign this document.... I'm sorry, but can Fell-san write in human letters?" (Nost)

I’ve been practicing in my diary for times like this. Let’s write a perfect signature.

"No problem. I've been practicing." (Fell)

    I wrote my signature in a smooth movement.

Yup, it's perfect. It's also beautiful, if I say so myself.

"Your handwriting is pretty neat. Now then, I certainly received your signature. The takeover procedure is completed with this." (Nost)

"Speaking of which, do I need to pay 10% of the reward to the adventurer guild?" (Fell)

"That would be the case if someone had submitted a request to the adventurer guild. However, it's something like a direct request from the lord of Lean City this time. You don't have to pay commission to the adventurer guild, isn't that right?" (Nost)

    When Nost looked at Dia for confirmation, Dia reluctantly nodded.

I don't really understand, but is that how it works? Oh, whatever.

"I've tried to prepare the request form in hurry, but I didn't make it in time. If I finished the procedure, I could get 10% of the reward because it was a request...." (Dia)

"Isn't that procedure strange? Or is this your head which strange?" (Fell)

Yup. Let's ignore her. Dia is not an enemy, but she's not an ally either.

"Speaking of which, what is your plan after this? You're going back tomorrow morning, aren't you?" (Fell)

"Yes, we will depart tomorrow morning. After all, if we depart to Lean City at this time of day, we will be forced to set a camp on some unsuitable place on the way.” (Nost)

    Nost continued after a moment of pause.

“I think there will be no longer bandit attack, but after this, we plan to take turns patrolling the village and watching over the bandit just in case." (Nost)

"I see. By the way, the food in this inn is the best." (Fell)

"Yes, I and my subordinates are looking forward to it. Too bad that we can't drink alcohol since we're still in the middle of a mission, though." (Nost)

I don't understand that feeling, but I guess it can’t be helped if that’s also part of their job. I recommend milk instead.

"Speaking of which, to continue our conversation about appraising my subordinates, do you have time now? Of course, we will reward you." (Nost)

I don't remember ever agreeing it, though. I'm already quite rich at this point, but what should I do?

"Does Fell-chan have Appraisal Skill? Or analytical magic, perhaps?" (Dia)

"No, I don't. I just can see them somehow." (Fell)

I couldn't find Appraisal Skill in my skill list, and I couldn't use analytical magic either. So, why can I see them?

I wonder if Maou-sama is in his room now. I want to talk about this matter with him if possible. I also need to give a report about bandit subjugation.

"I understand. I will do it, but I want to go back to my room first. You came here to have lunch, right? Let's do it after that." (Fell)

"My subordinates will be pleased to hear that. Then, we will be waiting here." (Nost)

    Leaving Nost and Dia behind, I went to my room upstairs, and found Maou-sama inside.

Did Maou-sama not go to the Elven Forest today?

"Maou-sama, I've returned." (Fell)

"Yes, welcome back. Is everything all right?" (Maou-sama)

"Yes, I didn't kill anyone." (Fell)

I accidentally broke the arms of a bandit, but he's still alive, so I didn't lie.

"That's not what I meant. I asked if you were injured." (Maou-sama)

Yesterday Maou-sama was worried about the bandits, but is he worried about me today? I wonder if this is what they call the drop and raise strategy. Even without doing so, my loyalty to Maou-sama is the greatest.

"I'm not injured. Thank you for your concerns. Speaking of which, I received a big reward from the bandit subjugation. Please accept it!" (Fell)

I've earned 40 big silver coins in short amount of time. This will surely give an impression that I'm a capable woman. Good job, bandits!

"You can keep them. I have very few opportunities to spend money, after all. I will leave the management of money to you." (Maou-sama)

"I understand." (Fell)

I feel Maou-sama's trust in those words. My loyalty has just gone beyond its limits!

"Maou-sama, do you have time now?" (Fell)

"Yes, what is this?" (Maou-sama)

"I don't have Appraisal Skill and I can’t use analytical magic either. However, I can see various information such as someone's skills when I focused my eyes on something. Does Maou-sama know something?" (Fell)

Maou-sama's knowledge is very vast. I'm sure he knows the answer I'm looking for.

"Oh, it's because of your Mystic Eyes." (Maou-sama)

Mystic Eyes? I don't have such things.

"I don't have such skills nor magic...." (Fell)

"Mystic Eyes is not skill nor magic. Fell's eyes are the Mystic Eyes. You can say it's more like a physical ability of some sort." (Maou-sama)

"Can you please tell me more?" (Fell)

    Maou-sama explained about Mystic Eyes afterwards.




In a nutshell, Mystic Eyes are eyes that can see all kinds of information, that cannot be compared to Appraisal Skill or analytical magic.

While Appraisal Skill and analytical magic read the information of targets on the surface, it seems Mystic Eyes work by retrieving the information of targets from "the place where all information gathered". I understand the explanation, but I can't imagine the place in question. I'm a little lost there.

Maou-sama also told me to not rely too much on my Mystic Eyes. There will be no problem if I only look into the target's skills, but if I look into more detailed information, it seems my brain won't be able to withstand the burden. Though it won't kill me, it can put me in comatose for a week or longer.

In addition, only few have the Mystic Eyes, which seems to be super rare ability. To put it in another words, I'm the chosen woman.

"I understand. Thank you for the explanation." (Fell)

"By the way, whoever the other parties are, checking their information without permission is not a commendable thing." (Maou-sama)

"Is that how is it?" (Fell)

"That’s how it is. In any case, if you want to use your Mystic Eyes on other people, it's better to get their permission first. Of course, it doesn't apply if the other parties are hostile to you. To put it badly, this is the power to peep." (Maou-sama)

"I see. Instead of doing it secretly, I should be doing it openly. Is that right?" (Fell)

“That’s not what I meant. Listen….” (Mao-sama)




I see. It was all about manners, huh.

    Maou-sama went to sleep in his room afterwards. He seemed to have not fully recovered from yesterday's fatigue.

The sun is still high. I’m afraid Maou-sama would woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep. No, perhaps Maou-sama could use sleep magic on himself? Let's ask him next time.




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