Maou-sama V1C29

Chapter 29 - Smile

Let's be positive! I mean, thanks to this, I was able to gain everyone’s trust in a short period of time. In addition, smile is a sign of friendship. This is a perfect response to Maou-sama's policy. For him, I will bear with any kind of shame.

"Fell-chan, I've kept you waiting. I'm done with.... what happened!? You look depressed." (Dia)

"I apparently always smile during meals." (Fell)

"Yup. I heard it from Village Chief, and I spread it to everyone in the village --- dangerous!" (Dia)

    Dia avoided my serious punch again.

"Wh-What are you doing?" (Dia)

"That's my line! Just what have you been doing behind my back? Hold on, I feel like we had this conversation before...." (Fell)

I wonder if this is what they call Déjà vu. More importantly, how did Village Chief know that I always smile during meals? Is this from the time I ate lunch in his house? Telling it to Dia of all people.... No, since we're talking about Dia, I'm sure she just eavesdropped it or something.

"Because it was your fault that I was humiliated, make amends by dying!" (Fell)

"Ca-Calm down, Fell-chan! You came here to build a friendly relationship with the humans, didn't you?" (Dia)

"Yeah, that's right." (Fell)

This is the policy that Maou-sama came up with, so of course I will follow it.

"Then, let me ask you this; how do you plan to do it?" (Dia)

"I will do the adventurer's works to help humans, and gain their trust." (Fell)

"Naive!" (Dia)

Muh? I think it's a pretty good plan. I mean, it works well so far.

"Listen, even human can't trust another human that easily. Furthermore, since you're a demon race, it will be even harder for humans to trust you." (Dia)

That might be the case. In the age I didn't know, until fifty years ago, demons and humans were killing each other. Establishing a friendly relationship with humans won't be that easy.

"However, everyone in this village trusts you enough to recognize you as one of them, am I right?" (Dia)

That's right. Though I've saved them from the bandits, I didn't expect something like this to happen in just a few days. It's too easy.

"The reason is none other than because you always smile during meals." (Dia)

" that so?" (Fell)

I've gained their trust just by eating with smile. Then, does it mean this has nothing to do with my adventurer's work? To be honest, the waitress uniform is pretty conflicting.

“….and it was me who spread the information about you to everyone in the village. Now then, who do you think contributed the most to this achievement?” (Dia)

Mmmmmm!!! Is this all thanks to Dia? No, I was the one who worked hard. Especially with the waitress job. In addition, even if Dia didn't spread it, everything will come to light eventually. In other words, it's all come down to me in the end. Mumumumu....

"You seem to have found the answer, Fell-chan." (Dia)

No, not yet!

"Then, I have a proposal based on that." (Dia)

I haven't said anything. But even if I put one hundred thoughts into it, I don't think I owe anything to you.

"Fell-chan, won't you become an Idol Adventurer? I will become your producer!" (Dia)

What is idol? Are you talking about an idol (statue)?

"You will become an adventurer who sings, dances, and fights!" (Dia)

"I refuse." (Fell)

"W-wait, Fell-chan! Please consider it again!" (Dia)

There's nothing to consider. It's more constructive to think about burying Dia in some place where she won't be found. Yeah, that sounds fun.

However, this village is small and everyone knows each other. A perfect crime will be difficult to create. I guess I can't execute this plan.

Now back to the matter about Idol Adventurer....

Yup, not a chance!

"I refuse." (Fell)

"Oh, come on, let's do it! Listen, we will earn a lot money!" (Dia)

"That sounds suspicious. No, you're the who is suspicious." (Fell)

    Dia slid off her chair, and crawled on all fours with both hands and knees, seemed to have been damaged by my words.

"Umm, Fell-sama, what exactly is Idol Adventurer, ~nya?" (Yato)

    Yato who was listening from the side asked me such a question.

I don't understand either. However, since it's coming from Dia, I'm sure it's just something useless. My intuition whispered so, after all.

"Dunno. Just ask her directly!" (Fell)

"Okay, I heard you loud and clear!" (Dia)

    Dia sat back on the chair.

She recovered so fast. Is this Auto Recovery Skill? That's wasted on her.

"In short, it's something like become a famous adventurer who interacts with fans!" (Dia)

"What do you do with the fans?" (Fell)

"Listen, famous Idols Adventurers have their own fan-base. Training together, hunting monsters together, and they also sell their used armor to their fans." (Dia)

"The more I heard, the more suspicious it sounded." (Fell)

I understand about training and hunting, but why do you mean by selling their used armor? Does the size fit in the first place?

"The other things are singing and dancing on the stage, and then holding a handshake event. Of course, the fans will be charged!" (Dia)

"I see." (Fell)

I'm not interested anymore. What is today's dinner?

"Be more interested! Listen, I was convinced when I saw Fell-chan for the first time! You're a rough a diamond! You will be standing on the top of other idols!" (Dia)

The first time Dia saw me is when she was confined in the shed during the bandit raid, right? Have some sense of crisis!

"If you become an Idol Adventurer, the path to establish a friendly relationship with more humans will be opened wider! You might also get sponsors from some famous armor brands!" (Dia)

"You might be right about that, but I still don't want to do it. I absolutely will never do it!" (Fell)

"Please consider it once more! Listen, the money will be flowing to us like water once you become an Idol Adventurer!" (Dia)

I don't care. If you want earn a lot of money, then work harder!

"I thought I finally could get back at them...." (Dia)

Is a grudge of some sort involved? Don't drag me into this! I want to hear the details, but it's better not.

"Who are you talking about, ~nya?" (Yato)

No, Yato, leave her alone!

"The adventurer guild has branches all over the country, and most of them have their own exclusive adventurers. If the said exclusive adventures are strong or famous, you can brag about them during the guild meeting." (Dia)

Will the adventurer guild be fine with such people on the top? I can't quit for the next two years because of penalties.

"I haven't had any exclusive adventurers nor income until Fell-chan joined, so every time I attended the meetings, I was always made fun of...." (Dia)

Just let them taste some pains!

"Two guild branches are especially terrible, so I always want to give them a taste of their own medicine someday...." (Dia)

What's with the pause? Is this the part where you want to put emphasize?

"....and now, I have Fell-chan as my exclusive adventurer!" (Dia)

That was not my intention, okay? It just kinda happened for some reason.

"I finally found my chance, and I thought that I had to do it now or never!" (Dia)

"I don't understand the connection between you want to settle your score with them and I become an Idol Adventurer, though." (Fell)

"The exclusive adventurers of two guild branches I mentioned earlier are Idol Adventurers who sing and dance on the stage. One is not that strong but popular type, while the other one is strong and popular type." (Dia)

"In other words, do you want to get back at them by turning Fell-sama into an Idol Adventurer who surpassed them in everything, ~nya?" (Yato)

"Yeah, that kind of thing, ~nya!" (Dia)

Don't imitate Yato's speech, that's repulsing!

"I understand now." (Fell)

"Then...." (Dia)

"Give up on that idea!" (Fell)

"It's impossible after all.... I guess I have no choice but to assassinate them...." (Dia)

"Stop it!" (Fell)

I just realized that humans can sometimes be very troublesome. Demons proud of their own strength only, but humans seem also proud of their subordinates' strength. In addition, the stronger humans often seem to look down on the weaker humans.

In the demon world, the stronger ones give protection to the weaker ones, and in return, the weaker ones serve the stronger ones. It may be inevitable that demons and humans have very different ways of living and thinking, though.

However, as a proud demon race, I won't keep silent when my human acquaintances are being made fun of. In addition, I owe her some favors....

No, I take that back, she gave me more troubles that favors after all. I feel like I'm always being tricked by her. Yup, there's no reason to help her. Let's proceed towards the direction where I don't have to do anything extra.

"I thought I'd help you, but I changed my mind. In any case, your exclusive adventurer is a demon race, I think that alone is something you can brag to the others. There are no other guild masters like you out there, right? Putting the popularity aside, I don't think my ability is inferior to theirs." (Fell)

"Th-That's right! My exclusive adventurer is not an idol, but she is from the demon race. I'm really amazing!" (Dia)

No, the one who amazing is me. Don't get it wrong!

"I understand, Fell-chan. In the next guild meeting, I will brag to everyone that my exclusive adventurer is a demon with wonderful smile ------ dangerous!!!" (Dia)

Tch, she avoided it again. I will make sure she eats my punch someday!




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