Maou-sama V1C31

Chapter 31 - Skills

    When I returned to the dining room, Nost and his subordinates were already waiting for me.

"I just need to tell their skills, right?" (Fell)

"Putting my case aside, normally, this kind of information should only be known by the appraiser and the related party. I rented a room here, so please feel free to use it." (Nost)

"Go it." (Fell)

    I waited in Nost's room and his subordinates came in one by one.

There are only ten people, let's get it done quickly!

"Swordsmanship Level 1, Spearmanship Level 1."

"Swordsmanship Level 1, Martial Arts Level 1."

"Swordsmanship Level 1, Cooking Level 1, Cleaning Level 1."

"Spearmanship Level 2."

"Swordsmanship Level 1, Archery Level 1."

"Swordsmanship Level 1, SpearmanshipLevel 1."

"Swordsmanship Level 1, Sleep Tolerance Level 1." (Fell)

"Archery Level 1, Finger-jammed Resistance Level 1." (Fell)

"Shieldmanship Level 1, Iron Wall Level 1." (Fell)

"Axemanship Level 1, Cooking Level 1." (Fell)




It's finally over. I didn't find any unusual skills or titles. Nost has higher overall combat prowess than his subordinates, but that's to be expected from a captain.

In any case, everyone looks happy. There seems to be some people who didn't have any skills before, but now they have them. Maybe they learned it through their daily training.

"Thank you very much, Fell-san. This is not much but please accept...." (Nost)

"I don't need it." (Fell)

"Eh!? Are you sure?" (Nost)

"It's not a big of deal. I have received enough reward from the bandit subjugation. In addition, though it's just a short time, we are comrades who fought together. I will accept the money next time." (Fell)

I'm in a good mood because Maou-sama was worried about me, so this time is a free service. Furthermore, I also need to build a friendly relationship with the people from outside this village. Having them feel indebted to me will make things easier.

"Once again, thank you very much. You are really a big help." (Nost)

"You can spend the money in this village, instead." (Fell)

"Understood." (Nost)

    Nost smiled and went to his subordinates to give them instructions. The bandits had been caught, but there seemed still much to be done.

"Earlier, you said that you didn't have Appraisal Skill and you couldn't use analytical magic either, right? Then, how did you know their skills? You didn't just say random things to them, did you?" (Dia)

That's rude!

"I can see their skills because I have Mystic Eyes." (Fell)

"Mystic Eyes? What's that?" (Dia)

How should I explain it? I have received an explanation from Maou-sama, but I don't think I can explain it to Dia properly. No, there's no need to explain the details to her in the first place.

"In short, my eyes are able to see various information." (Fell)

"What!? Give me one!" (Dia)

"I only have two eyes, so give up." (Fell)

This woman often said some crazy things. Or rather, why are you still here? Go back and do your job! I'm tired, I'm going to take a break from waitress job today.

    Via came shortly after Dia left.

It's unusual for Via to come here outside the meal times.

"Fell-chan." (Via)

"What's wrong? Do you have a business with me?" (Fell)

"Umm, I heard from the soldiers that Fell-chan could see their skills...." (Via)

"That's right." (Fell)

    Hearing my answer, Via began to squirm.

What is it? If you need to use the toilet, it's in the back.

"Umm, about that.... can you please check my skills, too...?" (Via)

Your skills? I've checked them once before, though. Come to think of it, when I told Via to create magic tool if she wanted to use magic, she said that she couldn’t do it. Maybe she doesn't know her own skills? However, her inability to use magic is like a landmine. If I step on it, she will burst into tears like the last time.

"I think you already know it, but.... I can't use.... magic...." (Via)

Via stepped on the landmine herself, is she all right?

“I wonder if it’s because of skills of some kind….” (Via)

You're right, but.... should I tell it to her? She won’t start crying, right?

"Fell-chan, please tell me!" (Via)

"I'm also asking you, Fell-chan. I, and everyone in this village, knew that she has always been burdened by her inability to use magic. Therefore, could you please check if there is anything wrong?" (Nia)

    Nia who was nearby, joined the conversation and supported Via.

Is it a well-known fact that Via can't use magic? In that case, I think it's fine to tell her the truth.

"Via has a very rare useless active skill called Magic Prohibition. Because of that, no matter how much she struggles, she will never be able to use magic. Sorry." (Fell)

Hmm? Everyone stopped moving. Did someone use the forbidden magic to stop time?

    Few moments later, Via slowly rose from her seat and silently left the diner while staggering.

Is she imitating a zombie? Speaking of zombie story, it always comes with shopping mall. What's shopping mall, though?

"Fell-chan! How could you say such things?" (Nia)

"Eh? No, I mean........ Hold on! You asked me to tell Via about her skills, didn't you? Why are you blaming me now?" (Fell)

"You could have chosen different words! In order to be able to use magic, Via has always been working hard to the point she shed tears and blood!" (Nia)

"That won't change anything, though." (Fell)

"Don't say such things! For humans, the effort is also important!" (Nia)

"That goes for demons, too. If I have to say it, those who are all talking without making effort are the worst." (Fell)

"In any case, could you please go after her? I think she went to the river." (Nia)

"Me?" (Fell)

That.... sounds troublesome.

"That's right. Please comfort her!" (Nia)

"I'm not good with that kind of thing." (Fell)

"Be good, then! (Nia)

Don't ask the impossible! Then again, I think that it was partly my fault. I can't really refuse it, can I?




    I crossed the fields and headed towards the river. Over there, I found Via was sitting while hugging her knees on the riverside.

I think I should sit next to her for a start. I hope she won't suddenly bite me like a zombie would.

"Fell-chan....You came...." (Dia)

I would not come here if I could choose. Well, I can read the mood, so I won't say it out loud.

"Yeah." (Fell)




    There was a long pause after my reply.

Hey, say something! This situation is so awkward to the point I want a tolerance skill that can withstand the silence. Those who can stay sane in this kind of situation is amazing.

"My parents are pretty famous wizards."(Via)

    Via started talking again when I was getting impatient.

Oh, that really came out of the blue. I guess I should not say anything yet. Okay, go on!

"But a long time ago, both of them died in the war." (Via)

That's.... HEAVY!!!

"Because of my large amount of magic power and the blood inherited from my famous parents, ever since my childhood time, everyone had always been putting their expectations on me. However, no matter how long time passed, no matter how hard I tried, I still couldn't use magic." (Via)

If you have that skill, you will never be able to use magic no matter how hard you try.

"I went to the famous magic school and even studied on my own every day. However, none of them brought me results. When I was a child, I've always told my father and my mother that I would become a great wizard like them in the future. Therefore, I just couldn't give up on magic no matter what. I must keep going forward with the belief that I will be able to use magic someday." (Via)

    Having said that, Via started sobbing.

What should I do? To be honest, this pressure makes me want to cry as well.

"Now I know that I will never be able to use magic, this is the dead end for me. I have no other choices but to give up on that dream, and walk on another path." (Via)

"I see." (Fell)

"That's right, just like Fell-chan who aims to be the best waitress in the world, I will aim to be the best store owner in the world." (Via)

"No, I don't want to be the best waitress in the world. Well, if you're really serious about that, make good magic tools and sell them in your store." (Fell)

    Hearing that, Via made a confused face.

"Speaking of which, I think you have said the same thing before. Too bad that I don't have that kind of ability." (Via)

I see. I guess it's safe to assume that Via doesn't know about her other skills. This has nothing to do with her grandmother's last will or something.

"That's not true. You can make magic tools because you have Bestowal Magic Skill. Furthermore, since you also have Instant Activation Skill, you can make them in a matter of second." (Fell)

What happened? Via stopped moving again.

"I-Is that true!?" (Via)

"I have no reason to lie. Well, I guess you won't believe me until we prove it. Do you have stone or something to be used as medium?" (Fell)

It's just for trial purpose, so some random stones also work.

"How about this?"(Via)

    Via picked a palm-sized stone and showed it to me.

"Good enough. Putting aside the matter about whether it can be activated or not, I'm sure you know how to cast an everyday magic to lit a fire at least, correct? Now then, try to imagine the whole activation process and formula as you channel your magic power into the stone in your hand." (Fell)

"Okay, I will try it." (Via)

    The magic-bestowing succeed. However, Via who didn't realize it, kept staring intently at the stone in her hand.

You will open a hole on that stone if you keep staring like that.

"You can stop now." (Fell)

"D-Did I fail?" (Via)

"No, it's success. Normally, it would take more times. But thanks to your Instant Activation Skill, it's finished in few second. Now then, try to channel your magic power into that stone again, but like when you use magic tool this time." (Fell)

    When Via channeled her magic power into the stone, a small fire came out, but immediately got extinguished as the stone cracked.

Well, that's to be expected from some random stone. If she uses metal or gems, I'm sure it will be more stable and durable.

"You did it." (Fell)

    Via stopped moving again as she stared at the cracked stone in her hand.

She sure stopped moving a lot today. How long should I wait this time?

    Suddenly, tears began to flow from her eyes like waterfalls, while snot came out of her nose like two small rivers.

She looks terrible! It's on the level when ones would think twice before approaching even if the other party is their family member.

"Fueel-cyaan!!!" (Via)

"My name is Fell, not Fuel." (Fell)

"Tu-Tuank youuu!!!" (Via)

"Wait, wait, wait! Don't you dare to hug me in that condition!" (Fell)

Guh, what a power, stupid, uncontrollable! My clothes got wet and dirty by tears and snot, now I want to cry....




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