Maou-sama V1C28

Chapter 28 - Secret

    When we finally arrived at the entrance of Sodogora Village, there was Dia already waiting for us.

"Fell-chan, welcome back! Did you get hurt?" (Dia)

    Dia seemed genuinely worried about me. My impression of her was getting a little better.

"No problem. I've caught the bandits back, please take care of the procedure." (Fell)

"Leave it to me! I won't fail this time!" (Dia)

That's not reassuring....

    Together with Dia, Nost and his subordinates led the bandit towards the adventurer guild. The junks from the bandit hideout also have been taken out of subspace, and handed over to Nost's subordinates.

    I was told that the bandit would be put inside the adventurer guild's prison temporarily, since they would spend another night in this village, and head back to the city morning of the next day.

I guess it's over for the time being. In any case, this kind of work is quite profitable.

"I will go to prepare meal now. In the meantime, why don't you show your face to everyone? I'm sure they’re worried." (Ron)

Oh, I see. If I inform everyone that all the bandits have been subjugated, it will give them some peace of mind. I guess even Ron could say something useful sometimes.

"I understand. Please tell Nia to prepare delicious meal for me. I will go to visit everyone and tell them that all the bandits have been subjugated. This should give them some peace of mind." (Fell)

"Hahahaha. That's not what I meant, though. Everyone is worried about you. You saw Dia earlier, didn't you?" (Ron)

Me? But why? I don't think I'm someone they need to be worried.

“In any case, I will be back soon.” (Fell)




    First I went to the village chief's house.

"Oh, Fell-san, are you safe? I knew that you would be fine, but I was still worried." (Village Chief)

    The village chief seemed as worried as Dia. The village chief's daughter and her husband, whom I met for the first time, also showed a relieved expression as they greeted me.

Do I look that weak for a demon race?

"Fell Nee-chan, did you beat all the bandits? Invite me next time. I will protect you!" (Anri)

I'm not weak enough to need your protection. Also, don't swing around your wooden sword inside the house, that's dangerous!




    Next I went to the church of Goddess Religion.

"You seem to be just fine. I know that my worries are unnecessary, but I still feel relieved after seeing your face." (Priest)

"Even though you're a priest of Goddess Religion, you're worried about me, a demon race?" (Fell)

"The Goddess Religion has nothing to do with this. Though you have been staying in this village for only few days, all the villagers, including me, have already considered you as one of us. It's natural to worry about a fellow villager, isn't it?" (Priest)

I don't know.... I don't know whether this is normal or this old man is just peculiar....




    When I passed the fields, the villagers who were working there called out to me.

"Fell-chan, you're safe!"

"I was worried!"

"I'd rather see you working as a waitress!"

    Putting the last man aside, they seemed worried about me as well.




    The last place I visited was Via General Store.

"Fell-chan! I'm glad you're safe!" (Via)

    The moment I entered the store, Via immediately hugged me from the front.

These breasts... are you looking for a fight? Let’s bring it outside!

"Everyone seems worried about me, do I look that weak?" (Fell)

"Eh? I'm sure you're pretty strong since you're a demon race. I've never witnessed it myself, though." (Via)

Certainly, she is not one of the villagers confined in the shed where I defeated a bandit with once punch. In addition, the rest of bandits were defeated by my slimes. No wonder if most of the villagers don't know my true strength. To be blunt, I can easily defeat Nost and all of his subordinates without breaking a sweat.

"You're one of us, so I will be worried even though I know that you're strong." (Via)

I don't understand. I've been living in this village for only less than a week, but everyone in the village seems to have completely put their trust in me. To be honest, I find it a bit scary.

"Why am I so trusted?" (Fell)

    Suddenly, Via averted her eyes.

What!? Is this something that I shouldn't know about?

"D-Do I have to tell you...?" (Via)

"Tell me if you know something." (Fell)

"I don't think Fell-chan is aware of it...." (Via)

Is it something difficult to say? What do you mean by I'm not aware of it? I absolutely have to hear it until the end.

"Umm, whenever you had dinner at work...." (Via)

I don't understand. What are you trying to say? I indeed felt gazes directed at me whenever I had dinner. I've never shared my food, though. That was mine after all.

"You always had such a blissful smile."

"Who?" (Fell)

"You, Fell-chan." (Via)

Okay, calm down!

Let's stay cool!

I should recite Pi numbers at time like this; 3.... what's next!?

Not good. I couldn't think straight right now.

To summarize the story, I've been having meals while smiling all this time?

This cool beauty Me? I don't believe it.

" this a joke?" (Fell)

"No, I'm telling the truth. Everyone loves to watch you eat while smiling blissfully. How you stare at the emptied plates with a satisfied smile is also pretty popular among the villagers. You bring the food to the costumers with a smile, but you look reluctant when you put it on their table. Because of that, everyone gives you a bite of their food." (Via)

Now that she mentions it, since I always get a bite, I always carry my personal chopsticks during work.

"That's why everyone came to the same conclusion. Fell-chan is a good demon, that's it." (Via)

"Can I unseal the magic tool for calling Meteor Strike and use it here? I will kill everyone and myself." (Fell)

"St-Stop it!" (Via)




    I didn't remember what happened afterward. When I came back to my sense, I was already sitting on a chair inside the inn’s diner.

"Fell-chan, I'm glad you've returned safely. I've heard the news, but seeing you directly is more reassuring. I will bring the food right away!" (Nia)

"Fell-sama, good work, ~nya. This is milk for you, ~nya." (Yato)

    Shortly after Nia left, Yato came bringing a glass of milk for me. I drank it in one gulp to calm myself.

I have to keep my focus when eating from now on. Overcoming this trial will make me a true cool beauty.

"Thanks for waiting." (Nia)

    Nia lined up the dishes on the table.

Everything looks delicious.... No, they're my enemies that's trying to kill me. Maou-sama, please lend me your strength!

    I put some force into my facial muscles.

"Let's dig in!" (Fell)

    Thus the battle started.




"Fell-chan eats the food deliciously as usual. That's the best compliment for chefs." (Nia)

I'm failed.... Should I stop eating in public from now on? Or should I crush the eyes of people around before start eating?

"Yato.... I'm done for...." (Fell)

"Wh-What happened, ~nya?" (Yato)

"Nia's cooking is so good that I always smile unconsciously when eating it." (Fell)

"Huh!? Fell-sama has always been like that even in the demon world, ~nya." (Yato)

N-No way...!!!




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