Maou-sama V1C27

Chapter 27 - Appraisal

    Nost told me that he discovered various things when he was investigating the cave. Though simple, there was a prison inside, and some traces that it had been used.

I wonder if they use it to confine the people they have captured before being sold to the slave traders. One mistake, and everyone in the village would end up inside there....

    Thinking that, I felt an anger surging inside me.

"Everything here belongs to Fell-san. However, I will take custody of this bracelet for further investigation. But of course, I will compensate it with money." (Nost)

"I see. I don't need anything here in particular, so it would be helpful if you could also convert them to money instead." (Fell)

These are all junks. They will just take the space in my subspace.

"I understand. Let's calculate it after we return to the village. Umm, since Fell-san could use space magic, may I trouble you with the transportation?" (Nost)

"No problem. I will store them inside my subspace until the village." (Fell)

    I made a subspace called booty and put everything inside it.

That's right. I need to keep the subspace I use all time organized. I don't want to be a woman who can't find what she is looking for when needed.

"What about the cave?" (Fell)

"If we leave it as it is, there's a possibility monsters will use it as nest. Let's fill it with soil using earth magic." (Nost)

Is there a magic user who can fill a cave of this size among them? Maybe this unit is actually not just an ordinary unit.

    When I was feeling impressed, Nost took something out and showed it to me.

That is.... a wooden box...?

"There are magic tools for this kind of situation. Though disposable, they can produce soil in large quantity, and come in handy in many ways." (Nost)

Speaking of which, did he say that he came from the eastern town? Because he's from country of magic, I guess it's normal to have such magic tools.

    Then, dozens of minutes later, the cave had completely filled with soil.

Now then, let's go back immediately! The dried meat I confiscated from the bandits couldn't satisfy my stomach.

"Nevertheless, Fell is really strong. You can use space magic, too. I might ask your help with the shopping next time." (Ron)

    On the way back to the village, Ron suddenly said those words to me.

Come to think of it, Ron is here with us. I've completely forgotten his existence. But shopping, huh? I guess such a job exist. I'm not interested, though.

"Go ask Yato. She has quicker feet, and though not as good as me, she can use space magic too." (Fell)

"I see.... I guess I will ask her later. Speaking of which, Fell can use teleportation, right? Why don't we use it to return to the village faster?" (Ron)

"I can't do that. I can't teleport to somewhere outside my field of vision. Long distance teleportation requires a complicated spatial coordinate calculation, and it's still too difficult for me. If it's within my field of vision, I can use teleportation without having to do the calculation. Then again, it's possible to reach the village by using teleportation in quick succession. However, your field of vision will also continuously change in quick succession, and it will make you sick." (Fell)

Long time ago, I've tried it and vomited. I don't plan to repeat it ever again.

"I was surprised when you used teleportation, but I was even more surprised when you found out about the bracelet." (Nost)

Two hours until we reach the village, and I have nothing to do. I guess I will entertain them with some conversation.

"You will know if you just take a good look at that guy." (Fell)

"Take a good look? I don't mean to pry, but do you have Appraisal Skill by any chance?" (Nost)

Appraisal Skill? No, I don't have such skills.

"No, I---" (Fell)

"No, I'm sorry, please forget it. I understand that skills are the lifeblood of adventurers. That's not something they will tell to the other people easily." (Nost)

What is this? He asked such a question out of the blue, but then suddenly told me to forget it. I’m really curious now. In any case, Nost seems to have thought that I discovered the bracelet because of Appraisal Skill. Does this mean other people can't see them without it?

"I'd like to ask something, is the information such as someone's skills invisible?" (Fell)

"Huh!?" (Nost)

    Hearing my question, Nost seemed perplexed.

That's the face of someone who is questioning my common sense. Speaking of which, it was indeed strange that no one else could see them. I thought it was all due to the difference of our magical power. Have I been mistaken all this time?

"Y-Yeah. Basically, the information such as skills are not something that can be seen by naked eye. Only those who have Appraisal Skill and those who could use powerful analytical magic are able to see them. In the royal capital, some people take advantage of such abilities to work as appraisers. It's a business where you pay money and have your skills appraised." (Nost)

"There is such a job, huh...." (Fell)

"That being said, we wouldn't know whether what the appraiser said is true or not, since we couldn't see them ourselves. In addition, you have to pay an exorbitant price to have yourself appraised. That's why only soldiers like us, knights, nobles, royalties, and other important people who use their services." (Nost)

So that's how it is.... Then, what is this ability? Why can I see them? I don't have Appraisal Skill, and I cannot use analytical magic either. I wonder if I should consult this to Maou-sama. Come to think of it, I haven't had a proper conversation with him lately.

"Have you ever been appraised before?" (Nost)

"Yes. When I volunteered to join the soldier, I had my lord's personal appraiser appraised me. I will not tell you about my skills, though." (Nost)

    Nost said so while smiling.

The surroundings turn bright when a handsome guy smiles. He's pale in comparison to Maou-sama, though. In any case, let's see what he is gotten!

Leadership Skill level 2, Swords Art Skill level 2, and Spear Art Skill level 2. In addition, he also has one title. I guess these four are what made him into a captain of this unit.

"Umm, are perhaps appraising me?" (Nost)

"You figured it out." (Fell)

"I just guessed because you were staring intently at me. Shall we compare the appraisal results?" (Nost)

Interesting. let's do it!

"From what I can see, you have three skills that stand out the most; Leadership Skill level 2, Swords Art Skill level 2, and Spear Art Skill level 2. You also have Guardian Title." (Fell)

Wh-What? Suddenly, everyone seems to have stopped moving.

"C-Can you really see them!?" (Nost)

Close! Too close! What's with his reaction? Did he not actually believe me?

"Oh, please excuse me! W-Well, the skills are right, but what does level 2 mean? Furthermore, what is Guardian Title?" (Nost)

"I don't understand what's so surprising about that, but level is something like the proficiency of skill. Since level 1 is the average level, I guess level 2 means your ability is above the average. I don't know about the titles in details, but they’re something like the name of ability you have since you were born, or you awaken when certain conditions are met. They're similar to skills, but without level." (Fell)

    Hearing that, the people around me was stunned.

Seriously, what happened?

"Umm, could you please explain about Guardian Title in more details?" (Nost)

There's no helping it. I will look at it a little deeper....

Okay, I understand more or less.

"Guardian Title improves your ability to protect something. Hmm, I guess it's something like automatically triggering strengthening magic." (Fell)

"That's.... Certainly, there were times when I suddenly felt I could exert more power than usual...." (Nost)

    Hearing Nost, the other soldiers started to surround me.

Somehow, I feel like I went and did it. I've got a bad feeling about this....

"Please appraise me!"

"Me, too!"

"Yes, here. I'm next!"

Too close! You guys are too close!

"Okay, please calm down, everyone! We're in the middle of escorting now. Please be patient until we reach the village." (Nost)

"Not fair! It's always all about Captain!"

"This is the abuse of authority!"

"You womanizer!"

That last guy seems just want to talk bad about Nost.

    Nost lifted his right hand, and everyone turned silent. I wondered if it was the effect of Leadership Skill.

"I understand everyone's feelings. However, we will reach the village soon. Please focus on you job until then." (Nost)

Hey, wait! It seems like the story is going on assuming I will appraise all of them later.

"I'm sorry, Fell-san. Let's continue it after we return to the village." (Nost)

I've gotten myself into an unnecessary trouble. What should I do?




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