Maou-sama V1C17

Chapter 17 - Job Search

    I woke up.

I feel like I just had a really bad dream....

Oh well, no use worrying it. I must get ready before Maou-sama wakes up.

    I got out of the bed and washed my face. The room was also equipped with magic tool for creating water. I didn't need to use magic manually and destroyed the surroundings anymore.

    Next, I combed my hair while looking at my reflection in the mirror. I polished my horns with a brush and carefully wiped them with a cloth. After that, I wore the butler suit on hanger and made sure my bow tie wasn't crooked.

Perfect! If I had a monocle, I might be able to become a king of butler.

    I opened the window to let the fresh morning air in.

Unlike the demon world, there will be no problem with letting in the outside air here. Or rather, I have to make sure the room well-ventilated.

    I felt somewhat calm after confirming that everything was in order.

Yup, it's the usual me!

    I looked at the opposite direction of the wall where I hung my butler suit. The frilly waitress uniform was hanging there. I looked away from the clothes and looked at it again.

It was not a dream, after all….

Why did I accept this job? I didn't even understand it myself. I became an adventurer so that I could be of help to the humans and gained their trust, or that was my original plan.

But how did I end up working as a waitress? I believe that there is no word 'rank' in professions. I'm not saying waitress is a bad job, but there should be a job that suits me better out there. The jobs where I can make use of my strength as a demon race.

Oh well, there's no point in crying over spilled milk. Once you signed a contract, you have to carry it through until the end. Besides, 'being waitress is impossible for demons', if the humans started to have such impressions because of me, I will feel bad for everyone in the demon world. Which is why I will become the best waitress ever and show them how amazing the demons are.

Okay. I'm fired up now. I will also do my best today.

"Good morning, Fell. Are you alright? You were holding your head and making a face like that of soldiers who march towards their death. You seem to feel conflicted about something." (Maou-sama)

"Good morning, Maou-sama. There is no problem at all. I will become the best waitress ever, so please watch me!" (Fell)

“O-Okay. Calm down, Fell! Let's talk about why we're here again!” (Maou)




    After that, Maou-sama told me that my purpose and means were right, but my goal was wrong.

It’s not good. I don’t want Maou-sama to think that I'm a useless woman. I need to think more carefully before taking actions.

Today, Maou-sama is going to investigate the area around the Elven Forest again. That sounds like a difficult job, but I'm not going to join him. I have my own way to be of use to him after all.

I work as a waitress from evening until night. I'm free during the day, so I guess I will try to find another job. But before that, I will go to the adventurer guild to submit the request completion receipt from yesterday. I have to use my first earning carefully.

Putting everything aside, let’s have breakfast first. The amount of food you can eat in your lifetime is decided. You have to eat as much as possible.




    I went to the adventurer guild immediately after having breakfast.

“Fell-chan, welcome. I’ve been waiting for you.” (Dia)

I know you are not waiting for me, but the commission.

“This is the request completion receipt.” (Fell)

“Okay, please wait a minute.” (Dia)

    Dia attached the receipt to the black box behind the counter and turned the dial. When the box opened, there was a small bag inside it. Dia brought that small bag to the counter, and then poured the contents.

The colors are mixed and the numbers seems to be fewer than I expected. Is she trying to fool me because I'm ignorant about money?

"Here is your reward; three small silver coins and six big copper coins!" (Dia)

"Shouldn't it thirty-six big copper coins?" (Fell)

“Eh, we should start from there? Well, listen, ten coins of the same kind can be exchanged with one different kind coin of the same value as the ten. This one small silver coin is as valuable as ten big copper coins.” (Dia)

"I'm sorry, but could you tell me more about the coins?" (Fell)

"The order from the lowest value, it's small copper coin, big copper coin, small silver coin, big silver coin, small gold coin, and big gold coin. Every ten coins are equivalent to one coin above them. There are coins with higher value than big gold coin, but I have never seen them myself. That's the money used by royalties and aristocrats, not the kind of coins that ordinary people have." (Dia)

I learned something useful. However, I have a complicated feeling because it's Dia who taught me.

"This guild branch will escape from the bottom place at least. I can show my face at the next guild meeting proudly next time." (Dia)

You can escape from the bottom place with just four big copper coins? Maybe there are other guilds with similar bad situation out there.

Dia once said that this adventurer guild never had any income. I don't understand how this place could survive until now. Not that I care.

"I'm amazed they didn't close this guild. If it didn't make a profit, wouldn't it be better if this guild was closed? Maintaining the building and paying your salary cost money after all." (Fell)

"You might be right about that. However, this village is a focal point of the route that connects the east and the west continents. There are also non-merchant and adventurers who use this route. In addition, most adventurers leave their money in the guild's magic vault. If they couldn’t use the magic vault service here, they will be in a big trouble. Because of that, this adventurer guild continues to operate despite constantly in the red." (Dia)

The adventurers have it tough. I will keep my money in the subspace since I can use space magic.

"By the way, is there a new request for me?" (Fell)

"You're so diligent, aren't you? I've told everyone in this village about you yesterday, but I haven’t received any other request at the moment." (Dia)

Too bad. If I don't do anything during the day, I will feel guilty to Maou-sama. I wonder what should I do now.

"If you don't have anything to do, why don't you try to ask the villagers directly? There may be some work they can't pass to the guild. I don't know if you'll get the money though. Oh, but if you find the requests with big reward, please proceed them through the guild." (Dia)

I heard something good. Let's ask the villagers if they have a job for me.




First is the village chief. He is a big shot in this village, there is a high probability I can get a job from him.

"Good morning. Do you need something, Fell-san?" (Village Chief)

"Good morning, Village Chief. Do you have a job for me? I became an adventurer but I have nothing to do." (Fell)

"Didn't you start working as a waitress in the inn?" (Village Chief)

"That's from evening until closing. I'm free during the day." (Fell)

"I see. However, that's a little difficult right now. I have no money to pay your service. Oh, but I will keep it in mind. I will ask you if there's anything." (Village Chief)

"Understood. I will be waiting for the good news." (Fell)




Next is the church. This building itself in need of more money than me. I don't think I can get a job from here, but I will ask it anyway.

"Welcome. Do you come to make a confession? Or maybe to pray? Oh, have you finally decided to become a nun?" (Priest)

"I didn't come to make a confession nor pray. By the way, will I be paid if I work as a nun here?" (Fell)

"You will be paid if you are a follower of the Goddess Religion. However, it will be treated as free service for the adventurers." (Priest)

"I will never do it!" (Fell)

I want to build a relationship of trust, but I don't want to work for free. No, in the first place, is it possible to build a relationship of trust with the Goddess Religion? Yeah, I've already made a mistake when I came here.

“Too bad. Oh well, you may come here anytime.” (Priest)




Next is Via General Store. There's no customer, so I won't get in the way of her business.

"I hope you could introduce me to another job instead." (Via)

It's useless, huh.

"Isn't this place doing well? I mean, this is the only general store in this village." (Fell)

"The villagers stock almost everything from the passing merchants. In the first place, this store only sells cheap daily necessities. Because that's my only income, I have to use my money very carefully." (Via)

"I see. I'm sorry for always disturbing you during work. I will leave now!" (Fell)

"It's fine. I don't have many customers after all. Please buy something next time." (Via)




Next is the fields. I'm confident with my strength and stamina, how about it?

"---so, do you want to hire me?" (Fell)

"I will have nothing to do if I let you do my work."

"If I have money to hire someone, I will use it to buy drinks instead."

"Come to think of it, those guys who do the hunting job have been complaining because they couldn't catch anything lately. It's pointless to ask them."

"If you wear cat ears and end your sentence with 'Nya' while working as a waitress, I will give you a tip!"

There's one idiot here, I will ignore him.

"I see. Please contact me if you need help with anything." (Fell)

    I decided to go back to the inn because it was almost noon. When I tried to leave, I was called out from behind.

"Wait, Fell-chan! Though it won't make money right away, why don't you try to grow something in the fields? This area is too large for me, so there are places that I don't use. It's not a big plot but I can lend it to you if you want."

Farming, huh. There are fields in the dungeon, but I've never raised anything. This won't be an easy task. However, if I can grow some crops and send them to the demon world, our food situation might improve a little. I got a little interested with the idea.

"I don't know if it will work, but could you please lend me some land?" (Fell)

"Oh, are you going to try it? Then, you may use the empty plot over there."

"Thank you." (Fell)

This size might be perfect for a beginner like me. However, I don't have any seeds with me. I wonder if I should ask someone from the demon world to send some here. No, let's see if I can buy it from the general store first.

Putting that aside, what should I do with this empty plot? Should I start by plowing it?

"Fell-chan, will you stop plowing the ground using your punch? The sound and the vibration are bad for my heart."

Is this not good? Speaking of which, I have never seen anyone in the demon world plowing field. Let's ask them to teach me!

"How does everyone do it here?" (Fell)

"We use hoe."

"May I borrow it too?" (Fell)

"Of course."

    The hoe broken after one swing.

"It's broken." (Fell)

"Yeah, I can see that. Normally, it wouldn't break."

"I'm sorry. I will reimburse it after I receive the reward for subjugating the bandits." (Fell)

"No, it's fine. Don’t worry about it! The hoe was already old, after all."

I'm having trouble adjusting my power. I wonder if I should use weakening magic on myself. Even though I have already limited my ability, was it not enough?

In any case, I guess I will also ask them to bring some hoes from the demon world. Though he said to not worry about the hoe I broke, I still have to reimburse it properly.

It's already noon. Let's go back to the in. I wonder what they have for today's lunch.




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