Maou-sama V1C16

Chapter 16 - Waitress

    I've changed into the clothes that Dia passed to Ron before.

"You want me to serve the customers while wearing this frilly outfit!? I feel like destroying the whole village right now...." (Fell)

I've underestimated the waitress job. I haven't even started, but I want to quit already....

This is just impossible. I mean, there are too many frills, or more like, the defense of the lower part is too low. I hate it like when I had to wear a skirt for the first time in my life.

"My butler suit is also suitable for this job, isn't it?" (Fell)

"No, absolutely no." (Dia)

Why is Dia answering?

"Rest assured, Fell-chan! The ratio of *absolute territory between the miniskirt and overknee socks is perfect! My tailoring skill is flawless after all!" (Dia)

Even if your tailoring skill is flawless, your head is full of flaws. What is absolute territory anyway? Do these clothes have a magic effect of some kind?

However, I've accepted the job. My pride wouldn’t allow me to take back my words just because of mere frilly clothes.

"I felt like destroying the whole village, but it can't be helped now. I will work as a waitress in this outfit." (Fell)

"Great! I will tell all the villagers about it then!" (Dia)

Hey, stop it!

    Having said that, Dia ran off somewhere.

I want to bury her somewhere....

"Please don't be mad at her. This village has a very little entertainment, she just wanted to have fun with something." (Ron)

Am I treated as an entertainment? Still though, that's rich coming from an adult who made guts pose and cried out upon seeing me came out in this outfit. He was dragged to the back room by Nia afterwards and returned with some blue bruises, but it didn't concern me.

“I’m sorry about this, Fell-chan. I’m sure she didn’t mean any harm.” (Nia)

    Nia who had joined us, apologized to me.

Nia did nothing wrong. If it’s her, I’m sure she will against the idea of me wearing this outfit.

"However, Fell-chan's outfit might make the customers' purse string loose." (Nia)

You too, Nia!?

"Okay, I got it already. I will make this place the best inn in this village." (Fell)

"This is the only inn in this village, though." (Nia)

    Thus I began working a waitress. I needed to learn to do my job, so I started earlier on the first day.

The first mission is cleaning up the area around the inn and the dining area, let's go!

    I borrowed the cleaning tools from Nia; a mop, a piece of cloth and a tub. First of all, I wiped the tables and chairs carefully. No dirt survived from my cleaning techniques, it was a total annihilation.

    I cleaned the floor afterwards. Most of the villagers made a living by doing fields works or hunting, so mud stuck to the soles of their shoes rather easily. There was a lot of dry mud on the floor.

I wonder if I should prepare something for the costumers to clean their footwear before entering this place....

    Next I cleaned the storefront after the floor.

It's written in the book that the dirty storefronts reduce the number of customers. However, since this place is the only diner in the village, I’m sure there will be no change even if the storefront is dirty.

Well, the clean place is easy for the eyes. Let’s keep weeding until the opening time. I will crush them to the roots.




    The dinner time had already come when I noticed it. I washed my hands and returned inside. The customers started to come one by one some time later.

    Upon seeing me, everyone uttered "moe" or "absolute territory", which gave me, a demon, goosebumps. I welcomed the customers who just came in like what I had been taught. The customers told me to welcome them in a cuter way, but of course I politely refused.

    There was no menu option. However, the customers could choose between normal portion and large portion. The price was five big copper coins for the normal portion and six big copper coins for the large portion.

    The customers could order water or liquor for drinks. The water was free because it could be produced using magic tool freely, while the liquor was one big copper coin a glass.

    I received the money when I delivered the order, it was that kind of payment system. I put the money I received into a box of some kind.

    I had dinner at work. Though it was the same dish I served to customers, it was even bigger than the large portion.

There are sure lots of customers. Have all the villagers come here?

    Via and Dia came together.

"I've told all the villagers!" (Dia)

    Dia reported to me with a smug face. Because I was kinda upset, I secretly took some meat from her dish.

"Say, isn't the meat in my dish fewer that Via's?" (Dia)

"It's just an optical illusion." (Fell)

"Fell-chan, do your best!" (Via)

    Via cheered me on before leaving.

This morning, she also taught me various things. Via is a good person, after all.

"Of course! I will become the best waitress in the world!" (Fell)

"Fell-chan, what exactly did you come here for?" (Dia)

Oops, I was too busy that I forgot my original purpose, I have to be careful.

Let's work hard during the second half!




    The store was finally closed.

I'm really tired, mentally....

"This is the biggest sale since we opened this diner for the first time. It's all thanks to Fell-chan." (Nia)

Umu, praise me more! I am the type of person who grows up when praised.

"Here is your request completion receipt. It's already late, so take the receipt to the adventurer guild tomorrow. Dia will give you the reward." (Ron)

"I accept it." (Fell)

"Fell-chan, good work today. I will be counting on you again tomorrow." (Nia)

"Leave it to me. Well then, I will go to my room. Good night!" (Fell)

""Good night!"" (Nia & Ron)

I guess I will sleep very soundly tonight.

    I went upstairs and entered my room. Maou-sama was already there for some reason.

When did Maou-sama come back? I didn't see him passing by while I was working as a waitress downstairs. Maybe he returned at noon?

"I'm back, Maou-sama." (Fell)

"Yeah, welcome back." (Maou-sama)

"How was the World Tree?" (Fell)

"It's still going to take a while. Oh well, we are not in such a hurry." (Maou-sama)

Does it take time even for Maou-sama? I guess it's inevitable since we have angered the elves.

"By the way, Fell...." (Maou)

What happened? Maou-sama made a very grave face. I think that the dignified Maou-sama is wonderful.

"Are you having a hard time here? If so, I will hear you anytime...." (Maou)

I’m not having a hard time serving Maou-sama. I mean, why did he even ask such a question?

"Your outfit is a sign of stress, isn't it? You are trying to tell me that you want to live like an ordinary girl, aren't you?" (Maou)

Oops, I'm still wearing the waitress uniform .

    After that, I explained to Maou-sama that I started working as a waitress. It took me some time to convince him that I actually didn't want to wear this kind clothes.

It's difficult....




Note: *絶対領域 / Zettai Ryouki / Absolute Territory; refers to the area of bare skin in the gap between overknee socks and a miniskirt. This can also be used to describe the clothing combination.

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