Maou-sama V1C18

Chapter 18 - Sunflower

The lunch was egg-based dish. I wonder what egg was used, it was so delicious. I had tried cockratice eggs and basilisk eggs in the demon world a long time ago, and they were quite delicious.

Ron once said that he was taking care of the livestock before, perhaps he also keeps them here? Since they could shoot petrochemical gas from their mouths and petrochemical ray from their eyes, I personally don't want to go anywhere near them.

That's right, before I forget, I should tell them to send some seeds and hoes from the demon world. Let's go back to my room.




    I opened a telepathy channel to the development department of demon world.

[Yes, this is the development department. Could you please provide me with your name first?]

[It's me, Fell.] (Fell)

[Fell-sama! Where are you now!?]

Muh? I’m sure I had left a note about me going to the human world before leaving.

[I'm in a small village called Sodogora in the human world. Are you perhaps have not read my message?] (Fell)

[No, I have read it. You didn't mention anything about your reason going there, so everyone was confused. Have you finally decided to annihilate the human race?]

Well, it's because I also didn't know the reason for going to the human world back then. Still though, to come to a conclusion that I'm going to annihilate the human race, what kind of impression does she have about me?

[Do you know that the food supply in the demon world will run out in the near future? Because of that, I'm trying to procure the food from the human world to be sent to the demon world now. As part of that, it has been decided that we should establish a friendly relationship with the human race. In any case, I'm not here to annihilate the human race.] (Fell)

[I see. I remember hearing hear such a story from the production department before. However, I don't think it's necessary for Fell-sama to do it in person. Should I send some beastfolks there?]

[No, I'm good for now. If anything, wasn't the beastfolks persecuted by the human race? This might be difficult for them to get along with the humans. However, field work requires manpower. Once I built a firm foundation for us, I will call them here, too. Rather than that, I need you to deliver something here.] (Fell)

[Yes, how may I help you?]

[I need two hoes and some seeds.] (Fell)

[Hoes and seeds?]

[I've borrowed a small plot of land over here. I want to plant and grow something there.] (Fell)

[Understood. I can prepare the hoes right away, but I need to contact the production department to get the seeds. I will send someone to deliver it when everything is ready.]

[Thanks. Do you know my location?] (Fell)

[I will send someone who can use search magic and space magic, so please don't worry about that. However, I think it will take a couple of days.]

[That's fine. I leave the details to you.] (Fell)

[Yes, certainly.]

The matter about hoes and seeds are solved with this. To be safe, I will ask Via if she's selling seeds in her store. There may be seeds which produce delicious food that only exists in the human world.




“Welcome, Fell-chan. You came here again today.” (Via)

“Do you sell seeds here?” (Fell)

“Seeds? I do have sunflower seeds.” (Via)

Sunflower? I have never eaten it, but is it delicious? I'm interested now. Lots of food in the human world is delicious, after all.

"Is sunflower delicious?" (Fell)

"Well, sunflowers are flowers.... I won't say they're inedible, but I don't think they are that good." (Via)

"I don't need it then." (Fell)

"Oh, but their seeds are quite delicious." (Via)

You can't eat sunflowers, but you can eat sunflower seeds. I don't know how sunflower seeds can be produced, but I know that a species can only be produced from the same species. This means if I grow them successfully, I can get many seeds from a single seed. Oh, is this some kind alchemy?

"These are sunflower seeds.... You can eat them, but they won't fill your stomach." (Via)

    Via took something out of the pot on the store shelf and put them in my palm.

These are sunflower seeds, huh.

Certainly, eating them won't fill my stomach, but I still want to plant them.

"I’m going to plant sunflowers, sell these seeds to me." (Fell)

"Those are actually my snack. You can have them if you want." (Via)

I got them for free. Via is really a good person after all.

"Thanks. I will grow them nicely." (Fell)

"Yeah, do your best!" (Via)

Let's plant these seeds immediately! I don't know much about farming, but I know that I should bury them in the ground first.




    After I finished burying the sunflower seeds, I returned to the inn because it was almost the dinner time.

I will do my best again today!

I still feel reluctant wearing this uniform, though. I wonder if there's something I can do....

In any case, let's start by cleaning up. This is the second day, I feel that my cleaning skill has improved a little. Someday, I want to show the fruit of my hard work to Maou-sama.

There are no more weeds around the inn since I've crushed them to the roots yesterday. I still have the weeds in my subspace, I wonder if I can use them for something.

Still, is there a good way to solve the mud problem? Maybe I should put the brush at the entrance and ask the costumers to clean their shoes before entering the diner.

    The costumers started coming when I was immersed in thoughts.

“Welcome!” (Fell)

There are lots of customers today. I mean, why did the village chief, his family, and even the priest come here? Eat dinner at your home!

On the village chief's table, there are his daughter who's bad at controlling heating magic, and a little girl.... who is that?

"This is my granddaughter. Come on, introduce yourself!" (Village Chief)

"Hello, my name is Anri. I don't mind making you my subordinate." (Anri)

    After introducing herself, Anri solicited me to be her subordinate.

Subordinate? You are weaker than me. There are no demons who will serve someone weaker than themselves.

"I'm Fell of the demon race. I refuse your offer. Would you like to become my subordinate instead? I will train you into a great demon." (Fell)

"Pl-Please stop that!"

    The village chief's daughter got angry at me.

No, wait, it's just a demon joke. You should be laughing there.

Well, putting that aside, Anri is a girl about five years old with the same brown hair as the village chief’s and his daughter’s. Her hair is tied in a ponytail.... or is that called a griffontail? Speaking of hairstyles, I want to see a real vertical roll someday.

Granddaughter means she is a child of the village chief's child. Does this mean she's the daughter of the village chief's daughter? I've never seen her husband. I wonder what happened with him. Is this okay to ask?

"He went to the city in the east to inform the soldiers that we have caught the bandits. Because it takes about two days from here, he should've arrived by now." (Village Chief)

I feel like I've heard about someone went to call the soldiers before. Then, I guess it will take another two days until the soldiers arrive in this village.

Dia never said anything about the bandits, but they're being imprisoned in the basement of adventurer guild. I wonder if she will be alright.

"Fell-chan! I know from your face that you are worried about me! That makes me happy!" (Dia)

Dia came again today. Is she the type that can't cook by any chance? Or rather, how did she know what I was thinking?

"I'm worried about the bounty. I won't get any if you let the bandits escape after all." (Fell)

"Hahahaha. Don't worry. The guild's prison is pretty sturdy, after all." (Dia)

The prison might be sturdy, but I'm worried because you're too laid-back. However, I have no choice but to trust her.

"Okay, I will trust you. Please do your job properly. Well then, everyone, please enjoy your meals." (Fell)

It's my mealtime now. I always look forward to this. However, just like yesterday, there are many people who keep glancing at me when I'm eating. This is mine!

Nia's cooking is delicious as always. Today's dinner uses chicken meat as main ingredient. Now that I think about it, I ate egg dish for lunch. Could it be today is the chicken day? I will ask Nia to teach me the recipes later.

I still want to enjoy the afterglow, but I have to continue my work. There are many customers who drink alcohol. I haven't tried it because I'm not allowed to drink alcohol until I'm twenty. I will be allowed to drink it in two years. Everyone seems to be enjoying it very much, maybe it's delicious?

By the way, there are Soma and Nectar inside the treasure vault. I wonder if I can sell them here. I'm sure they're some kind of alcoholic drink.




The work also ended safely today. Being waitress is mentally damaging, maybe I will get mental tolerance skill before long.

"Fell-chan, good work today. This is your request completion receipt." (Nia)

"I certainly accept it. Well then, it's already late, good night." (Fell)

"Good night. I will be counting on you again tomorrow!" (Nia)

Nia seems very happy. Maybe the sale is also good today. Now then, has Maou-sama returned?




"Good work, Fell. You seem tired." (Maou-sama)

    Maou-sama was already waiting when I entered my room.

I wonder how long Maou-sama has been waiting for me. I couldn’t welcome him properly because I was busy working as a waitress.

"I've returned, Maou-sama. This much is nothing. Maou-sama seems to have more difficult job than me, after all." (Fell)

"Just don't push yourself too hard." (Maou-sama)

"Thank you very much for your concern." (Fell)

My fatigue was blown away instantly. Let's do my best again tomorrow!

"Well then, I will leave early tomorrow, so good night!" (Maou-sama)

"Good night, Maou-sama." (Fell)

    After Maou-sama entered his room, I began to write a diary while eating apple.

What should I write? I haven't written anything about Maou-sama lately....


Speaking of which, when will the sunflowers bloom? Oh well, let's sleep.




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