Maou-sama V1C15

Chapter 15 - Job Request

There's a request at last. My time has finally came. Fuhahaha!

"Tell me the details." (Fell)

"Okay, but let's meet the client first!" (Dia)

I wonder who the client is. *I hope I can get on a large ship. If I'm on board, even an iceberg won't be a threat. I've never seen ships or icebergs though.

    The place where I was brought to was the inn

Meeting a client in the bar, huh. How classic.....

I've read a lot of book with this kind of story in the demon world. There will be a negotiation after this. I wonder if I have to put up a high price from the beginning. No, my main goal is to gain trust, I will accept it even the reward is low.

"Oh, Fell! Are you going to accept my request?" (Ron)

    The client turned out to be Ron.

"Let's hear your request first! Who should I erase? I only accept cash!" (Fell)

I'm sure such lines were written in one of those books. However, what kind of payment other than cash? Maybe payment in kind?

"No, it's not that kind of a dangerous request. Come to think of it, I haven't seen monsters recently…." (Ron)

Is this not a subjugation request? Then, is this collection request? Or, maybe an escort request?

"After discussing it with my wife, we decided to hire a waitress. You will be working for about 4 hours in the evening." (Ron)

Waitress? I'm sure it's a job of cleaning the table and serving the costumers.

"Some of the customers always complained when I brought their food. However, if my wife also serves the customers, the cooking process will be delayed, and the waiting time will be longer. If there's a helper, it will increase our efficiency, that will lead to an improvement of the service. It's pretty tough, especially when a group of customers comes. I would be saved if you accepted this request." (Ron)

"Okay, I understand your point. However, there's still something bothering me.... Is this really an adventurer's job?" (Fell)

"It's a legit adventurer's job of others category!" (Dia)

    Dia suddenly cut in.

Certainly, it's not subjugation, collection, or escort request, but.... what is this feeling? Something just doesn't sit well with me. Nonetheless, this is campaign to improve the image of demon race. There is no other choice but to accept it. I still feel reluctant, though.

"I have no experience working as a waitress, but is that fine?" (Fell)

"Hahahaha. You just need to take the order and deliver the finished dish. The technology and knowledge are indeed needed, but it's fine to make a mistake in this store. You will also help us with the cleaning, but it's all the same." (Ron)

"Okay, I accept---" (Fell)

"Hold on, we haven't decided the reward yet!" (Dia)

Oh, that's right. Nice assist, Dia!

"You are right. How about six big copper coins per hour?" (Ron)

"Ten large copper coins." (Dia)

Wait, why is Dia negotiating for me?

"No, no, no. This place barely makes a profit. Seven big copper coins." (Dia)

"No, no, no. I know you don't spend much money in purchasing the ingredients. Ten big copper coins" (Dia)

Isn't it where you should lower it to nine big copper coins? How persistent.

"No, no, no. Please consider our age too! Eight big copper coins." (Ron)

"No, no, no. I'm in a tight spot too. Eleven big copper coins." (Dia)

It’s increasing now!

"Ugh, I understand. I hope you will cooperate with me in the future, nine big copper coins in consideration of that." (Ron)

"I understand. I'm not a cruel person after all. How about I reduce it to ten big copper coins?" (Dia)

Isn't that the same amount as what she proposed at the beginning?

    In the end, Ron shook hands with Dia while groaning.

Is the negotiation over? I don't know the market price, so I don't know if it's high or low. However, I get the feeling that Ron will be scolded by Nia later.

"Yeah, we did it, Fell-chan! Your hourly wage is ten big copper coins! Because your working time is 4 hours, you can earn 40 big copper coins a day." (Dia)

I don't get it, but I guess winning the negotiation is a good thing.

"The guild's commission is 10%, so it's 36 big copper coins for Fell-chan and 4 big copper coins for the guild." (Dia)

"Hold on!" (Fell)

What commission? Does it mean I have to pay to the guild?

"Just as I explained this morning, when you receive a request through the adventurer guild, 10% of the reward will be taken as guild’s commission." (Dia)

"This is the first time I heard that rule!" (Fell)

"I did explain it before, though!" (Dia)

"No, you did not!" (Fell)

    When I glared at her, Dia averted her eyes.

Yeah, I won!

    Suddenly, Dia stood up from her chair and then prostrated herself. It was such a perfect prostration. I felt like forgiving her.

"Please contribute to the guild! My adventurer guild never had earnings. I'm too ashamed to show my face at the guild meeting! My salary will be cut at this rate!" (Dia)

I'd like to say that it has nothing to do with me, but you can say it was also thanks to her that the reward has gone up. I guess I will turn a blind eye to this matter. Good thing that I'm trying to improve the image of demon race right now.

"There's no helping it. You owe me one. So, if I accept this request through the guild, how will I receive the reward?" (Fell)

"Erm, wait a minute! Uncle, will you pay the reward on a daily basis or a weekly basis?" (Dia)

"I have never thought about it. Please hold on.... Hey, Nia! Is this okay to pay the reward on a daily basis?" (Ron)

"I don't mind!" (Nia)

    Ron shouted and the response was heard from the kitchen. Nia was in the middle of cooking.

"Then, every day, Uncle fills a request completion receipt and then Fell-chan brings it to the guild. You are registered in the guild's magic vault under this store name, right? Do you mind if I deduct your savings to pay the reward?" (Dia)

"I don't mind." (Ron)

"What is magic vault?" (Fell)

"There's a safe imbued with space magic in the adventurer guild. If you register your name in that safe, you can make a deposit or withdraw money from it. The advantage of this safe is that you can do the same things with the magic vault in other locations. Furthermore, it's free of charge." (Dia)

Is there such a thing in the human world?

"Uncle is registered in the magic vault under this store name. No one but Uncle and Nia-san can withdraw the money. However, if there’s a receipt, anyone can withdraw the amount of money written on it. If Fell-chan brings the receipt to me, I will pay the reward using Uncle's money." (Dia)

That's really convenient. I want to adopt this system in the demon world. However, it's impossible since there's no money concept in the demon world in the first place.

"Okay, everyone is happy now!" (Dia)

Is that so? Ron has to pay extra and my share is reduced. I think only Dia who is happy here. If we did not go through the adventurer guild, neither of us would lose something.

"That's right, Uncle! I've finished it! Only a little adjustment was needed, so it didn't take long." (Dia)

"That was fast. Thank you!" (Ron)

    Dia took the women clothes from her bag and gave them to Ron.

Maybe they're Nia's? If I may speak my mind, it would be better if she thinks about her age a little.

Oh well, it doesn't matter to me. I will work hard as a waitress tomorrow!




 Note: *To get a rich or influential client.

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