Maou-sama V1C14

Chapter 14 - Business

"I registered as an adventurer because of you, so what do you mean by there are no works in this guild?" (Fell)

"Ca-Calm down, Fell-chan! Your magic power is gathering in your fist!" (Dia)

Yeah, I need to calm down. I've heard that you should count the prime numbers in this kind of situation, but…. what are prime numbers?

"Think about it again, Fell-chan! No one submitted requests because there were no adventurers in this village. However, as of today, a new adventurer was born in this guild! The requests will keep flowing like water after this!" (Dia)

Really? But she said that no one put requests because everyone did everything on their own, didn't she?

"Let's watch the situation for a while. I will tell everyone that Fell-chan is an adventurer now." (Dia)

"Okay, I will believe in you. I'm sure a human is more knowledgeable about this kind of thing." (Fell)

"Yeah. Just wait for the good news. I will allocate all requests to Fell-chan, so don't worry!" (Dia)

Well, of course. I'm the only adventurer in this village, after all. Now I’m really worried. I wonder if it's because the difference of culture between demon race and human race.

"I'm not convinced, but I will do as you say. Let me know when the requests came." (Fell)

    Having said that, I left the adventurer guild and headed to the general store next door.

"Pardon!" (Fell)

"We-Welcome." (Via)

I'm sure her name is Via. From what I can see, she's still nervous around me. I remember that I should not touch the topic about magic in front of her. Now that I know the location of the landmine, I will not step on it.

"I want to exchange the items I brought from the demon world for money. Can you take a look at them? Please don't be afraid because I won't eat you." (Fell)

"Y-Yeah, I will do my best...." (Via)

    Via took a deep breath before continuing.

"O-Okay, please show them to me." (Via)

    I took out what I stored in the subspace using space magic. The first thing was a sword belonged to the hero who came to the demon world a long time ago.

The holy wave of this sword is too strong, so it's kind of uncomfortable for demons. I have it inside my subspace because the demon who manages the treasure vault forced this thing on me to be dispose of. I feel that this sword is cursed. I want to part with it as soon as possible.

    Via was surprised when I took something from the subspace. However, she was even more surprised when she saw the sword. Via shook her head after looking at it for a few seconds.

“I’m sorry. I can’t buy it.” (Via)

Why!? This should be something valuable for humans.

"That's is a holy sword, isn't it? That's a national-treasure-class item, so it's priceless." (Via)

Just how useless this thing would be? I want to melt it back to metal if possible. For now, I will keep it in the back of my subspace.

"Then, how about this?" (Fell)

These are the fangs of dragon that rampaged in the demon world a long time ago. I heard that the demon king of that time himself who killed it. They're heavy, hard, and of no use. The demon who manages the treasure vault also forced them on me.

"I can't pay it even if I collect all the money in this village. The dwarves might buy them at a high price though. They're also good at processing materials other than metal." (Via)

There are a lot of them. I want to sell them because they're just taking space in my subspace. Then, how about magic tools?

"What about this?" (Fell)

This is a magic tool that can be used to cast the forbidden magic Meteor Strike. If you use it, you will get caught in the attack range and die.

"You better seal such a dangerous thing inside your subspace forever!" (Via)

This is also useless, huh.

"I don't know the criteria of items that can be sold." (Fell)

“Just bring out something normal.” (Via)

Normal.... Normal.... What is normal? It's the opposite of abnormal, right? I wonder if all the items I take out from my subspace so far are not normal. Maybe what I think normal is actually not normal. Do I have to think philosophically?

"Please look at the products in this store as reference. I will teach you their price, too." (Via)

I see. I can use them as reference. Okay, let's take a quick look.

"What is inside this bottle?" (Fell)

"It's potion, a recovery medicine made from medicinal herbs extract. It's one small silver coin a bottle." (Via)

I've heard of it before. There are no such things in the demon world because we eat the medicinal herbs as they are. No, I think there's something similar to potion inside the treasure vault. I'm sure it's called elixir. I wonder if I can sell them here.

"What magic tool is this?" (Fell)

"It’s a magic tool for starting fire. It’s cheap because it’s disposable. One large copper coin each.” (Via)

In other words, a meteor strike is bad, but there's no problem if it's just a fire. Then, is it okay to sell a similar magic tool that ignites fire? This magic tool will turn the whole area into sea of fire though. I'm sure I've seen something like that in the treasure vault.

"What is this? I don't feel any magic from it." (Fell)

“It’s just a mop. It’s used to clean the floor. (Via)

To clean the floor? Speaking of which, I feel like I saw the same thing at the inn. So it's a cleaning tool.

I heard a lot about other products and understood them well, but.... it doesn't seem I have anything that can be sold here. Everything I brought from the demon world are considered too valuable in the human world. What a bummer!

Now then, what should I do? I don't have the money until I get the bounty for subjugating the bandits. I have no choice but to bet on the requests from the adventurer guild.

"Don't be discouraged, Fell-chan. The merchants pass by this village. They may have enough money to buy your goods." (Via)

Are you going to add '-chan' to my name too? Not that I care at this point.

But merchants, huh. I don't know when will they come, but I guess I can expect them. Now then, it's already noon. Let's get back to the inn and eat lunch.

“That was really informative. I will come by again later.” (Fell)

"Yeah. Please buy something next time." (Via)

Come to think of it, for two consecutive days, I came here only for chatting....

Oh well, it can't be helped since I don't have money. If I get money, I will surely buy something from here. I'm interested with the mop but she told me that was not for sale.

    Upon exiting the general store, I was suddenly caught by Dia.

"Fell-chan, we got a request at last!" (Dia)




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