Maou-sama V1C13

 Chapter 13 - The Adventurer Guild

Oh no, I overslept! I guess I was really tired yesterday.

I want to sleep a little more, but that's not going to happen. If Maou-sama tells me to return to the demon world because I was slacking off, I would never be able to recover from the shock. I have to prove it to Maou-sama that I'm useful.

Now then, it seems Maou-sama is still sleeping. I should not disturb him. I will review our future's plan while having breakfast downstairs.

    I went downstairs after grooming myself a little. I met with Nia and Ron there.

"Good morning. Did you sleep well?" (Nia)

"Good morning. I was able to sleep better than usual. To be honest, I still want to sleep." (Fell)

"Hahahaha.... Well, the youngsters should not waste their time by sleeping too much." (Nia)

"I woke up because I thought so as well. By the way, can I have breakfast now?" (Fell)

"Sure thing!" (Nia)

    I took a nearby seat and started formulating a plan for the future while waiting.

In order to establish a friendly relationship with the human race, first I have to gain their trust. The people of this village seem to have no problem with the demon race. I want to call the other demons to this village, and show the villagers our good sides.

I have registered as an adventurer. If I completed the requests, wouldn't it create a favorable impression of demon race?

You need money to live in the human world. The inn is free for now, and there will be a reward for subjugating the bandits. For the time being, there's no pressing problem with money at least.

I have to send food to the demon world. Come to think of it, I've brought a lot of things from the demon world. I will try to sell them at the general store to raise funds.

I don't know much about the World Tree. I have no choice but leaving this matter to Maou-sama.

Oh, I almost forgot. I also have to earn money to buy apples. First of all, let's check the requests posted in the adventurer guild.

I started to sound like a veteran adventurer. I will boast to everyone in the demon world later.

    When I was immersed in thoughts, Nia returned while carrying my breakfast.

"Thanks for waiting!" (Nia)

Bread, dried meat, milk, and salad. There are so many things in front of me. I feel like crying a little....

Milk is especially important. I still haven't given up on growing taller. There's surely a hope. I don't care about breasts. Those are just decoration. The slender figure is ideal for fighting.

The food is not enough. I want to order more but I don't have money.




    I had a light talk with Nia and Ron after finishing my breakfast. I felt that the more often I talked to them, the more trust I gained, and the more materials I could get for my diary.

"How do you usually spend your day?" (Fell)

"Hmm... cleaning up the inn, cutting down the weeds, plowing the fields, taking care of the livestock, and so on." (Ron)

"I clean up the dining room in the morning and prepare the ingredients for cooking at noon. In the evening, I cook and serve the customers." (Nia)

I guess it's normal since these two run an inn. I wonder what the other villagers are like.

"By the way, what the other villagers do to make a living?" (Fell)

"It's mostly field works and hunting. Sometimes, we also cut down the trees to open new land." (Nia)

"Is that all?" (Fell)

"Originally, this village was just a resting spot for the travelers during their journey to pass through the forest. There are adventurers sometimes, but it's mostly merchants who drop by. The merchants will buy the materials from monsters we collected and sell the daily necessities they brought. We managed to get by so far. There's no problem as long as you don't ask for the luxury." (Ron)

Is that so? I don't see the benefits of living in this village though. I think it's better to go to a more convenient place.

"Hahahaha. You seem confused. Everyone in this village has their own circumstances. Most of us can't live in big cities." (Nia)

I see. Does it mean they're outcasts? No wonder they accepted the demons so easily.

"That was really informative. Thanks for the food." (Fell)

"Sure thing. By the way, what are you going to do after this?" (Nia)

"I've registered as an adventurer yesterday. I'm going to go to the guild to get my guild card after this. I'm also thinking about accepting request." (Fell)

"Adventurer?” (Nia)

"Yes. I just registered yesterday." (Fell)

"I see. Do your best then. Oh, but...." (Nia)

"Hmm? Yes, I will do my best." (Fell)

What? Do you have something to say? Well, I will understand if I go there.

    Upon leaving the inn, Maou-sama contacted me through the magic tool.

[I'm going to investigate the Elven Forest again today. I will leave the demon's image-up strategy to you.] (Maou)

[Understood. I will do my best!] (Fell)

[Good. Don't push yourself.] (Maou)

Off to the adventurer guild!




    I entered the guild building. The woman from yesterday was sitting behind the counter.

“Oh, welcome! Your guild card is ready.”

Is this my guild card? I have to take a good care of it. There's a picture of cane and sword on the guild card, which seems to be the symbol of adventurer guild. My name, race, and age are written beside it. I heard that the age part will be updated automatically.

In addition, the guild card seems to be a magic tool that records the success or failure of the requests I accepted, and the information of subjugated monsters. This is quite amazing.

If I look closely, there's also a cute-looking portrait....

"What is this?" (Fell)

"Oh, that's Fell-chan's portrait. I drew it myself."

Okay, where should I start?

"I have many things to say, but first, about Fell-chan, is that me?" (Fell)

"Yup, we are the same age after all. That’s right, my name is Dia. You can call me Dia, Dia-sama, or Gorgeous Princess Dia." (Dia)

She is annoying....

"Just Dia is enough. More importantly, do I look like this?" (Fell)

"I-It's just a little deformed. In any case, you're lucky because I was the one who made the guild card. If it's someone else, there are times when your portrait turns out so bad that it's indistinguishable." (Dia)

Now that she mentions it, I can tell that this is me at least. However, there's also a possibility that she is lying. I don't know for sure because there's nothing I can use as a comparison. I need to check it someday.

Well, setting that aside, why do I have snaggletooth here? This makes me look like a vampire, not a demon. I wish she put more attention to my horns instead.

"Now then, I will begin the explanation about being adventurer." (Dia)




In summary, the adventurer's work is divided into four categories; collection, subjugation, escort, and others. Each request has its own rank, and you're only allowed to accept job request with the same rank as your adventurer rank, or lower. In the case of nomination request, it can be accepted regardless of the rank. But of course, you may refuse, too.

To rank up, you must complete a certain number requests with the same rank as your adventurer rank. If you fail to complete the request repeatedly, your adventurer rank may go down as well. There is also expulsion when the achievement rate is too low.

The metal names are used as ranks. The higher rank will use the harder metal name. On a side note, the blacksmith guild also use metal names as ranks as well. I should be careful not to confuse them.

Since I have no recommendations, I would start from the lowest rank --- bronze. The highest adventurer rank seems to be adamantite rank.

There are other rules, but she said she would tell me when the needs arise. I don't know why, but seeing her face makes me worried. I feel like some bad rules will come out later.

Oh, whatever. Let's take my first request for now. I should be able to choose them from the bulletin board….

"Hey, can I ask you something?" (Fell)

"Wh-What?" (Dia)

"There are no requests on the bulletin board." (Fell)

"From the first day this guild opened, there has never been any requests posted there. Everyone can do everything on their own, and since there were no adventurers in the first place, no one submitted requests to the guild." (Dia)

Muh!? I wonder if it's my fault for not asking before registering as an adventurer. However, even if it's really my fault, I still want to hit her just once. 

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