Maou-sama V1C12

Chapter 12 - Sodogora Village

Now that I've registered as an adventurer, let's continue strolling the village!

    On the left side of adventurer guild, there was the village chief's house. I looked around, but the rest of buildings were just private houses.

I can't make a sudden house visit, can I? There's no more place left. Let's check the area around the village next.

For what I can see, the east side of this village is fields. There are a lot of edible-looking plants. If I eat them without permission, their owner will be angry at me for sure. I'm curious with their tastes, but I'd better refrain myself.

Further to the east, there's a river extending from north to south. If I remember it correctly, there’s also a big mountain further to the south.

In the south, there are the village entrance and the road I used to reach this place. The signboard at the entrance says "Sodogora". Maybe that's this village name. I don’t understand their naming sense.

The road continues from east to west. I walked from the southwest and arrived in this village, but if I kept going east, I would come out of the forest eventually. Not that matters right now.

There's only forest in the west. Many tree stumps can be seen, perhaps they’re in the middle of opening the land over there. They should be careful because the elves will be angry if they go too far to the west.

There's also forest dungeon floor in the demon world. Maybe I can learn about land cultivating from the people here. No, it's better to leave it to those from the development department. Once the villagers have completely accepted us, I will call them here.

    I wandered around the village until the sky turned red after that.

I'm getting hungry. Let's go back to the inn.




"Oh, welcome back. Your room is ready." (Nia)

    When I returned to the inn, Nia welcomed me with a smiling face.

"What are you going to do with the dinner? Should I bring it to your room? You can eat it here, but it might be a bit noisy because there will be many people coming to eat or drink." (Nia)

I want to eat quietly, but I also need to interact with the villagers. I don't want them to think that I'm doing something suspicious because I keep holing myself inside my room.

"I will eat here. Can you prepare it now?" (Fell)

"Sure thing. I'm still getting ready, so please wait a little more." (Nia)

    Having said that, Nina withdrawn into a room in the back.

Is that the kitchen? I smell something good from there. It looks like I can expect delicious meal like the one I ate the village chief's house.

Still, I wonder what is Maou-sama doing now. It's been quite a while, but there’s still no contact from him. I think Maou-sama slept too much as of late.

    The villagers started coming while I was waiting for my dinner, all of them were men. Everyone was surprised when they saw me. However, they came to my table to say thanks afterwards.

Yup. No one is showing hostility just because I'm a demon. I will call other demons here after they get used to seeing me around.

"Thanks for waiting. This is wild boar steak!" (Nia)


However, it's still too early to give a judgement. I ate wild boar meat for today's lunch, but its taste was completely different form the wild boar meat I've cooked until now. I will take a bite and compare them.

"Let's dig in!" (Fell)

Delicious! What is this!? It's totally different from the wild boar meat I know. Perhaps this is the meat from another animal with the same name.

"Is this really wild boar meat? This meat tastes different from the wild boar meat I've eaten until now. I mean, it's insanely delicious. Oh, before that, I want another serving!" (Fell)

"Hahahaha. Thanks for the compliment. This is really wild boar meat though..... I'm sorry, we are in a tight spot right now. You'll have to pay it separately if you want another serving." (Nia)

Well, if that is the case, it can't be helped. I'm sure there's a secret behind her cooking. Let's take a better look at her.

Nia's Cooking Skill is level four.... is she a genius? I don't know much about the human world, but with her skills, instead of this village, I'm quite sure she can live in a better place.

"You have such a great skill, so why did you choose to live in this village?" (Fell)

"Living in the city is indeed a rational option. Just the other day, this village was attacked by the bandits after all. Even so, I still think this is a good place to live. I don't feel like going to another place." (Nia)

    The surrounding men raised their voice in agreement with Nia's statement.

Is that how it is? Maybe this is similar to what I feel about the demon world.

"However, if there were a prince of some country who asked me to elope with him, I would leave my husband and gladly following him anywhere." (Nia)

Is this when I have to laugh? No, I mean, the premise of eloping with a prince itself is just too nonsensical.

    The surrounding men started laughing when I was still mulling over her statement. Only Nia's husband --- Ron, who seemed about to cry.

Oh no, I've completely missed the timing!

In any case, the bread and soup that came out with the steak are also exquisite. This makes me to wonder what I had been eating until now. If the other demons eat this, I'm sure they will no longer want to go back to the demon world. Even I began to think about settling in this village.

"Thank you for the food." (Fell)

"You're welcome." (Nia)

The dinner is not shabby at all. You can say it's rather too luxurious. I will ask Nia to teach me the recipe later.

    I headed straight to my room after finishing the dinner. Upon entering the room, I found Maou-sama was already sitting on a chair inside.

Since when was Maou-sama here? I didn't notice his arrival at all

"You are back." (Maou)

"Maou-sama, how could you be here?" (Fell)

"Hmm? They let me in after I told them that I was your acquaintance." (Maou)

Nia, you should have told me earlier.....

"Because they may be afraid if they know that I'm the demon king, I introduced myself as an ordinary demon. You should be careful when talking about me." (Maou)

"Understood. Has Maou-sama eaten dinner? I can ask them to bring it here." (Fell)

"No, I'm fine. I've eaten the wild boar I caught after all." (Maou)

"Is that so? Maou-sama should try eating the meal served in this inn for once. Their food is on a different dimension than ours." (Fell)

"I see. Maybe next time." (Maou)

Now that I look carefully, there’s only single bed in this room. I guess I will let Maou-sama sleep on the bed while I will sleep on the floor.

"Now then, I will use the back room. You can sleep in this room, Fell." (Maou)

Does this room have two separate rooms? What an unusual floor plan. But thanks to that, I can sleep on the bed.

"I just woke up, so don't mind me and go take a rest. You're tired, aren't you?" (Maou)

"Understood. Good night, Maou-sama!" (Fell)

"Good night." (Maou)

    I started getting ready to sleep after Maou-sama went into the back room. There was a partition with wood and curtains in the corner of the room. Inside it, there was a magic tool that produced warm water to be used for shower. The floor was made in such a way that the water will go straight into the drainage.

I can't take a bath but I can take a shower. Oh well, I can wash my body properly at last.




I feel refreshed now!

I will write a diary before going to sleep like usual. There are so many things I want to write today. I got the feeling that this will be a huge work.

Hmm, I have nothing to write about Maou-sama....

Oh well, this kind of situation happens sometimes.

I’m done. Let’s sleep!




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