Maou-sama V1C11

Chapter 11 - General Store and Guild

    The torture session of Goddess Religion was finally over.

Ugh, I will get back at them someday. Let's continue the stroll for now.

    I walked towards the left direction of the church. There was a store with 'Via General Store' written on its signboard.

Maybe Via is the name of the store owner? I don't have any money, but let's visit it.

"Pardon!" (Fell)


    The woman sitting behind the counter solidified upon seeing me.

"…. a-are you perhaps the rumored demon?"

"Yes. I'm Fell of the demon race. I will be staying in this village for a while. Let's get along." (Fell)

"U-Uh, ah, that’s right. I'm Via, the owner of this store." (Via)

    Because of nervousness, the woman named Via introduced herself while stammering.

Hmm, she looks like someone in her late teens. Maybe she's the same age as me? Her skin is a bit tan, and her long black hair is tied in a side-down braid, a very feminine style. Especially because of her breasts are.... huge!

Setting that aside, isn't her magical power higher than me? Just who in the world is she? Or rather, why did she lose to those bandits despite having more magical power than average demons?

"Is there a demon among your ancestors?" (Fell)

"Eh? No, I'm sure all my ancestors are humans." (Via)

"That doesn’t make sense. How could you have more magical power than average demons then?" (Fell)

"Even if you ask me...." (Via)

I couldn't understand her. Why does she run a small general shop despite having so much magical power? I've heard that magic-related jobs could make a fortune in the human world. Is running a general store more profitable?

"Say, why didn't you choose a job where you can utilize your enormous magical power?" (Fell)

    Suddenly, she burst into tears after I threw that question at her.

O-Okay, let's calm down! First I had to make her stop crying.

"Hey, don't cry! People would think I did something bad to you." (Fell)

I mean, it's not my fault, right? Maybe this is what they call stepping on a landmine?

Speaking of which, Landmine is a magic which strikes the targets with lightning attack the moment they stepped on the designated area, but apparently, it can also be used as an expression for when someone brought up the subject that shouldn't be talked about. I read it in the books.... oops, I'm getting sidetracked.

In any case, what should I do to make her stop crying?

"I-I can't use magic.... I-I have done my best, but.... I-I still can't use magic...." (Via)

I see. It's not my fault that she can't use magic. I'm responsible for making her cry, but it was unintentional.

Even so, having tremendous amount of magical power but couldn't use magic, is that even possible? Now I'm curious. Let's take a better look at her.

Hmm, so she has a super rare useless active skill called 'Magic Prohibition'. If this is the case, she will never be able to cast magic no matter how hard she tries it.

Her others skills are 'Bestowal Magic' and 'Instant Activation'. Good thing she doesn't have skill like Magic Tool Prohibition or something. If she wants to use magic, she can just create magic tool on the spot and then use it. I don't understand why she had to cry over it.

"Even if you can't use magic directly, you can still create magic tool with similar effects and then use it, you know?" (Fell)

"I-I can't make.... magic tools...." (Via)

Huh!? What is she talking about? You can, of course!

No, wait, there may be a reason why she can't make magic tools. Maybe her grandmother told her to not make magic tools before she passed away or something along those lines.

Putting that aside, I was able to confirm that it was not (completely) my fault that she suddenly cried. Before making another blunder, I'd better leave this place soon.

"Umm, sorry for disturbing your work. I will come again when I have money." (Fell)

"Uhh, ah, th-thank, you?" (Via)

I should avoid talking about magic in front of her. Yup, I got a useful information. Let's go to the next place!

    I immediately left the general store and walked toward the adventurer guild building next to it.

I've read about adventurer guild in many books. If you register as an adventurer, the senior adventurers will try to pick a fight with you. The usual template is to beat them with one strike and surprise the spectators.

However, I came here to establish a friendly relationship with the humans, so beating them is out of the question. If I don't register as adventurer, the senior adventurer will not try to pick a fight with me. It's a perfect solution.

I don't plan to register and I don't have any business there. I just want to know what the adventurer guild is like. Okay, let's get in!

"Pardon!" (Fell)

    I opened the door and entered the guild. There was only a woman sitting behind the counter, but she gave no reaction.

Her hands are moving unrelentingly. I can't see it well, but maybe she is knitting? I mean, there's knit tool kit on the counter. Because she keeps looking downward, maybe she hasn't notice me. If it turns out that she's actually ignoring me, it will be hurt a little.

"Pardon!" (Fell)

"Hmm? Oh, welcome to the adventurer guild!"

    The woman finally noticed me and then raised her face.

If I remember it correctly, she is the woman who talked about the bounty at the village chief's house.

"Oh, are you perhaps going to register as an adventurer?"

"No, I don't want to be picked on by the senior adventurers." (Fell)

"Don't worry. There's only the two of us here."

Indeed, there's only the two of us here. There will be no senior adventurers who would try to pick a fight with me. Maybe I can make money by working as an adventurer? I really should consider it.

“There are no adventurers who belong to this guild at the moment. If you register now, you will have the privilege of becoming a senior adventurer!”

This may be a good idea. If I send the food I bought with the money I earned as an adventurer to the demon world, perhaps I can slowly solve the food crisis. In addition, if I can help the humans by working as an adventurer, the image of demon race will improve for sure.

I've also heard that the guild card can be used as a proof of identification. We are going to use this village as base of operations, but there's a possibility of going to the other village or even the city in the future. If I have a proof of identification, it will be easier to act.

“Alright, I’d like to register as an adventurer.” (Fell)

"Really!? Then, please fill out this document. By the way, the registration can't be canceled for the next two years. If you still want to cancel it, you will have to pay a penalty."

What's with that system?

"This is a preventive measure against guild card fraud that uses duplicate guild registration. You will be sent to work in mine if you can't pay the penalty, so please be careful."

"I understand. I won't cancel it, so don't worry." (Fell)

    The receptionist smiled and then gave me the document.

"Can you write?"

Don't look down on me! I've been practicing using diary every day. I can fill out this document by myself.

    I filled out the document smoothly. I wrote my name, race, and date of birth. I handed the completed document to the receptionist.

"Okay, there seems to be no problem. I will process the registration now, but your guild card will be ready tomorrow. I will give you the explanation about the adventurer at that time, so please come back again."

"Please do." (Fell)

I can call myself an adventurer now. Moreover, in this village, I'm the senior adventurer. I will pick a fight with the newbies, and if they can defeat me, I will acknowledge them as adventurers.




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