Saikyou no Butouka 2-18

Chapter 18 – The secret meeting of demon lords

     On that day, a certain world fell into a ruin.

[Fuhahaha! Water! Water! This is the Dawn of Water Age!]

     A skeleton in blue cloak --- Demon Lord Water Emperor, was laughing alone. Floating high in the sky, he looked down the world of water spreading beneath him.

     The continents where peaceful live were carried until just the other day, has been submerged in the bottom of water. There was no natural disaster occurred. Everything was sunk by the hand of Water Emperor himself.

[Living creatures are unnecessary in the Water Age!] (Water Emperor)

     Even after the world was sunk to the bottom of the water, the aquatic creatures continued to survive. However, Water Emperor couldn't allow that. He sent down a rain of poison using his magic. The survived living creatures of that world were sent to their death in an instant.

[Your hobby is as bad as ever, Water Emperor.]

     When Water Emperor rang his teeth while immersing in pleasure, a hoarse voice echoed inside his head. Turned around, he saw a skeleton in red cloak there.

"Long time no see, Fire Emperor. Did you finally come to settle our score?" (Water Emperor)

     Water Emperor threw a taunt at Fire Emperor whom he met for this first time in 2000 years.

"No. It won't be a match between you and me." (Fire Emperor)

"Kukukuku. It's just as you said." (Water Emperor)

     Having said that, Water Emperor chuckled happily. He didn't not recognize Fire Emperor as superior. However, water and fire were just too incompatible, there were no better nor worse.

[Then, if you didn't come to fight me, what did you come here for?] (Water Emperor)

[Did you lose your memories together with your brain? It's almost time for the reunion!] (Fire Emperor)

[Fuhahaha! It's already the time!? I was busy creating the age of water, so that matter had completely slipped from my mind!] (Water Emperor)

     Water Emperor continued.

[Well, even without attending the reunion, I already know that I will be ranked first. I've created the age of water in 15,000 worlds after all!] (Water Emperor)

     Hearing that report, Fire Emperor rang his teeth happily.

[Too bad for you! I've also created the age of fire in 15,000 worlds.] (Fire Emperor)

[What...?] (Water Emperor)

[I still have more bad news for you. Light Emperor has created the age of light in 15,500 worlds so far.] (Fire Emperor)

     Hearing such news, Water Emperor bit his back teeth in frustration.

[I guess our ranks won't change....] (Water Emperor)

[Not really. I've heard that Wind Emperor was only less than 100 worlds.] (Fire Emperor)

[Impossible! You're talking about that Wind Emperor, right?] (Water Emperor)

     Water Emperor was surprised. That made a sense given the nature of Wind Emperor.  The most evil demon lord --- Wind Emperor, have a certain obsession about creating his era.

[Kukuku. The people of the worlds that Wind Emperor picked was really unfortunate. Since they had been destined to perish anyway, they would be happier if they were to die in my hands instead.] (Fire Emperor)

     Unlike Water Emperor who killed all living creatures equally, Wind Emperor only killed women and children. Therefore, there will be only men in the world which Wind Emperor descended, and they would slowly die out of inability to reproduce.

[Now then, let me get down to the subject.] (Fire Emperor)

     Fire Emperor said so in a renewed tone.

[Two more months until the time of the reunion. If I and you work together to create an era, we can surpass the record of Light Emperor.] (Fire Emperor)

[Are suggesting the two of us should share the first seat?] (Water Emperor)

     In response to that question, Fire Emperor nodded.

[You won't like it if that damned Light Emperor become the number one? If the two of us take the first seat, we also can take the lead. I think sharing is better than being deprived of everything.] (Fire Emperor)

[I see.... I agree. If you and I, the nemesis, work together, Light Emperor is nothing but a small fry!] (Water Emperor)

     The negotiations were concluded, Water Emperor and Fire Emperor rattled.

[Well then, we have to hurry. This world is done for. Let's move to the next world!] (Water Emperor)

     The two demon lords activated <World Crossing> and move on to the next world.




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