Saikyou no Butouka 2-19

Chapter 19 The dawn of (unknown) wind age

     There was only one week left until the cultural festival. On that day, I, who was in charge of publicity, was making flyers inside a quiet classroom with Noire-san.

"I wonder how will the haunted house turn out...." (Ash)

"I don't want to think about it." (Noire)

     This class was originally to be used as the location of haunted house, but at Keul-san's suggestion, it was changed to her secret base located in the outskirt of Erstania.

I’ve heard the story about making the rooms bloody and installing a mechanism to surprise the guests, but only the production staffs who know what exactly is going on there….

"I'm finished here." (Noire)

"I'm done, too. All that's left is to copy it with the reproduction magic." (Ash)

     I asked my classmates if they could use reproduction magic, but everyone shook their heads. The other staff members apparently asked Effa for help when they have documents to be duplicated. However, since Effa was one of the production staffs, she was currently at the location of the haunted house.

It's almost sunset, I'm sure she will be back soon.

Let's check the flyer to make sure there are no typos in the meantime.

     Then, as I was staring at the flyer, Noire-san took out a problems collection book from her bag. The cover said “Rune Exercise Book (Wind Magic Edition).

"Hmm? Have you finished the problems collection from the other day?" (Ash)

“I have finished it.” (Noire)

“Oh, that was fast!” (Ash)

“Of course!” (Noire)

     Noire-san looked somewhat proud of herself. Then, she began to solve the problems collection in a good mood.

The problems collection that I had been using up to now was too high hurdles for Noire-san, so it just waited time to pass in vain every day. Noire-san who didn't make any progress, gradually lose her confidence. That's why I recommended “Rune Exercise Book (Light Magic Edition)” to her instead.

This is a problems collection book in which runes are drawn thinly in advance, and we learn the runes by tracing over them. She would make no mistakes, and as I thought, Noire-san regained her confidence day by day as she successfully completed the runes.

"Last time I only got 15 points, but I will get 18 points next time!" (Noire)

I'm glad her confidence has returned. Let's make her practice drawing runes for the whole week, and raise the level of the problems little by little.

"I've returned!" (Effa)

"Time passes really fast when we have fun!" (Felmina)

     While checking the flyer and looking at Noire-san, the class suddenly regained its liveliness. The members of production staff have returned using transfer magic.

"I may have been going too far this time!" (Keul)

"Gosh, what kind of brain structure do you have for come up with such a scary device?" (Sharm)

"The scarier the haunted house, the better!" (Keul)

"Well, I have no objection to that." (Sharm)

     Along with the production staff members, the special advisors Keul-san and Sharm-san also have returned. The fact that these two helped out, seemed to have resulted in a ridiculously scary haunted house.

"The rest is just fine-tuning based on the impressions! The problem is who will be the tester...." (Keul)

"I personally want to hear the impressions of a quiet person! If you can surprise such a person, then it will be a big success!" (Sharm)

"I see. I'd also like to incorporate the impressions of small children! If they were too scared and end up traumatized, we should put an age restriction!" (Keul)

"Yeah, that's right. That being the case, there are already two suitable candidates here...." (Sharm)

     All members of the production staff turned their attention at me and Noire-san.

"Come on, Ash-kun, Noire-chan, it's your turn!" (Keul)

     I would never forget the face Noire-san made at that moment.

     There was a skeleton standing alone in a certain mansion. The skeleton who had just arrived in this world, instantly moved to that place using teleportation because he sensed some strong presences from there.

[I sensed strong presences. Moreover, it's from women. Where are they....]

     The skeleton looked around the room. There was no sign of anyone in this bloody room. However, the smell of women certainly filled the room. There was no doubt that his targets were here until a moment ago.

[They escaped....]

     The skeleton opened the window. The smell of a woman is carried by the wind. He had no nose since he was a skeleton. However, the bones in his whole body could differentiate the smells from the surroundings.

[They're not too far from here....]

     The skeleton exposed his body to the wind, and in a matter of second, he had successfully found the location of his targets.

[Now then, how should I kill them....]

     This would be his first prey after returning to this world. He didn't want to let them die easily. He wanted to hurt them little by little, enjoying their screams before finally killed them.

[Skin them alive. Gouge their innards out. Manipulate the surrounding air until their body get crushed by the pressure....]

     In any case, the skeleton wanted to hear a wonderful scream from his prey. Imagining his prey begged for their lives with face full of terror, the skeleton rang his teeth happily.


     When the skeleton was about to cast a transfer magic, a strong smell suddenly appeared in the mansion.

[This smell.... a woman and a child....]

     The women emitted a strong smell, but before the intense smell of the child, it was odorless.

[Great! What a wonderful smell!]

     The smell drifted from the lower floor had made the skeleton’s heart dancing in joy.

[I wonder when was the last time I feel this excited....]

     Until now, his opponents were all too weak. They would be broken immediately with just a little magic. However, the child who appeared in this mansion was different. To be able to emit such an intense smell, his body must be sturdy too. The skeleton thought that he would be able to have fun longer than ever with him.

[Now then, this is the Dawn of Wind Age!] (Wind Emperor)

     The skeleton, the most evil demon lord --- Wind Emperor, headed downstairs full of excitement.




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