Saikyou no Butouka 2-17

Chapter 17 – Hypnotic magic doesn’t work on me

     One week has passed since Keul-san and Sharm-san became guest lecturers at our academy.

"Everyone, I've made you waiting! I and Sharm will let you experiencing the best class ever today!" (Keul)

"Stop putting pressure on me!" (Sharm)

     It was finally our class' turn to receive a lecture from Keul-san and Sharm-san. All of my classmates seemed to full of excitement.

Keul-san is a genius who graduated from this academy. It's no wonder everyone has a high expectation of her lecture. The details are unknown, but I heard Sharm-san's lecture was very popular in other classes. I wonder what kind of lecture they will give us today.

     I spread my notebook on my desk and focused my attention to them.

"Well then, Keul-san will be giving lecture first. Please start." (Erina)

     Erina-sensei who was originally scheduled to hold a class on that day, gave directions from the corner of the classroom.

"Just leave it to me! I will show more interesting lecture than Erina-senpai's!" (Keul)

"My class has a reputation of being easy to understand and interesting among the student." (Erina)

"Oh, don't worry! I'm not planning to take Erina-senpai's job!" (Keul)

"The habit of not listening to the other people has not changed at all...." (Erina)

     Erina-sensei sighed. The two has a senior-junior relationship during their student time.

"Okay, let's start the class! Then again, I'm actually not good at teaching people!"

     When Keul-san asked if we had questions for her, Effa immediately raised her hand.

"I, like Keul-san, was admitted to this academy by the recommendation of Principal Phillip." (Effa)

"Oh, so you're Effa. I've heard about you from the principal. It seems like you have a promising future." (Keul)

"Thank you very much. However, I'm afraid I will betray that expectation." (Effa)

After graduation, Effa intends to get a job in Nemunesia, where her family is. However, that place is a rural town. There seems to be no jobs that could take advantage of Effa's talent. I'm sure her family opposes this idea.

"When you decided to become an adventurer, did your family oppose that decision?" (Effa)

"Yes, they did, but I didn't change mind. Well, all parents wish for the happiness of their children after all. They supported whatever job I chose in the end." (Keul)

"I see. That was helpful!" (Effa)

     Keul-san smiled, seemed to come to understanding.

"All right, I will give 10 points to Effa who asked me a question! Those who collect 10 point will become my fellow adventurers. Now, feel free to ask any other question!" (Keul)

     After that, Keul-san answered the questions one after another. By the time her lecture session came to end, almost everyone had become her fellow adventurers.

"Your turn next, Sharm-san. There's only a little time left. I'm sorry." (Erina)

     Hearing that, Sharm-san walked towards the podium.

"My session will be a sleep learning. I'm going to cast a hypnotic magic on you all. Close your eyes, and imagine the dreams you want to achieve in your life." (Sharm)

     Sharm-san started drawing a hypnotic magic rune.

"You will find yourselves inside the world when your dreams have finally come true. In order for you to feel the same sense of accomplishment even in the real world, after waking up, you will be determined to work harder and harder to realize your dreams." (Sharm)

In other words, Sharm-san's lecture is about giving us motivation to realize our dreams.

"Now then, let's go to the dream world!" (Sharm)

     At the same time the magic rune was completed, not only my classmates, even Erina-sensei and Keul-san fell asleep.

"Why are you still awake...!?" (Sharm)

That's what I want to know!

"Umm, I don't feel sleepy in the slightest, so.... could you please cast the magic once more...?" (Ash)

"I don't mind." (Sharm)

     I had a hypnotic magic casted on me once more. However, my consciousness was still as clear as before. Sharm-san put her hand on her chin, thinking about the cause of this failure.

"Th-That's it! My hypnotic magic has been counteracted by the strength of your will!" (Sharm)

     Sharm-san cried out as she came to an understanding.

"My.... will...?" (Ash)

"Yeah. Normally, human beings have dreams of various sizes. Even if you try to narrow your dreams to one, you will still have various desires." (Sharm)

     Having said that, Sharm-san pointed her finger at me.

"You only have a single dream --- a single objective, and your head is filled with the thoughts of how to make it comes true. My hypnotic magic doesn't work on a person with strong will like you." (Sharm)

I see....

For example, Felmina-san has dream of joining the Magic Knight Order and eating the finest grilled meats until full.

For example, Effa has dream of finding job in her hometown and becoming a martial artist like me.

However, all I want in this world is to be able to use magic.

"If you're already so determined, there's no need for my hypnotic magic anymore. I don't know what your dream is, but it will come true someday. I guarantee it!" (Sharm)

     Hearing Sharm-san's words, I nodded vigorously.

"Yes, I'll make my dream come true!" (Ash)

"Y-Yeah. Do your best to the extent that my words don't put pressure on you." (Sharm)

     After that, Sharm-san raised her magic wand, and canceled her hypnotic magic.

"Master was the strongest even in my dream!" (Effa)

"There are so many delicious grilled meats in the world!" (Felmina)

"I want to do my best to get married by the age of 30." (Erina)

Effa, Felmina-san and Erina-sensei, seem to have experienced a really pleasant dream. My other classmates are happily talking about their dream, too.

     When the class has ended, Keul-san spoke up while pointing at something.

"I've been meaning to ask this, but what is that signboard for?" (Keul  )

     Keul-san pointed her finger at the signboard. The props for the cultural festival were gathered in the back of classroom.

"That's a property for the incoming cultural festival. My class will be running a haunted house." (Erina)

     Erina-sensei's words seemed to have piqued Keul-san's interest.

"That sounds fun!" (Keul)

"I think this place is too small, though." (Erina)

"Oh, I know a good place! You can use my secret base!" (Keul)

     Keul-san's secret base located on the outskirt of Erstania. She received it as a gift from Principal Phillip in exchange for accepting the invitation to enter the academy. Keul-san also told me that her secret base had never been used or maintained for a long time, and was not suitable for living anymore.

That sounds the perfect place for a haunted house.

"There's quite a distance from here, but that won't be a problem with my transfer magic! Yeah, this will be a big hit!" (Keul)

     No objections were allowed. Thus it was decided that we would turn Keul-san's secret base into a haunted house.




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