Saikyou no Butouka 2-16

 Chapter 16 – The hero disciples are ready

     Ten days had passed since it was decided that our class would run a haunted house for the incoming cultural festival. When I was working on the preparation inside the class, I was called by Ai-chan, and then we headed to the principal's office together. Principal Phillip's and Colon-san's disciple seemed to have arrived.

"How much did you hear from Principal Phillip?" (Ash)

     I asked Ai-chan as we walked down the hallway.

The Day of End <Ragnarok> when all the demon lords returned to this world. If this information were spread, the panic would break all over the world. Even if she’s his real daughter, there’s a chance Principal Phillip keeps it secret from her.

"I've heard everything the other day. Since then, I have trouble sleeping and I couldn't even taste my meal." (Aina)

Ai-chan is the supreme commander of the Erstadt Magic Knight Order. She might have been informed so that she can give prompt instructions in case of emergency.

"To be honest, I'm scared. However, as a princess and as a leader, I must not show it on my face. Otherwise, I will also make everyone uneasy." (Aina)

     Shortly after Ai-chan declared so full of determination, we arrived at the principal's office. There were already two women waiting inside.

"Hello, there. Are you Ash-kun!? Or perhaps Ash-chan...?"

     One of them --- a woman with short bob hair, immediately called out to me with a friendly smile.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Ash. I’m Grandpa Maurice's disciple. I may look like this, but I'm a real man. You are...." (Ash)

"Oh, I'm Keul. My appearance may look like this, but I'm a woman inside! My hobby is visiting archeological sites!" (Keul)

Keul-san? In other words, she is Principal Phillip's disciple. Keul-san seems like the same type of person as Felmina-san --- a friendly person that goes on with her own pace.

"I'm also interested in archeological sites, but before that...." (Ash)

     I turned my attention to a long-hared woman sitting on the floor.

"Are you perhaps Sharm-san?" (Ash)

     Dressed in the so-called gothic style, a woman who just a little older than me turned her big, dark eyes at me.

"Yeah.... I'm Sharm...." (Sharm)

     Sharm-san answered unenthusiastically.

I wonder if she's tired from the long journey. Putting Keul-san aside, it doesn't seem Sharm-san will open up to me unless I take the initiative.

"By the way, what is Sharm-san’s job?" (Ash)

     In order to get to know her better, I brought up such a topic.

"I'm unemployed." (Sharm)

"That's why I told you to join me touring the ruins!" (Keul)

"I refuse! I should have turned you down a while ago!" (Sharm)

"I thought you have changed your heart this time!" (Keul)

"My motto is to be always consistent!" (Sharm)

     Sharm-san cried out, coughed, and then sighed.

"Is Sharm-san really unemployed?" (Ash)

"D-Do I need to repeat myself twice? Besides, touring the ruins can't be called a job too!" (Sharm)

     When Sharm-san said so in frustration, Keul-san started laughing while holding her stomach.

"Hahaha! Certainly, I'm also unemployed! But every day is fulfilling for me! Come on, let's go touring the ruins together with me!" (Keul)

     After being invited three times, Sharm-san sighed deeply.

"I don't want to work. I want to stay at home until I die." (Sharm)

"Is that really the case? I heard Sharm-san stayed at home every day to make a plan to realize her grand dream, though." (Ash)

"Wh-Where did you hear that?" (Sharm)

"From Colon-san." (Ash)

     Hearing that, Sharm-san held her head.

"Master overestimates me too much.... 'Sharm is amazing' or 'Sharm will become a great hero in the future' --- she kept saying such things ever since I was still a little girl. Her expectation is too heavy for me. I couldn't sleep without taking sleeping pills because of the pressure." (Sharm)

Is that why she wants to live like a bear now? Master always told me that I was still immature. However, it seems Colon-san has a different policy. She used praises to motivate her disciple to grow instead. Well, I can't imagine Colon-san being harsh.

"That's why I told you to join me touring the ruins!" (Keul)

"Do you have some kind of grudge against me?" (Sharm)

"However, Keul-san's words have a point. Sharm-san has mastered the dark magic, so it's a waste if you don't use it for something." (Ash)

     Sharm-san sighed again.

“Look, I worked hard to master the dark magic so that I can live an easy life in the future. I can always make money whenever I want to. I've had my share of working hard in the past. I just want to live leisurely now.” (Sharm)

Her goal aside, it's an undeniable truth that she had been working hard. Otherwise, she won't be called a master dark magic like now.

I wonder what kind of effort she had made to reach this point. As someone who aspires to be a wizard, I want to know her training menu. Well, it's better to get into the main subject soon. Then again, where should I start?

"To keep things going smoothly, why don't we first decide the leader of this group?" (Ash)

"You're right. The question is who will become leader...." (Sharm)

"Well, of course, the strongest person will become the leader." (Keul)

"How do we decided it? I want to avoid unnecessary fight because that's troublesome." (Sharm)

"Don't worry! Even without fighting, I already know who is the strongest among us." (Keul)

     Having said that, Keul-san pointed her finger at me.

“Ash-kun. You’re the strongest human!!” (Keul)

"Why do you think so?" (Ash)

"I know it because I have this!!" (Keul)

     Keul-san took out a map of the continent from his bosom. There were five red dots and one blue dot on that map. When Keul-san touched Erstania Kingdom, the map zoomed in.

"There's a blue dot and a red dot here. The blue dot is Sharm and the red is Ash-kun." (Keul)

"What is the difference?" (Ash)

"The blue dot means that creature is as strong as me, while the red dot means that creature is stronger than me." (Keul)

I'm sure Keul-san means stronger in terms of 'combat power', not 'magical power'. I won’t appear on that map otherwise.

"What magic is this?" (Ash)

There's no information about this kind of magic inside all books I've read.

"This is my original magic. Then again, I simply recreated it according to the information written on the stone monument I found inside the ruin that I had successfully deciphered." (Keul)

"Is this kind of information commonly found in the ruins!?" (Ash)

If you can find information about unknown magic inside the ruins, there's a possibility the information about how to awaken one's magical power also exists there.

"I want to go to the ruins!" (Ash)

"Really!? That's great. I actually was planning to ask for your help with the ruins exploration!" (Keul)

     Keul-san zoomed out the map, and then pointed the four red dots located in the north, south, east, and west of the continent. To be precise, she pointed the location of the ruins.

"Does this mean there are creatures stronger than Keul-san inside the ruins...?" (Ash)

"Yes. This can be pretty dangerous even for me." (Keul)

In other words, Keul-san wants me to come along as insurance.

"Then again, whatever those red dots are, since they're sealed behind the wall with strong barriers, it's not like it will suddenly turn into a fight." (Keul)

It seems that indecipherable characters are written on the wall that seals those red dots. Keul-san wants to decipher those and unravel the mystery of the four ruins.

"If you're able to decipher the characters written on the stone monument, does this mean you can decipher the characters written on the wall too?" (Ash)

"Only in some parts. The wizard called Noire sealed something in that place a long time ago --- that's all I understand for the time being." (Keul)

The identity of sealed creatures seems to be still in the dark. Still though, for Noire name to suddenly pop up, I was a little surprised.

In any case, this is a story from hundreds or even thousands years ago. Noire that Keul-san mentioned and Noire that I know are two different people.

“So, Mr. Leader, what should we do next?” (Sharm)

     Sharm-san threw such a question half-heartedly.

Our next move, huh....

When the time comes, we can easily locate the demon lords with this magic map. I guess there's no need to decide on the area in charge anymore. In addition, we can instantaneously rush to the scene using Keul-san's teleportation magic. Sharm-san will use her medicine to threat the injured people. I think this is the best strategy we could come up with for now.

“Let’s take it easy until the demon lords appear.” (Ash)

     Hearing that, Sharm-san’s face brightened.

“Oh, I’m glad you’re our leader. If it were Keul, she would drag us to go around the ruins until the demon lords appear.” (Ash)

"Even I won't propose such outrageous plan in this situation!" (Keul)

"Look who's talking!" (Sharm)

"It’s true! I will refrain myself from touring the ruins until the matter with demon lords comes to close. In addition, Aina-sama has asked me to become a guest lecturer. I personally also wanted to find promising candidates for the ruin investigation team among the students here." (Keul)

"Really!?" (Ash)

"That's right. For your information, it seems Sharm will become a guest lecturer, too." (Keul)

"I-I actually don't want to do such troublesome things. However, Master will be worried if she knows that I'm just lazing around here.... In addition, I started to run out of money, too...." (Sharm)

Keul-san's and Sharm-san's class, huh. The two are famous great wizards. I'm looking forward to what kind of class they will hold!!




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