Saikyou no Butouka 2-15

Chapter 15 – I’m fine with skeleton

     Three days have passed since I defeated Demon Lord Light Emperor. Inside the classroom, I was sitting on my seat while feeling impatient.

"In other words, you want our class to run a haunted house for the incoming cultural festival, correct? Please raise your hand if there’s any other ideas."

     The class representative declared so while looking around the class.

Currently, we’re in the middle of discussion to decide what our class will do for the cultural festival next month. This is the best educational institution in the world, but that doesn't mean all we do is study all year round.

If you study too much, you'll get tired of it after all. Therefore, these kind of events are held occasionally. I heard there was sport festival and school excursion being held shortly before I transferred here.

If the due date draws near, many students will spend more time preparing for the cultural festival even after the school ends. Basically, the preparation should not hinder our lesson time.

The cultural festival can be a good breather to refresh our minds before the promotion exam, but.... I'm just not good with ghosts!!!

Though the demon lords look like skeleton ghosts, they're not scary because I can defeat them using my punch. However, ghosts are different. My punch won't work against the spiritual body. That's why I'm not good with them. In any case, a haunted house is out of the question.

"I'm looking forward to the haunted house!" (Felmina)

     Felmina-san voiced her consent when I was about to raise objection.

"Does Felmina-san like haunted house?" (Ash)

"I don't like it." (Felmina)

"Then...." (Ash)

"I don't like it, but I love it!" (Felmina)

".........." (Ash)

     Towards Felmina-san who declared so with glittering eyes, I was lost for words.

"What a coincidence, I also love it! This kind of thing makes my heart racing!" (Effa)

"Oh, as expected of Effa-chan! That's right, a haunted house is the thing!" (Felmina)

"After all, we wouldn't normally feel such a thrill in our everyday life!" (Effa)

"You're right. In a sense, I think it's similar to the feeling we have when confronting strong monsters. In other words, a haunted house is a training ground to train our mental fortitude!" (Felmina)

     The other classmates nodded in agreement with Felmina-san.

I've never felt that kind of excitement though. Then again, Felmina-san's theory was quite persuasive. I guess it's better not to raise objections for childish reasons such as "I'm not good with ghosts." etc.

"Hmm?" (Ash)

     Feeling someone poked my back, I turned around.

"What's wrong, Noire-san...? Noire-san...?" (Ash)

     Noire-san's face turned pale, as she continuously shook her head.

Don't tell me....

"Could it be Noire-san is not good with ghosts?" (Ash)

     Noire-san nodded like a broken doll this time.

"I can't defeat ghosts using my magic." (Noire)

Her reason is similar to mine!

"However, it's hard to raise objections in the current mood...." (Ash)

"Yeah." (Noire)

Everyone other than us seems to have set their heart on the haunted house. Even if we raise objections now, I don't think they will change their mind.

"In any case, I don't think you have to be that scared." (Ash)

"Why?" (Noire)

"I mean, we will be on the scaring side this time." (Ash)

Yup. If our class runs a haunted house, that means our job is to scare the guests. I and Noire will not enter the haunted house as guests to be scared off.

"That's true." (Noire)

     Noire-san's complexion was gradually getting better.

"Ash-kun and Noire-chan also agree with the haunted house, right?" (Felmina)

     Felmina-san asked for our supports.

That fact that I'm not good with ghosts means that there's an room to grow mentally. There's less than two and half months left before my body turn back to normal. I was just starting to feel a little impatient.

In addition, the haunted house seems to be more promising than the demon lords. There is no way I will miss this opportunity.

"Okay, let's run a haunted house." (Ash)

"Yeah. I know you would agree with me. How about Noire-chan?" (Felmina)

"I want to be the surpriser." (Noire)

"That's the spirit!" (Felmina)

     After I and Noire-san gave our consents, the class representative clapped her hands once to gather the attention of everyone in the class.

"Then, by unanimous consent, it's decided that our class will run a haunted house for the incoming cultural festival."

     Thus the discussion was concluded. In my heart, I was praying my Magic Spot will finally be awakened through this event.




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