Saikyou no Butouka 2-25

Chapter 25 – Ice Emperor

     Three weeks had passed since the battle for word's survival. The students who had just finished attending the closing ceremony, returned to their class, and waiting the announcement of the promotion test's result while fidgeting.

"Now then, this is the result of promotion test you've been waiting for! I will call your name in the order of attendance number, so come forward to get it! First, Ash-kun!" (Erina)

     I received a folded paper from Erina-sensei, took a peek, and then returned to my seat.

"How was it?" (Effa)

     I smiled at Effa who asked me curiously.

"Year 3 class A --- the advanced class." (Ash)

"I would expect no less from Master. I also want to know mine soon!"(Effa)

"Then hurry come and get it. It's your turn, Effa." (Erina)

     Effa's turn came when she was still talking to me. She went to get her result in hurry and returned to her seat in dash. Her face brightened when she read it.

"I'm in the same class as Master! I can go home with peace of mind now!" (Effa)

"Congratulation! You can take it slowly this time!" (Ash)

There's still more than two weeks before the beginning of new term. It won't become a one-day-short homecoming like the last time.

"I was able to maintain my advanced class, too!" (Felmina)

     Felmina-san happily showed her result to me --- 98 points in written test and A in practical test.

"I made one mistake after all. How about yours?" (Felmina)

"I got 100 points." (Ash)

"Oh, as expected of my rival! But I will not lose next time! I will surely catch up with you!" (Felmina)

     I smiled at Felmina-san's declaration of war.

I'm sure she will get a perfect score next time.

Now then, speaking of the written test, I'm worried about Noire-san.

     I turned my line of sight at Noire-san who received a folded paper from Erina-sensei. After opened it on the spot, Noire-san immediately ran towards me in a trot.

"It's all thanks to you!" (Noire)

     Noire-san happily showed her result to me. 32 points in writing test and A in practical test. Year 3 class A, the advanced class.

"You did it. Congratulation, Noire-san!" (Ash)

"This calls for party!" (Effa)

     Felmina-san nodded at Effa's proposal.

"That's a nice idea! Let's celebrate it with everyone! How does tomorrow sound?" (Felmina)

"I agree! The sooner, the better!" (Effa)

"All right! Of course, Ash-kun and Noire-chan will participate, right?" (Felmina)

"Yes, I will participate." (Ash)

"If Ash participates, I will participate too." (Noire)

"It's decided, then. The celebration party will be held in my room!" (Felmina)

Felmina-san's room is in the women's dormitory, right? It's not a problem if I was still in my three-years-old child body. However, I've returned to normal.

Right now, this is a sixteen-years-old body of man.... No, I turned seventeen the other, so this is a seventeen-years-old body of man.

If I enter the women's dormitory in my current self, I'm sure the other female students won't see it in a good light.

"Umm, I wonder if I can enter the women's dormitory...." (Ash)

"Of course. You have a face pass, after all." (Felmina)

"Master is a hero who defeated the demon lords. Far from being disliked, you will be welcomed!" (Effa)

"That’s right! I will keep training to become stronger, join the knight, and I will have my own statue someday!" (Felmina)

     Felmina-san declared so, while looking outside the window. There was a big statue modeled after me in the center of plaza.

In honor of defeating the demon lords, we decided to build a statue of Ash-san --- it was 15 days ago that I received such a report from Ai-chan. After that, my statue was quickly completed by the hands of top-class wizards.

I was glad when Ai-chan told me about the statue. However, I feel nothing but embarrassment right now. I mean, the bronze statue of me is wearing nothing but animal-printed panties.

I heard that they recreated the scene when I defeated the demon lord's. Though if possible, I hope they to put some clothes on that statue.

I seriously, seriously, have never thought they would make that kind of statue. Then again, there's something more unexpected than that....

"Oh, no. I'm demoted to intermediate class...."

"Me, too! Let's buy animal-printed panties so that we can be promoted to the advanced class again next time!"

"I also have to buy animal-printed panties!"

"Maybe I should buy one, too."

     From here and there, I heard my classmates excitedly talking about animal-printed panties.

There's a rumor that the animal-printed panties will make the wearer stronger. Because of that, young and old, boys and girls, men and women, rich and poor, the animal-printed panties became popular among the citizens.

Just the other day, when I was walking around the city, I was thanked by panties dealers, and they even offered a free supply of panties for lifetime. But of course, I refused it politely. To be honest, I don't want to see animal-printed panties ever again.

Well, as long as that statue exists, I will see it even if I don't want it....

"Okay, pipe down, guys!" (Erina)

     Erina-sensei clapped her hands to gather everyone's attention.

"I know that you guys want to go on vacation soon, so let's finish the homeroom quickly. I'm also going to go on a trip myself after all. In any case, please don't let loose to much just because you're in a long holiday. That's all, class dismissed!" (Erina)

     The homeroom was over, and the classroom was once again bustling.

"What is your plan for this long holiday? If possible, I'd you to visit my house. Dad really wants to meet you." (Felmina)

     Because there was no longer a need to keep the matter about demon lords secret, Felmina-san's father had told her about the fight against Earth Emperor.

"I can stay too long, but if it's fine with you, I can drop by." (Ash)

I'm planning to spend this long holiday accompanying Keul-san exploring the ruins. There seems to be a lot of ancient literature about magic that can be found there. I hope I can find a clue to awaken my magical power among them....

That's right. Even with the help of degeneration medicine from Colon-san, I failed to awaken my magical power.

I was quite shocked when I checked my butt through a mirror, but found no Magic Spot there. However, the hopes still exist. I don’t have plan to give up anytime soon.

"Dad and I will be happy even if you just stop by for a short time. I want Effa-chan and Noire-chan to come as well." (Felmina)

"I can't stay long, but I'd love to go and play if it's okay!" (Effa)

"If Ash goes, I will go too." (Noire)

"It's decided then. This is going to be fun!" (Felmina)

     I agreed with Felmina-san, who speaks in a loud tone, from the bottom of my heart.

I will find a clue to awaken my magical power in the ruins by any means, and face the new school term as a wizard!

     When I thought about it that way, I couldn't stop being excited.

"Ash-san, I'd like to tell you something...." (Aina)

     Ai-chan beckoned me from the hallway as I was thinking about where to go. I left Felmina-san and the others who was having fun conversation in the classroom, and went out to the hallway.

"What happened?" (Ash)

"Earlier, I just got a call from the prison guard. It seems Lingland has regained his sanity." (Aina)

I suspected Lingland-san has erased Noire-san's previous life memory. I’ve always wanted to talk to him and find out the reasons.

This might be better if I bring Noire-san with me, but.... she's talking happily with Effa and Felmina-san right now. In addition, the person herself once said that she didn't want to meet him.

I guess I will go by myself….

"Thank you very much. I'll go there right away!" (Ash)

     I said goodbye to Ai-chan and went out to the roof.

The distance from here to the prison is around 30 km. I can arrive there by jumping several times like a grasshopper.

     I reduced my power so as not to destroy the rooftop, and started hopping towards prison.

     When I arrived at the prison, I was guided to the visiting room immediately. There was Lingland-san sitting behind a transparent wall.

"What do you want from me?" (Lingland)

     Lingland-san asked with an unpleasant face.

He seems still angry because I've destroyed his golem. I wonder if he will answer my question properly....

"I will get to the point.... Did you erase Noire-san's previous life memory?" (Ash)

     In response to my question, Lingland-san nodded obediently.

"Indeed, I erased Noire's memory. Her poor memory is the aftereffect." (Lingland)

"Is that true!?" (Ash)

When I was teaching Noire-san, I thought she had hard time to remember things because of her memory was just not good. I've never thought it was all Lingland-san’s fault.

If I tell Noire-san about this, she is going to have more and more grudges against Lingland-san.

I want Noire-san to have a fun student life if possible. I don't want her living while carrying resentment or hatred. I guess coming here without her is a good decision after all.

"So, why did you erase her memory?" (Ash)

"I will tell you, but I have some conditions." (Lingland)

"Conditions?" (Ash)

     Lingland-san nodded while clenching his hand.

"I'm going to make a golem again when I'm done with my sentence! At that time, I want you to become my guinea pig! If I can beat you, my golem will finally become the world's strongest wizard!" (Lingland)

Human experiments are forbidden, but making golems should not have been. I want to fight against a strong opponent myself, so that's a win-win situation for both of us.

"Can you promise that your golem won't attack other people but me?" (Ash)

"No problem. There's no point in killing small fries after all!" (Lingland)

"In that case, I accept those conditions." (Ash)

"Okay, the negotiations are over! Both of us must live long!" (Lingland)

     Lingland-san said so with a lively expression, but soon turned into a serious expression.

"First, that girl thinks she has been orphaned because of her lack of magic, but she actually left the house on her own." (Lingland)

     Lingland-san who was looking for a guinea pig, found Noire-san fell unconscious because of hunger in front of his laboratory, and decided to do a remodeling operation on her. The operation itself was performed with Noire-san consent.

"Did she really agree?" (Ash)

"Yeah. That girl told me these:

-at this rate, the demon lord's seal will be broken,

-if you can turn me into the world's strongest wizard, then perform the operation right away,

-that dammed demon lord! He crushed my pride to piece! Instead of sealing, I will bury him this time!

....and so on. However, since I what wanted was to make the world's strongest wizard that faithful to my orders, I also erased her memory during the operation." (Lingland)

I understand why he erased Noire-san's memory now, but a new question emerged.

"The sealed demon lord, are you talking about Ice Emperor?" (Ash)

I've defeated the demon lords who control darkness, earth, light, wind, fire, and water. Those 6 demon lords have been doing all they want to do for who-knows-many years instead of being sealed. That being the case, the remaining one demon lord --- Ice Emperor, most likely the aforementioned sealed demon lord.

Fire Emperor had said that, including himself, there was only two demon lords left because of me. I was sure that Ice Emperor has already dead back then.

"I don't know the identity of demon lord that girl sealed. However, it's absolutely not Ice Emperor." (Lingland)

"Why can you say that?" (Ash)

     Lingland-san answered my question with a clear tone and an unchanging expression.

"That girl, Noire, is the reincarnation of Ice Emperor after all." (Lingland)

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