Saikyou no Butouka 2-3

Chapter 3 - The time limit is 3 months

"If you drink this medicine.... you will be rejuvenated in many ways...." (Colon)

"Understood. I will try it right away!" (Ash)

"Wa-Wait...!" (Colon)

     When I reached the bottle, Colon-san immediately stopped me.

"Do you normally take such suspicious drugs without hesitation...? You should learn to doubt the others a little more.... I'm worried you will be fooled by bad people someday...." (Colon)

"That's not the case. I have no doubt because this is medicine made by Colon-san." (Ash)

If it's a stranger who told me to drink this odorous liquid, even I will refuse it. However, Colon-san in the number one pharmacist, and above all, she's an old friend of Grandpa Maurice. There's no way I'm doubting the medicine she made.

"I'm happy to be trusted, but I haven't finished my explanation.... This degeneration medicine.... has some side effects...." (Colon)

"Other than 'die', I don't mind with any side effects." (Ash)

"Th-There will be no scary side effects like that...." (Colon)

Well, of course. Colon-san has a hobby of tasting her own medicine, which means she has tried this degeneration medicine too. She is doing well, which means there are no life-threatening side effects.

"First, by taking this degeneration medicine.... your mental age will be reverted back to that of a three years old...." (Colon)

"I see." (Ash)

"Next, your body will be reverted back to that of a three years old too...." (Colon)

"I see." (Ash)

".... those are the side effects." (Colon)

"The side effects are not that bad. I'm relieved." (Ash)

"You are amazing...." (Colon)

I’ve never thought it would be the day Colon-san praised me....

     When I was delighted by myself, Colon-san resumed the explanation.

“Well, the effect of the medicine will expire in 3 months.... so it doesn't mean that you will turn into a child permanently....” (Colon)

I see. If I couldn't awaken my magical power within 3 months, I have to look for another method.

"Is there anything specific I should do during that time?” (Ash)

I have only three months, I will do what I can do.

"If you train your mental power.... I think the chance of a Magic Spot appearing will increase...." (Colon)

In other words, I should clear an event that could make me grow mentally? I could only think of fighting someone who's overwhelmingly stronger than me, but the strongest opponent I've ever fought so far is the Dark Emperor who died in single punch.

I don't think that someone or something stronger than the demon lord will appear so conveniently. Maybe it’s better to train my mental power through another way. Oh well, I will think about it later.

“I will drink it!” (Ash)

     After Colon-san's explanation was over, I immediately drunk the degeneration medicine.

Wow!? This is worse than I thought. I feel like I'm drinking the juice of raw garbage that was left for a year. However, I may be able to use magic after drinking this. I should endure no matter how bad it is.

     I chugged down one liter of degeneration medicine at once.

"Urp!" (Ash)

     While suppressing the nausea, I felt my stomach was getting hot. The heat spread quickly throughout the body, and steam finally erupted from my body.

"Is this a sign that the medicine is starting to work?" (Ash)

"Eh, uh, ah........" (Colon)

     Colon-san was panic. On her hand, she held something that looked like a sake cup.

"Did I drink too much?" (Ash)

     Colon-san nodded.

".... the right dosage is 10 ml." (Colon)

I drank 100 times the dosage needed.

"But it's strange.... When your body shrinks, you're supposed to be struck by severe pain and lose consciousness... and yet, you seem to be just fine...." (Colon)

"I was trained to withstand the pain. This level of pain is nothing." (Ash)

"This is a pain of dying level, you know? Maybe your sense of pain is paralyzed.... Your immunity system also has become too strong because you trained too much.... the degeneration effect is being pushed back...." (Colon)

     I felt uneasy after hearing Colon-san analysis.

If the degeneration effect is being pushed back, does it mean the medicine is not working on me?

"I will become a child again, right?" (Ash)

I've never thought there would be a day when I asked such a question.

"The steam is coming out of your body.... This is a proof that the medicine is working.... Maybe 1 liter is the right dosage for you...." (Colon)

     I stroked my chest in relief after hearing Colon-san words.

"When will this process end?" (Ash)

“Well, at this pace.... I guess it's going to take half a day...." (Colon)

Half a day? In that case, I will make it in time for tomorrow's class.

"There is still plenty of time.... It's fine if you want to sleep...." (Ash)

"Yes. I will take your offer!" (Ash)

     I was guided to the bedroom, and took a nap while still releasing steam from my body.

     When I woke up, I was a three-years-old again.

"Oh, I really turned into a little boy! My voice has also changed!" (Ash)

     Colon-san came in when I was talking to myself in front of a mirror.

"Oh, you woke up.... How are your feelings...?" (Colon)

“I don't think there is anything unusual. Thank you very much.” (Ash)

     Colon-san made a complicated expression when I bowed to her.

"You're quite mature for a three years old boy...." (Colon)

In my previous life, I have been taught about the attitude of a martial artist even before I could walk properly. While my mental age has reverted back to that of a three years old boy, my personality has not changed. But talking about a change, I want to eat sweets now.

"Your clothes has become too big. Please wait a moment...." (Colon)

     Having said that, Colon-san took out clothes from a chest.

Huh? Didn't Colon-san say that she was single...?

"Do you still have the clothes from when you were still a child?" (Ash)

"This is my disciple's clothes.... I'm living alone now.... but I just couldn't throw away her clothes...."

     Colon-san has a disciple? If so, she may be playing an active role as a leading pharmacist by now.

"Thank you for everything. I will never forget this kindness." (Ash)

     I changed into children's clothes and bowed to Colon-san once more.

"Don't mind it.... You've defeated the Dark Emperor after all.... I can do this much for you at least...." (Colon)

     Colon-san said with a smile.

"Be careful on the way home.... You can always come back here to play...." (Colon)

"Yes!" (Ash)

     I left the tavern while being seen off by Colon-san. The sun has completely set outside. However, since it was a full moon night, there was no problem with visibility.




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