Saikyou no Butouka 2-4

Chapter 4 – The dawn of earth era

     Melnia, the captain of Erstadt Magic Knights of Northern Subjugation Unit, along with her ten subordinates, was visiting the foot of the mountain near the city of Nazareth.

"If the prophecy is real, it's almost the time...."

     Melnia was restless. According to the mayor's story, the Demon Lord Earth Emperor would descend on this land soon.

"Will the demon lord really appear?" (Hermisch)

"I'm sure it won't!" (Melnia)

     Melnia answered the question of her vice captain --- Hermisch, in a light tone in order to ease the tension.

That's right. I'm sure the prophecy is just a misunderstanding of the mayor!

     That being said, Melnia herself hasn't been able to dispel her anxiety completely. She had no choice but kept praying that nothing would happen until the sun rise.

If we can safely see the dawn, the prophecy will be proven to be a mistake.

"Just look at that beautiful full moon! There's no way the demon lord will appear tonight." (Melnia)

     Melnia pointed to the brilliant fool moon and tried to give her subordinates some peace of mind.

The beautiful night sky is really calming------


     Suddenly, a high-pitched sound reverberated, and a fissure ran in the space about 50 meters ahead. The Distortion of Time and Space (Abyss Gate).

"All members, get into battle formation!" (Melnia)

     Melnia told her subordinates surrounded the spot where the crack opened, while tightly grasping her magic wand.


     The space broke, and a skeleton wearing reddish cloak appeared from there.

The tremendous aura around him.

The wave of murderous intent released from his body.

The overwhelming feeling of pressure.

There's no doubt about it....

"A-Are you.... Demon Lord Earth Emperor…!?" (Melnia)

     Melnia mustered every bit of her courage to ask that question.

"Hou, to think that you recognized this great me….” (Earth Emperor)

     A hoarse voice echoed inside Melnia's head.

Did he send telepathy to everyone here? The faces of all my subordinates turned pale.

"I'm the strong opponent you're looking for!!" (Melnia)

     Melnia tried to attract the attention of Earth Emperor towards her.

"No. You're not the one I'm looking for. You're too weak." (Earth Emperor)

     Earth Emperor turned his attention at Melnia.

"I detest the weak. However, just waiting is boring. Until the one I'm looking for appears, show me the power of warrior in this era!" (Earth Emperor)

"That's my plan from start!" (Melnia)

     Melnia completed a rune to cast Poison Smoke. In the next moment, Earth Emperor was wrapped by the purple smoke. Everything that was touched by the smoke melted on the spot.

"Hermisch-dono!" (Melnia)

"Understand!" (Hermisch)

     Hermisch used magic to manipulate the soil. The soil around Earth Emperor protruded and trapped him who was still wrapped by the purple smoke. In addition to that, one of Melnia's subordinates layered it with ice spell. Far from drawing rune, Earth Emperor didn't even have a time to move from his spot.

"If we didn't give him a chance to cast magic, there is nothing to fear from the demon king------" (Melnia)

"Captain, behind you!?"

     Hearing one of her subordinates' shout, Melnia immediately turned around. The Earth Emperor was standing in front of her.

"Wh-Why........" (Melnia)

     Melnia was taken over by the fear.

“Wh-Why are you there…!?” (Melnia)

The tower made of earth and ice are still intact, so why is he standing over there!?

"I teleported, of course!" (Earth Emperor)

"B-But, how, the rune.... did you draw it inside your head!?" (Melnia)

"Why surprised? Drawing rune inside head is just an elementary technique." (Earth Emperor)

"N-No way........" (Melnia)

     The technique that even the greatest wizard couldn't do it, Earth Emperor could do it effortlessly. Melnia fell into despair because of the difference in their power was so overwhelming.

" " " " " " " " "Uaah!?" " " " " " " " "

     Hearing the scream of her subordinates, Melnia who had lost the will to fight slowly raised her face. Everyone except her was buried in the ground while leaving only their head outside.

"Wh-What happened!?" (Melnia)

"I-I don't know!"

"I was in this state when I noticed it!" (Hermisch)

"So-Something is pulling my legs!"

     Melnia's subordinates were in confusion.

"Earth Emperor, is this your doing!?" (Melnia)

     Seeing Melnia glared at him helplessly, Earth Emperor laughed amusingly.

"They will be buried alive if you don't defeat me within 5 minutes. If you don't want to lose your companions, entertain me with the worthless life of yours!" (Earth Emperor)

"I'm going to make you regret it!" (Melnia)

     Melnia jumped back to make some distance and immediately readied her magic wand.

“Please run away, Captain!”

     One of her subordinates encouraged Melnia to escape.

"I won't leave my subordinates and run away by myself!" (Melnia)

"No, we will all be annihilated at this rate! At least. one of us should survive and tell Phillip-sama about the advent of demon lord!" (Hermisch)

"Kuh...!" (Melnia)

     Melnia bit her lips while feeling ashamed of her own helplessness.

Even if I fight him, it's obvious that I have no chance of winning. However, if I bring this news to Phillip-sama, we may be able to take some measures.

"Give up! You can't escape from me." (Earth Emperor)

     Earth Emperor's cold voice reverberated inside Melnia's head.

“My magical power could disintegrate all substances. If I channel it to the earth.... the house, the town, even humans --- everything rooted in the earth will return to the earth in an instant." (Earth Emperor)

"No way.... How could humans survive against such a power...." (Melnia)

     Escape or not escape --- Melnia was hesitate to choose between those two options at first. However, there was never a choice. Melnia would never be able to escape from Earth Emperor to begin with.

“Every life is born from the earth and is destined to return to the earth.” (Earth Emperor)

     Earth Emperor's cold voice reverberated inside Melnia's head.

"Now that I've returned, all mankind will return to the earth." (Earth Emperor)

     Earth Emperor spread his arms to show off his power to the heaven.

"This is the dawn of earth era------" (Earth Emperor)


     Something passed between Melnia and Earth Emperor, rolling.

"........" (Melnia)

"........" (Earth Emperor)

     Melnia and Earth Emperor followed [it] with their eyes. [it] stopped about 25 meters from the two of them, and then got up

"Aww, my clothes got dirty!" (Ash)

     [it] was a boy about three years old.



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