Saikyou no Butouka 2-2

Chapter 2 - It amazingly stinks

     I was guided into the tavern and was prompted to sit at the counter.

".... doing this brings back memories of those fun days." (Colon)

     Colon-san was staring at me over the counter, muttered a single word to herself while reminiscing the old days.

"I'm going straight to the point.... Ash-kun, are you willing to do anything to get magical power...?" (Colon)

"Of course, I will do anything to become a wizard!" (Ash)

     I declared in a modest voice so as not to surprise Colon-san.

"I understand...." (Colon)

     Colon-san took a bottle from the liquor shelf and placed it on the counter. The bottle had a skull label on it and contained about 1 liter of a liquid like green juice. When she opened the lid, a garbage-like smell immediately filled the room.

"You have to drink this...." (Colon)

     Colon-san pinched her nose and said so.

"Understood." (Ash)

"You do not hesitate at all.... This smells so bad so people normally would show some hesitation...." (Colon)

What should I hesitate about? I would even drink magma if that would make me able to use magic. Drinking smelly liquid is nothing.

"I will be able to use magic after I drink this, right?" (Ash)

     Just in case, I confirmed it again with Colon-san.

"I can't guarantee that you will be able to use magic after drinking this, but it will increase that possibility.... So, are you still going to drink it?" (Colon)

"Of course!" (Ash)

“Again with the instant answer…. Let me explain it first at least…” (Colon)

     Colon-san said that and then turned into a serious look.

"First of all, there's an explanation about why the Magic Spot didn't appear...." (Colon)

"An explanation!?" (Ash)

I thought I was just unlucky. I've never thought there was a proper explanation for it. No such information is written in book, but as expected of Colon-san!

"Though I said there was an explanation, it's just my theory.... Please don't put too much expectation or I will die under the pressure...." (Colon)

"If it's your theory, then it must be true!" (Ash)

"That's heavy…. I will do my best to talk…." (Colon)

     Colon-san put her hands or plump chest, took a deep breath, and then continued talking.

"I have met two people without Magic Spot so far.... You are the third person...." (Colon)

It's said that this kind of case happens once in 100 years, but if you look for it, you can find it unexpectedly. Even I met Noire-san.

".... and those two have something in common." (Colon)

Does that mean that I and Noire-san should also have something in common? Is there really such a thing?

"…. both of them retained the memories of their previous lives." (Colon)

"For example; anime was only entertainment for a man who had been doing martial arts for as far as he could remember. However, because he didn't realize the internal injuries caused by accidents during training, the man died when he was watching anime. When he woke up, the man was reincarnated as a baby in a strange world. Do you mean something like that?" (Ash)

     Colon-san gawked when I described it fluently.

"Th-They didn't remember it clearly like that.... Is that the memory of your previous life, Ash-kun?" (Colon)

"Yes. That was part of the memory from my previous life." (Ash)

     I admitted honestly.

People treated me as an odd person when I talked about the memory of my previous life. I have never told this much except to Grandpa Maurice. Because Colon-san seems to quite familiar with this case, I'm sure she won't be treating me like them.

"Normally, those memories will fade as you grow.... or that's what I think.... The two people I mentioned before, could hardly remember them after all...." (Colon)

If I may compare it to something, I recorded and saved all the memories of my previous life, while those two only took a photo of the impressive memories. In addition, photo fades as the day goes by. The memories of their previous lives would be barely recognized when they are grown up.

"I want to use magic like anime characters!" --- perhaps I could maintain those memories because I have a dream like that ever since the previous life. I guess they had no such a dream.

Then, what about Noire-san? According to this theory, Noire-san is also a reincarnated person. I wonder if she also retained the memories of her previous life too.

Noire-san never mentioned this topic. Let's ask her when I got a chance!

"So, why the people who retained the memories of their previous life didn't have Magic Spot?" (Ash)

"The earliest age for Magic Spot to appear in human body is 1 years old.... while 4 years old is the latest.... I'm talking about mental age here, not physical age.... but this is also just my theory...." (Colon)

“Are you trying to say that my mental age is still like a baby?” (Ash)

It would be a shock if it were.

"That's not what I meant.... You were born with a mental age that was already grown up.... so that's why the Magic Spot didn't appear on your body...." (Colon)

I see.... In short, Magic Spot will appear at the age of 1 to 4 years old (mentally). But in my case, I was born with a mental age exceeded 4 years old, so I've missed it.

"So, what's the connection between that story and this medicine?" (Ash)

     I somehow could guess the effect of medicine in front of me, but I asked nevertheless.

"If you drink this medicine.... you will be rejuvenated in many ways...." (Colon)




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