Saikyou no Butouka 2-1

Chapter 1 – The number one pharmacist

     Surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere, Lamnyar couldn't be called a city, but maybe a small town that was a little better than a countryside could describe it.

     The road was deserted because it was still early in the morning. However, judging from the number of the houses, this town was densely populated to some degree.

"Okay, let's find Colon-san right away!" (Ash)

Colon-san is a worldwide celebrity. I don't know her face, but the people who live here will surely know her address.

     I decided to walk along the road while looking for someone I could ask. Then, after walking for some time, I finally discovered the first townsman in the back of an alley.

I wonder if she’s the poster girl of that tavern...

     There was a girl in front of a shop with a tavern-like sign hanging. Sitting on a barrel, she was looking at the dimly sky.

This is such a mysterious sight….

"Excuse me. Do you have a minute? I'd like to ask something." (Ash)

     The girl's body jolted when I approached her while throwing such a question.

".... do you need something?"

     The girl got off from the barrel, and nervously waiting for my response.

"The member of hero party --- Colon-san, do you know where she lives?" (Ash)

".... I know."

Oh, as expected of a celebrity! I immediately found a clue about her whereabouts.

"Please tell me where she lives!" (Ash)

".... what will you do after meeting her?"

"I came to see Colon-san by the recommendation of Principal Phillip. You can confirm it with Colon-san herself." (Ash)

     The girl seemed to be convinced after hearing Principal Phillip name.

"Oh, so you're Ash-kun....."

She knows my name. Could it be she is someone related to Colon-san?

Colon-san is the oldest member of the hero party. Her age should be around 80 years old, so it won't be strange if she already has a granddaughter or two. Maybe she was asked by Colon-san to welcome me.

"I'm Colon. Nice to meet you." (Colon)

"You are too young!?" (Ash)

I’ve never thought the girl in front of me is Colon-san herself. Maybe she looks young because of her makeup.... No, this is beyond the power of makeup. Glossy hair and smooth skin, she really looks like someone in her twenties.

".... I heard that often. There are a lot of people who said that I didn't change at all." (Colon)

I want to make various comments, but I agree with those people. I don't know the old Colon-san, but it seems she really hasn't changed at all.

"I'm sorry for shouting. I was surprised because you look two generations younger than I imagined. I thought you were Colon-san's granddaughter...." (Ash)

"I am single and I have no grandchildren.... I look younger because of the medicine.... My hobby is making medicine and then tasting it..." (Colon)

"Colon-san is really the number one pharmacist after all." (Ash)

It's not surprising for someone like her to be able to formulate a youthful medicine. If that medicine is for sale, I'm sure she will be flooded with orders. But well, she said that making medicine was just her hobby.

“Don’t call me a the number one pharmacist…. That’s embarrassing….” (Colon)

     Colon-san’s pure white skin turned slightly red.

"I just combined various medicinal herb and various dark magic.... but somehow it turned out to be a proper medicine.... then, the people around suddenly began to call me an amazing pharmacist and so on...." (Colon)

In other words, Colon-san creates such amazing medicines by combining various herbal and magic in a playful way. Her instinct as a pharmacist is really outstanding.

"I don't know which one.... but my body doesn't grow old because of the medicine I made and I drunk...." (Colon)

I see. It was a product of chance so she couldn't make it again.

".... by the way, I heard that Ash-kun has no magical power." (Colon)

     I immediately nodded.

"I came to see you because Principal Phillip told me that you might be able to do something about it." (Ash)

".... that's right. My medicine might be able to solve that problem." (Colon)

"IS IT TRUE!?" (Ash)

"Eek!!!" (Colon)

     Colon-san was startled.

Well, I'm sure anyone will be startled when someone suddenly raised a loud voice in front of them. Colon-san is a timid woman --- I guess this is what Principal Phillip meant.

"L-Let's talk about the details inside.... This place is also my house...." (Colon)

Colon-san seems to run a tavern. There's also drink that is treated as medicine, so it’s still related to her job as the number one pharmacist. Still though, I can't imagine someone who afraid of loud noise and stranger runs a tavern.

"Please excuse me." (Ash)

     Following Colon-san from behind, I was welcomed by the smell of alcohol and medicines.




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