Saikyou no Butouka 1-E3

Nonstandard strength

     For as far as she could remember, Felmina has always been longing to be a strong woman. Her father was a member of the Magic Knight Order. Seeing a father who fought monsters while risking his life for the people, Felmina thought that she should become stronger than anyone else, so that she could protect her loved ones from the monster’s threat.

     In order to make such a dream come true, Felmina decided to enter the Royal Erstadt Magic Academy, the world's top educational institution for wizard.




     The entrance test.... Felmina, who passed the magical power measurement and the written test with plenty of room, challenged the practical test next.

     The practical test was a two-block tournament. Technique, stamina, potential, and so on, would be used as factors to decide whether you fail or pass.

     But of course, there was no better results than winning. The winners of each block would be guaranteed to pass the entrance test, and accepted as a special student.

    Felmina advanced to the final match of A-block.

"Have you heard about the final match in the B-block? It was an instant defeat even though her opponent was so strong."

"Eh? That's already over!?"

"Yeah. The winner is a girl called Noire."

"That girl is amazing.... Even though her opponent in the final match was a girl who received an invitation to enter this school for the first time in 10 years...."

"Invitation? Does it mean that the principal himself recognized her ability? Now I'm really curious...."

"Me too.... Putting that aside, that red-haired girl was also overwhelming. This year we got a big catch...."

     Such a conversation could be heard from the seat of the third arena.

Noire-chan. I would like to fight her too. The shortcut to becoming strong was to fight the strong after all. I hope this person is also strong.

     Felmina looked at her opponent for the final match. By the time they came to the final stage, they would have consumed a great deal of magical power.

"The A-block final match........ start!!!"

     Immediately after the test supervisor declared so, Felmina completed the rune for Fireball spell. Then, a fireball with a diameter of 4 meters appeared above her head. The spectators were getting heated up in more than one meaning.

"What is that? This is the first time I've seen a fireball of that size."

"Did you see how fast she drew the rune!?"

"Look! That girl doesn't seem tired at all!"

"She should have consumed a great deal of magical power to come to this point.... The amount of her magical power must be monstrous...."

"The level of her magic and stamina are not like that of an average first year student either...."

"I think the winner is already clear!"

     Her opponent screamed in frustration as he swung his magic wand. The wind element magic --- Wind Javelin, was released towards the fireball. However, probably because her opponent's magical power was already on the limit, the fireball didn't even budge.

"Such a breeze won't work against my fireball!" (Felmina)

     Felmina swung her magic wand. The huge fireball fell down like a meteorite, crushing her opponent. Then, when the fireball disappeared, her opponent was found lying unconscious.

"The game is over! The winner of A-block is Felmina Hermisch!"

     Thus Felmina won the final match, passed the entrance test, and accepted as a student of Royal Erstadt Magic Academy.

     Felmina who had become a second year student, facing some troubles.

"Today is the day of promotion test.... I'm nervous...."

"I'm confident with the written test, the problem is the practical test...."

"I hope I will not be paired with Felmina-san...."

"I don't want it either. Last time, I had no choice but to give up thinking that I was unlucky...."

       Morning on the day of the promotion test. Felmina heard such a conversation when she was eating grilled meat in the cafeteria. Because Felmina was strong, the other students seemed reluctant to be paired with her in the promotion test.

One could grow after fighting a strong opponent. I don't understand why they wanted to avoid such a battle.....

     Felmina sighed and headed to the classroom to take the written test.

     After the written test ended….

"Hey, Noire-chan! When the promotion test is over, will you fight me?" (Felmina)

     Felmina challenged Noire to duel.

"My answer is still the same. I'm not interested in that kind of thing." (Noire)

"I see. Tell me when you changed your mind, okay?" (Felmina)

"It won't change." (Noire)

     Felmina, who was refused by Noire, challenged Effa this time.

"Hey, Effa-chan! When the promotion test is over, will you fight me?" (Felmina)

"I'm sorry. I'm not interested in that kind of thing." (Effa)

"I see...." (Felmina)

     Felmina invited the two to duel from time to time, but she always refused. Except the two, Felmina had defeated the other classmates in duel.

In this class, only Noire-chan and Effa-chan who might be stronger than me. I want to fight them....

     When Felmina was feeling dejected, a red ticket suddenly appeared in her hand.

"My opponent is Ash Arkvald. Hmm? If I remember it correctly, he is...." (Felmina)

     Felmina approached her homeroom teacher --- Ms. Erina, who stood in the teaching platform.

"Erina-sensei! This Ash Arkvald.... He is the transfer student, isn't he?" (Felmina)

"That's right." (Erina)

"Is he strong?" (Felmina)

"Because the content of the transfer student couldn't be made public, I can't explain the details.... But anyway, he was amazing. Such a nonstandard strength, it was the first time I've never seen it...." (Erina)

“Nonstandard!?” (Felmina)

     Hearing that, Felmina's face immediately brightened.

Nonstandard, does it mean he is insanely strong? I should confirm it myself!

     Felmina flew out of the classroom and ran to 2-F Class. Before opening of the door of 2-F Class in front of her, she took a deep breath and prepared herself.

I hope he is really strong and loves to fight....

     With such expectations in mind, Felmina opened the door with all his might.

“Is Ash Arkvald here!?” (Felmina)




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