Saikyou no Butouka 1-9

Chapter 9 – I will make it if I run

Master immediately made a call to someone after having dinner. Instead of science, the technology in this other world is developed using magic. Hexmagos has the same civilization level like Earth before the industrial revolution. Then again, in terms of technology, it doesn't feel too different with modern Japan.

For example, the telephone used by Master is a magic tool. Instead of radio waves, it uses magical power to communicate with far away people.

The magical power is different for each person, and by registering one's magical power instead of the phone number, you can keep in touch with a specific person.

Master uses the telephone to contact the director of Royal Erstadt Magic Academy, who is also the king of Erstadt Kingdom, and a member of hero party that fought against the demon lord together with Master fifty years ago. In other words, he is the real great wizard.

If I can study magic under such a great character, I should be able to use magic eventually!

     I was excited and listened to the teacher's phone while cleaning up the dishes.

"Hello. It's Maurice. Are you free now?" (Maurice)

     Master spoke to the king in a light tone.

"I have a little request.... I've told you before about my disciple, remember? Yes, it's Ash.... I want to enroll him into your school.... Yeah, he can't use magic.... What's gotten into me? Listen, Demon Lord Dark Emperor had returned------!?" (Maurice)

     Master distanced the telephone from his ear. Scream was heard from the other side of telephone.

"Don't suddenly scream into my ear! My hearing has begun to weaken, what are you going to do if I can't hear anymore!?" (Maurice)

     Master kept grumbling and complaining for a while.

"Be at ease! Dark Emperor is completely dead now. I've also shattered his body into pieces just to be safe.... No, I'm not the one who killed him, but Ash. Moreover, he killed him with only single punch!" (Maurice)

     Master nodded several times while silently listening the phone.

"Well, anyway, Ash has saved the world. It's not so much for his reward, but can you accept him into your school? Ash has become the world's strongest martial artist, but his dream is to be a wizard.... What!? He should take the entrance test!? Did you hear me!? Ash is the hero who just saved the world.... What!? This and that are different!?" (Maurice)

     Master kept shouting angrily for a while.

Master is really angry for me.... Though he's an old friend, the other person is still the king of a country. I couldn't express this feeling into words.

"This is a lifetime's request from your old friend!! Can you exempt Ash from the magical power measurement test at least? If you can exempt him from the tuition fee and pay for his living expense too, it would be a great help!" (Maurice)

There is not much saving in our house.

"Really? You're really my best friend, Philippe." (Maurice)

Oh, it seems the talk has been concluded.

     While I was feeling relived, Master's face gradually turned pale.

"The entrance test will be held tomorrow!? What!? Ash doesn't need any documents!? I'm thankful for that, but there a great distance from here to the academy, everything would be meaningless if Ash can't make it in time. Let's postpone the test for a month! That's impossible!? Dammit!!!!!!!!!!" (Maurice)

     A big blue vein popped out on Master's forehead. Since I was afraid it would explode, I decided to appease Master.

"Please calm down, Master! Erstadt Magic Academy is in Erstania, right?" (Ash)

I've learned the geography of Hexmagos from the book at an early age. The Erstadt Magic Academy is located in the capital of the Erstadt Kingdom --- Erstania.

I also remember that the distance between this place and Erstania is the same as the distance between Aomori and Kagoshima.

"Yeah. It's insanely far away. Ash, about the school...." (Maurice)

"If it's Erstania, I will make it if I leave now!" (Ash)

"Eh!?" (Maurice)

     Master opened his eyes wide.

"Ash. You can't use Teleport...." (Maurice)

Of course not. Teleport is a very difficult magic. If one can use it, that person must be the great wizard.

"I will not go there by teleporting, but by running." (Ash)

"That's almost like teleporting." (Maurice)

"No, not at all!" (Ash)

Teleport is a magic to move your body to your destination in an instant. On the other hand, what I do is just moving fast --- running.

To reach my destination in an instant without moving my body, but using paranormal phenomenon --- that's the magic I long for. I'd like Master to stop comparing my physical ability with magic already....

"Ash's physical ability is much more magical than magic itself.... Well, anyway, will you make it in time?" (Maurice)

"I will make it in time!" (Ash)

     I said it full of confidence. Master then told this to the director of magic academy: "It seems Ash can make it in time." and ended the call.

"It looks like the entrance test will start tomorrow morning. Normally, most candidates will fail during the documents filtering and magical power measurement test, but you will be exempted from them. Then again, whether you will pass the practical test or not, it depends on yourself...." (Maurice)

"Understood. Master, thank you for everything you've done for me." (Ash)

     When I said thanks, Master's eyes moistened.

"Ash. You're like my own child for me. I'm happy to see you've grown up splendidly." (Maurice)

"It was all thanks to you, Master." (Ash)

"Ash.... I actually don't want to part with you, but.... You have become the world's strongest martial artist, and I believe you will also become the greatest wizard in the world." (Maurice)

"Of course! I will show it to you, Master!" (Ash)

"Umu! I won't die until I see you become the great wizard with my own eyes." (Maurice)

If it's Master, I'm sure he will live for another decades. However, it doesn't mean I can take it easy.

I want to use magic as soon as possible!

Passing tomorrow's entrance test, doing research with other wizards, and become a great wizard!

     I packed up my stuffs and left the house I was accustomed to living in.





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