Saikyou no Butouka 1-10

Chapter 10 – I made it in time

     I left the house before the night ended and arrived in Erstadt Kingdom by the time the sun rose.

I figured I should grab breakfast somewhere since there's still time before the entrance test, but on second thought, I would be able to concentrate better when hungry. I'm also afraid of getting sleepy during the test if I’m full.

     Thus I decided to head to the academy ground with brisk footsteps.

According to Master, the test center is located at the plaza of Royal Erstadt Magic Academy.

The Royal Erstadt Magic Academy in the capital of Erstadt Kingdom --- Erstania, is a dream place for those who aspire to be a wizard. The Holy Land, so to speak.

This is my first time visiting Erstania. However, because becoming a wizard has always been my dream, I already know about this place since a long time ago as a matter of course.

     I arrived at the plaza without getting lost.

This place is already crowded with so many people. Well, of course there will be a lot of transfer student applicants. This academy is the world's top educational institution after all.

Still though, I really have nothing to do before the entrance test begins....

Perhaps I came here a little too early. There's still time, I wonder if it's a good idea to stroll around the area to kill time.

     I looked at the castle-like school building towering over the open space while considering about such things.

“---is Ash Arkvald here!?”

     Suddenly, I heard someone called my name.

Who called me?

     I looked around, but since there were too many people in the plaza, I couldn’t find the owner of that voice.

“I’m here!!!” (Ash)

     I raised my hand and appealed for existence. The applicants who were nearby turned their attention at me, but the person who called my name just didn’t seem to notice it.

This place is too crowded. I can't blame him for not noticing me.

     I thought so and decided to jump. Of course it was just a light jump. If I were to jump seriously, I could even reach the cloud after all.

“I’m am Ash Arkvald!!!” (Ash)

     I jumped about 50 meters, shouted, and fell down.

If I were an ordinary person, it wouldn’t be strange if one or two bones were broken because of the impact. However, such a height was nothing for my trained body.

"Eh!? I didn't see him drawing a rune though...."

"He didn't appear to use a magic wand too...."

"Don't tell me he drew the rune inside his head...."

"That might be theoretically possible, but there's no record of someone who could actually put it into practice...."

     Various opinions came from the surroundings.

What I did might look amazing, but I think everyone is more amazing than me. Because unlike me, they can use magic after all.

Well, anyway, it seems the one who called me earlier has noticed my existence at last. There's a man who seem to be the examination supervisor, coming towards my direction.

"You're Ash? Headmaster Phillip informed me to guide you to a separate place. Can you wait inside the building over there? You will see the ‘Second Exam Site’ signboard if you go there, that's the place."

     Calmly, the examination supervisor explained and pointed to the other side of plaza.

“Understood.” (Ash)

       I headed towards a dome-shaped building on the other side of plaza.

“Hmm…. The previous jump, did he do it without using a magic wand?”

     I heard such words from behind, but I did not know who said it.

     The inside of dome-shaped building that I entered was like an amphitheater. It has a mortar-like structure with the audience seats around the square.

     There was no one in the audience seats, but there was an old man in the center of the arena. He was a muscular old man who gave an impression of a seasoned martial artist.

Though his long hair was dyed in pure white, I just couldn't see him as an old man.

His upper body is naked, boldly exposing his well-trained muscles. If it were my previous world, he might have been active as a bodybuilder.

     While I was thinking about such things….

"Hey, over here!"

     .…that old man beckoned me. I went down the stairs towards him.

"You are Ash-kun, right?"

"Yes, and you are...." (Ash)

"I'm the headmaster of this school --- Phillip Vermilion." (Phillip)

"Your appearance is misleading as well!! " (Ash)

     I involuntarily blurted such remarks.

Headmaster Phillip's appearance is the opposite of Master's. If only Master dressed like him at least, it would make a sense when he said that he was actually a martial artist.

"Hohoho. This is the first time someone said that to my face in the first meeting." (Phillip)

     Headmaster Phillip laughed cheerfully.

What an open-minded person, even though I've said something rude. If I study under such a great person, perhaps I can be a great wizard too.... no, I'm sure I can!

     While my head was filled with such thoughts, Headmaster Phillip suddenly lowered his head to me.

"I've heard it from Maurice. You killed the Dark Emperor that we the hero party have failed to do it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart...." (Phillip)

"Pl-Please raise your head! I have not done much! I simply defeated a small fry!" (Ash)

I have never thought that a king would lowered his head to me.

     Hearing that, Headmaster Phillip had an awkward face.

"The mankind was almost annihilated by that small fry though...." (Phillip)

"....b-but, it was all thanks to you all who fought the demon lord while risking your lives, such a thing didn't happen. If the hero party didn't exist, maybe my parents would have been long dead, and I wouldn't be born into this world. In that sense, you all are my benefactor and it's not exaggerating to say that the hero party has saved the world again this time." (Ash)

"It's hard to believe that such a good child was raised by that guy Maurice...." (Phillip)

"Thank you very much! If possible, I'd like to study magic under Headmaster Phillip!" (Ash)

"However, I heard that you didn't have magical power." (Phillip)

"I will work hard to get it!" (Ash)

     Headmaster was taken aback by my answer, but his expression soon turned into a smile.

"Your characters are completely different, but you look like Maurice in this aspect. You might be able to make the impossible, possible." (Phillip)

"Yes! I will do my best!" (Ash)

"Good. The road to be a wizard is steep, please keep that in your mind! I would exempt you from the magical power measurement test, but whether you can pass the practical test or not, it depends on your ability." (Phillip)

"I will manage it by myself." (Ash)

"Fumu.... Since you defeated the demon lord with a single punch, I'm sure you can pass the practical test with ease. Then again, in your case, the hard part comes after that. You don't have magical power after all.... Oh well, if something troubling you, don't hesitate to come to me. I will always be ready to lend you my strength. Anyways, I look forward to your success story." (Phillip)

"Yes. Thank you very much!" (Ash)

There is no reason not to be happy after being evaluated highly by the great wizard Phillip Vermilion.

     While holding back the happy tears, I waited for the practical test to begin.




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