Saikyou no Butouka 1-8

Chapter 8 - I’m the world’s strongest martial artist

     Suddenly, Master told me: "You're the world's strongest martial artist.". I was completely at lost.

Even if it's the strongest in the world, I don't want to be a martial artist! I practiced martial arts to death in my previous life (in literal meaning), so I want to be a wizard in this life!

"I understand your feeling well, Ash. Ever since the time I picked up you, you always said that you wanted to be a wizard every day." (Maurice)

"Yeah, I want to be a great wizard like Master. For that reason, I've been training to death every day!" (Ash)

     Master made an apologetic face.

"Umm, about that.... actually, I’m a martial artist...." (Maurice)

"What!? Martial artist!? You don't look like one though!?" (Ash)

Scam! That’s scam! I mean, no matter how I look at him, Master's appearance is that of a wizard.

"Th-That's right! Every time I broke my bones, Master always used Heaven's Cure on me when I was sleeping. There's no way someone who can use such a high level recovery magic is a martial artist!!" (Ash)

"What are you talking about? I can't use that kind of magic." (Maurice)

"That can't be true. I mean, my fractures were always healed in one night." (Ash)

"That was just Ash's natural healing power." (Maurice)

"My natural healing power!? That was all because of my natural healing power!?" (Ash)

It doesn't make any sense. Is this even possible for a human’s natural healing power to cure fractures in one night? Or has my body deviated from that of a human? Wait, such a thing doesn't matter right now!

     I pointed at Master's magic staff rolling on the ground.

"Th-Then, what is that staff? Isn't that a custom-made magic wand?" (Ash)

"That's just a normal cane." (Maurice)

It's too misleading!!!

"If it’s true that Master is a martial artist, why did you never said anything until now?" (Ash)

It's my fault that I had misunderstood Master as a wizard, but I hope Master told me that he was actually a martial artist and not a wizard sooner....

"I can't say it! I can't such a heartless thing like: 'I'm actually a martial artist' to Ash who believed that I was a great wizard and worked hard in training every day. It was also hard for me! This guilty conscience pains me so much! However, in order to make Ash the world's strongest martial artist, I steeled my heart! And you've met my expectation wonderfully --- no, you've far surpassed my expectation! To think that you killed the demon lord with a single punch.... as long as there is Ash, the world is safe! In fact, you've just saved the world without you realizing it!" (Maurice)

     After bubbling over excitedly, Master threw a question at me fearfully.

"........ Ash, do you hate me now?" (Maurice)

"Of course not! I love Master!" (Ash)

     I answered immediately.

I cannot wipe out the feeling of being deceived, but Master is the one who had picked up me and raised me like his own grandchild. There's no way I can hate him.

     Hearing my answer, Master fell on his knees while holding his chest with a relief expression.

"You're really a good boy, Ash...." (Maurice)

     After being silent for a while, Master regained his composure and stood back.

"Is it true that I can't use magic?" (Ash)

"It's true. However, you can do something more magical than a wizard!" (Maurice)

"Enough of that, please!" (Ash)

     I told Master tiredly.

My Wind Blade or whatnot, I don't want to listen to that kind of story anymore. It's not a magic after all.

Yeah! I finally can use magic --- since I thought it was a magic, I was overjoyed when I could fire Wind Blade for the first time. I feel like a fool now.

"Why can't I use magic?" (Ash)

     I asked such a question to Master.

"Normally, a mark called Stegel (Magic Spot) will appear on the buttock of a human child at the age between one to four years old. The darker the Stegel you have, the more excellent wizard you will become. Mine is so thin. Since I have no talent as a wizard, I chose the path of martial artist." (Maurice)

Even so, Master is able to obtain the hero title.

His effort to achieve it would have been very considerable.

That's Master for you! I respect him even more now.

"So, I don’t have this magic spot or something?" (Ash)

"This is a rare, an extremely rare case. I heard that a child without Stegel only born once every two thousand years. I don't want to talk about it, but the reason Ash was abandoned in the forest, most likely because you didn't have a Stegel." (Maurice)

Everything is revolving around the magic in this world. Without it, ordinary life cannot be carried out, and a decent job cannot be obtained.

Instead of going through such a hardship, death is still better option --- Dan and Mom must have thought so.

Of course, it was not an easy decision for Mom and Dad. They must have been suffering too. Thinking about it, I want to apologize to them for being born without a Stegel.

Meeting the son that they've thrown away may be painful, but I'd like to go to see them if possible. I'd like to tell them that I'm doing fine and I don't hold a grudge against them for abandoning me in the forest.

"However, Master. There's no such information written in the book." (Ash)

"Of course no such information is written in the book. I mean, it's the same as not writing in the book that humans die if they don't breathe." (Maurice)

"........ but, there's also no written information that someone without Stegel won't be able to become a wizard, this means it's not something absolute." (Ash)

"No, you see, about that...." (Maurice)

"It's not something absolute, isn't it!?" (Ash)

"Ye-Yeah, maybe you're right...." (Maurice)

"Right!? My magic power might still be awakened even without Magic Spot. If I train myself to death every day, I'm sure I can be a great wizard someday!" (Ash)

     I tried to convince myself.

Magical power could be amplified by training mental power, and mentally, I still have my immature side. My magical power may be awakened if I put myself on more rigorous training. No, my usual training may not be enough.

However, there’s no a wizard I could learn from in this forest. There’s only a martial artist here….

In order to be a good wizard, it's better to have an education at a solid facility. In addition, perhaps I get advice for acquiring magic, or even meet someone with similar circumstances as me. I might be able to find the answer unexpectedly if I’m not alone.

"Master, I want to go to school! I want to go to the wizard school!" (Ash)

"........ without being able to use magic?" (Maurice)

"It's the other way around! I want to go to the wizard school to able to use magic." (Ash)

"Hmm, it looks like there's no word 'give up' in your dictionary...." (Maurice)

    Master said so while being impressed of me.

Even me, I will give up when it's the time to give up. However, I've been longing to be a wizard since my previous life. It's not something I can give up so easily.

"Fine. I've been deceiving you all this time, I can grant such a request at least. I will introduce you to the best magic school I know." (Maurice)

"Really!? Thank you, Master!" (Ash)

"However, it depends on you whether you will be able accepted or not. It's even difficult for someone with average magical power to enter the Royal Erstadt Magic Academy, and there's no precedent for someone without magical power being accepted." (Maurice)

"There will be always the first for everything, and I will be the first successful example! I will let the world know that even someone without Stegel can use magic! There should be no children to be thrown away by their parents because they have no Stegel!" (Ash)

"You're really a kind boy, Ash...." (Maurice)

     Once again, Master fell on his knees.





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