Saikyou no Butouka 1-7

Chapter 7 - One punch is enough to kill a demon lord

"Geez. What was that all about, that monster!?" (Ash)

     I crushed the head of a skeleton monster that kept making chattering noise with his teeth as if talking, after it suddenly appeared between me and Master.

"Ash, was that you!?" (Maurice)

     Master came closer with his eyes opened wide.

“Eh? Well….” (Ash)

Oops, was that a bad thing?

“What did you do!?”

"S-Sorry, I kinda punched it like this...." (Ash)

     I explained to Master with gesture.

"Like this!? You make it sounds like a child scuffle…." (Maurice)

"Y-Yeah. I mean, I don't need to go serious against such a small fry." (Ash)

"Small fry!?" (Maurice)

"What are you surprised about? You saw it yourself, did you? That skeleton monster was really weak." (Ash)

That's right! This is a skeleton. It's already dead from the beginning. I'm not really killed it.

"I've never thought the difference in our power would be this huge. If I didn't see it myself, I would never believe it...." (Maurice)

     Master looked at me with a serious expression.

"Listen, Ash. You have already far surpassed me --- a former a hero. You passed the test. There's nothing more to teach you." (Maurice)

"W-Wait a minute, Master!? What do you mean by there's nothing more to teach me!? I've only learned Wind Blade from you." (Ash)

....... and I learned it from imitating him. I wasn't taught directly.

"I want to be able to manipulate wind and fly through the sky! I want to be able to manipulate light and become transparent! ....a-anyway, I want to be able to use various magic!!" (Ash)

"That's impossible." (Maurice)

"What do you mean by impossible!?" (Ash)

Impossible is the world I hate most in the world.

     Master averted his eyes when I pressed him for an answer.

"It's because Ash has no magical power...." (Maurice)

     Master said such a surprising line.

"Magical power.... W-What about my magical power...!?" (Ash)

"You don’t have it." (Maurice)

"Don't have it…!? Me…!?" (Ash)

"That's right." (Maurice)

"Th-That can't be true! There's no human who doesn't have magical power! Th-That's right, I have magical power! I can cast Wind Blade after all!" (Ash)

"That's not magic. It's just a wind pressure." (Maurice)

"Wind pressure !?" (Ash)

"Yeah. It's just a wind pressure generated by your knifehand strike. That's the true nature of your Wind Blade." (Maurice)

"That doesn't make any sense! Or rather, that's not a human's work." (Ash)

"I can do it too. However, my attack range is only five meters at most." (Maurice)

     For your information, my Wind Blade could cut a monster 15 kilometers away.

"You're too strong.... You're definitely the world's strongest martial artist!" (Maurice)

“…………” (Ash)

I don't know what to say.

I'm glad that I became the strongest in the world.

It's also a honor to be recognized by Master.

However, what's the world's strongest martial artist could do against magic!?

Magic is something common in this world. No matter how much I trained my body, I would never be able to defeat a wizard. Being a champion is such an insignificant field, I'm like a frog in a well.

"But.... I want to be a wizard!! I don't want to be such a weakling like martial artist!!" (Ash)

"What do you mean weakling!? You just defeated Demon Lord 《Dark Emperor》 which the hero party in its prime time couldn't do it. Moreover, it was only with a single punch." (Maurice)

"I have never defeated such a thing!" (Ash)

"He's rolling over there!" (Maurice)

"This guy!? Is this guy a demon lord!? This small fry monster!?" (Ash)

     I kicked the shattered skull of Dark Emperor. The pieces were carried away by the wind and disappeared. There was no way such a small fry is a demon lord --- I strongly believed so.

However, I don't think that Master would lie to me.

Perhaps, I really have become too strong.

Well, I'm glad to be the strongest martial artist, but still....

"I want to be a wizard though!? I've never said a word about become a martial artist, right!?" (Ash)




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