Saikyou no Butouka 1-27

 Chapter 27 – Tale of ancient wizard

     First day of school after three consecutive days off.

"Ash-kun, the principal has some important news for you. He is waiting in his office." (Erina)

     Erina-sensei told me that when I was talking about today's training menu to Effa.

"What is this important news all about?" (Ash)

"Who knows? Maybe you will receive a grade advancement. You already have what it takes as a third year student after all." (Erina)

"Don’t accept it! I will be troubled if you're gone." (Effa)

     Felmina-san and Noire-san nodded in agreement with Effa. Noire-san even made a really unpleasant face. While grabbing my uniform, she shook her head to side as if telling me to not go.

Effa and Felmina-san have gotten closer to Noire-san than before. The two are good girls, I'm sure Noire-san will open up her heart to them soon.

However, Noire-san is the type of person who is not good at socializing. She still feels anxious when I --- her first and closest friend, am not around.

“Maybe he just wants to talk about yesterday's incident.” (Ash)

     I tried to calm down everyone.

Though I didn't mean it, I’ve saved the world again by defeating the golem wizard the day before yesterday.  And this morning, I brought Noire-san and Lingland-san to Principal Phillip and explained everything.

The punishment for Lingland-san who had been doing the forbidden human experiment will be decided at a later date.

About Noire-san who is not really a wizard, but has been staying in A class for two years, Principal Phillip only said: “Even if it's not her own magical power, Noire's ability to use it that matters.”

“Well then, I will go.” (Ash)

     Thinking I shouldn't make Principal Phillip wait, I immediately headed to his office.

     There was an old man with muscular body waiting inside the principal's office. Phillip-san --- the great wizard who's also the king of Erstadt Kingdom and the principal of Erstadt Magic Academy.

"Are you accustomed with the school life already?" (Phillip)

"Yes. I'm blessed with friends and I can live happily every day, but...." (Ash)

"You still can't use magic, huh." (Phillip)

"Yes. I attend the classes every day, but there is still no sign of my magical power will be awakened...." (Ash)

"This is an educational institution for wizards in the first place. There's no guarantee that your magical power will be awakened just because you attend the classes seriously." (Phillip)

I understand that well....

However, rather than spending time elsewhere, I decided to enroll to this school because I thought that living surrounded by high-level wizards would raise the possibility to awaken my magical power.

Well, I still haven't found any clues though….

"By the way, do you know the woman named Colon?" (Phillip)

"Of course!" (Ash)

Colon-san is one of the great wizard and a member of the hero party. Furthermore, it's also written in the book that she is an expert of dark element magic and a first-class pharmacist.

Is the important news related to Colon-san?

"The other day, when I told Colon about your circumstances, she said that she might be able to do something about it." (Phillip)

"I-Is that true?" (Ash)

"Umu. It's better to ask her directly for the details. She lives in a town called Lamnyar, so I recommend you going there." (Phillip)

"Understood. Thank you very much!" (Ash)

"I should be one thanking you instead. For saving the world not just once, but twice.... I can't thank you enough." (Phillip)

     Having said that, Principal Phillip lowered his head to me.

"Please raise your head! I didn't do anything special. I just swung down a magic wand." (Ash)

"Even so, it wouldn't sit well with me if I didn't give you something as a reward. If there’s anything you want, don't hesitate to tell me!" (Phillip)

Something I want....

The first thing that comes to mind is "magical power", but that wouldn't be possible.

I receive money every month as a reward for defeating the demon lord, so what else I want....

That's it!

"I want a magic wand. I want a sturdy one that won't break by a little swing." (Ash)

The current me can't use magic wand, but it doesn't mean I can't have it.

With Colon-san's help, I might be able to awaken my magical power, and I will need a magic wand soon.

"All right, I'll prepare something exceptionally robust. If you want, I will also prepare a boarding pass for airship...." (Phillip)

"Oh, there's no need for that. It will be faster if I run there after all." (Ash)

"The common sense doesn't apply to you as always." (Phillip)

Lamnyar is about 1000 km to the north from here. If it's only that much, I will arrive at dawn by running.

"Colon is a timid woman, but I'm sure you will get along well with her." (Phillip)

"Yes. I'm indebted to you in various ways!" (Ash)

     I thanked Principal Phillip and left his office. Upon exiting the hallway, I found Noire-san was waiting for me.

"What did he say? Are you really going to move to the third year's class?" (Noire)

     Noire-san asked me uneasily.

"I will absent tomorrow, but I will not change class." (Ash)

"Thank goodness.... but what do you mean by you will absent tomorrow?" (Ash)

     I briefly explained about what Principal Phillip told me earlier.

"------thus I might be able to awaken my magical power. Colon-san is really amazing, isn't she?" (Ash)

"Your leg strength is more amazing." (Noire)

     After having such a conversation with Noire-san, I packed up and left for Lamnyar before the end of the day.

Not from Ash’s POV

"........ I am the hero?"

     Melnia --- the leader of the Erstadt Magic Knights of Northern Subjugation Unit, was puzzled. She, who stopped by the rural town called Nazareth in the northern part of Erstania after subjugating the monsters with her subordinates, was invited to the mayor’s house because he had something important to tell her. But the first thing that came out of his mouth was: “You’re probably the hero!”

"You're probably the hero or probably not. Even I don't know who the hero is." (Mayor)

"What does that mean?" (Melnia)

     After throwing such a question, Melnia turned around and looked at her subordinates' faces. Ten people who came together with her to subjugate the monsters were all puzzled.

"The world might be destroyed by the demon lord." (Mayor)

     Hearing such an outdated line coming from the mayor, Melnia was taken aback.

"The demon lord has been defeated a long time ago." (Melnia)

"No, there are more than one demon lord." (Mayor)

"........ what do you mean!?" (Melnia)

"A long time ago, there were seven magic masters in this world. Each of the seven people mastered fire element magic, water element magic, ice element magic, earth element magic, wind element magic, light element magic, dark element magic. The Sorcerer Kings --- those who were feared by people as Demon Lord." (Mayor)

     The mayor raised his index finger.

"One of those Sorcerer Kings --- the master of the dark element magic, was also known as Demon Lord Dark Emperor." (Mayor)

I can prepare something to fight against dark element magic user, but…. if what the mayor said is truth, the demon lords could also manipulate monsters with their overwhelming magical power, to create the demon lord army.

"B-But, wasn't Demon Lord Dark Emperor coming from the Distortion of Time and Space (Abyss Gate)?" (Melnia)

"The demon lords who realized that there was no strong enemy in this world, traveled to another world by force. This is the origin of Distortion of Time and Space (Abyss Gate)." (Mayor)

"I-I've never heard of such a story before.... J-Just where did you hear it…!?" (Melnia)

"My ancestor." (Mayor)

"Y-Your ancestor?" (Melnia)

     The mayor nodded.

"My ancestor was also told this by a certain demon lord; the strongest opponent shall appear here on the night of the 25,000th full moon from today, and I will return to this land again to fight them." (Mayor)

If the aforementioned strongest opponent were defeated, the demon lord may go wild again in search of another opponents.

If the demon lord with the power equal or even greater than Dark Emperor rampages, the world might collapse this time.

"S-So, when exactly will the king of demons return to this world?" (Melnia)

"Tomorrow." (Mayor)

There's almost no time.

"Wh-Why did you leave it alone until now!? I will call for reinforcements now!" (Melnia)

"It's meaningless. The only one who stands a chance against the demon lord is 'the strongest opponent' mentioned in the prophecy." (Mayor)

     Then, the mayor pointed at Melnia.

"The strongest opponent, someone who will most likely become the hero --- I'm sure that person is no other than you, who visited this place the day before the destined full moon night." (Mayor)

     The mayor lowered his head.

“Please…. Please defeat the demon lord and save the world….” (Mayor)

I don't know if the mayor's story is true, but as a knight leader, I cannot afford to overlook those who are threatened by monsters.

"Understood. If one of us is really the hero mentioned in the prophecy, then we will all fight against the demon lord." (Melnia)

"Ohh~ Thank you very much...." (Mayor)

"It’s just a natural thing to do. Then, which demon lord is going to be our opponent?" (Melnia)

Each demon lord is a master of certain magic element. If I know it, I can predict what attacks might come to us, and preparing the strategy to counter it.

     The mayor told the name of the demon lord who would appear tomorrow

"Your opponent is Demon Lord Earth Emperor." (Mayor)



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