Saikyou no Butouka 1-E1

The founding members of hero party

"What's wrong with a martial artist!?" (Maurice)

     Inside a tavern in the outskirt of the city, Maurice's frustrating voice echoed. He volunteered himself to join the knight to defeat the demon lord, but he failed during the magical power measurement.

     Maurice himself was aware that he had no talent as a wizard, and that was also the reason why he didn't attend the magic academy.

     Instead, Maurice had trained his body hard from the age of five, and when he turned 20, he had grown strong enough to able to defeat monsters with a single punch. If it was about pure fighting power, Maurice was equal or even stronger than the knights in general.

     However, just because his magical power was too low, let alone joining the knight, Maurice didn't even get a chance to display his fighting skills in the practical test.

"Is magic so important!? Do they think that martial arts are of no use!? Have they considered how much effort I’ve spent to train!? (Maurice)

     He could accept it if he was failed due to his lack in ability. However, Maurice who was kicked out right after the magical power measurement, he couldn't even show them what he could do, and it was impossible to prove his strength.

     In order to vent his unfinished anger, Maurice had been drinking in the tavern since daytime.

"I think you have drunk too much.... I mean, since you're a martial artist, you should understand the importance of healthy body more than everyone else.... or that's what I think."

     The female barkeeper timidly showed her concern about Maurice's health. Maurice couldn't read her expression because of her long bangs, but it was transmitted that she was sincerely worried about him.

"Sorry.... Please let me drink to my heart content just for today.... But well, if it gets in the way of the business, I will leave...." (Maurice)

"It’s fine…. There no other customers anyway.... I can listen to your complaints at least...."

     Maurice went on journey to refine his skills in order to become the world's strongest martial artist at the age of twelve, and arrived in this city when he was fifteen.

     Because he was hardly working, Maurice finally ran out of money. He, who had trouble with eating at that time, had always been helped by this female barkeeper who was five years older than him. Five years from there, Maurice continued to go to this tavern.

“You’re here after all!”

     There was a muscular man entered the desolate tavern which Maurice was in. Happened to be nearby when he was attacked by monsters in the mountain where he was training, the two recognized each other's ability after fighting together, and then frequently met like this afterwards.

"I thought who was it, but it's just you, Phillip. Did you come here to brag?" (Maurice)

     Phillip was a member of royal family. Furthermore, he was also a talented wizard and the owner of versatile magical power which was rare. Because of those, Phillip received a lot of invitations to join the knight order, and was unable to decide where he should join.

     Maurice who couldn't even take the practical test, the differences between the two were as high as heaven and earth. Nevertheless, Maurice didn't dislike Phillip. So that he could still fight even when he couldn't use magic, Phillip even secluded himself in the mountain to train his body.

     Maurice had a good impression about Phillip who was still putting efforts despite being the winner in life.

"I would like the same drink as Maurice." (Phillip)

     Phillip sat next to Maurice as he ordered a drink.

"Did you fail the test again? How many times has this happened?" (Phillip)

"Shut up! Next time I will pass the test for sure!" (Maurice)

"I think the results will be the same no matter how many times you try it. You will fail because your magical power is too low." (Phillip)

"I will deal with it somehow or another! I can beat a monster with single punch now! I will definitely be able to increase my magical power with effort too!" (Maurice)

"You don't need something like magical power. You are already strong even without it after all." (Phillip)

"I cannot join the knight if my magical power is too low, so there's no helping it!" (Maurice)

     Having said that, Maurice chugged down his drink.

"Forget about me! What about you? Have you decided where to join yet?" (Maurice)

"Oh, about that.... I've decided not to join the knight." (Phillip)

     Maurice dumbfounded.

"But why!?" (Maurice)

"If I join the knight order, I will fight against the demon lord army together with them, right? I'm not going to leave my back to someone I don't trust." (Phillip)

"It's a pity. If it's a wizard of your caliber, it might be even possible to defeat the Dark Emperor himself." (Maurice)

"That's an impossible task for one person to accomplish as expected, but.... we might be able to accomplish it if we work together." (Phillip)

     Maurice who was tipsy, immediately made a serious face after hearing those words.

"Are you serious?" (Maurice)

"Of course. Let's defeat the demon lord with our hands, and show it to those who called you incompetent!" (Phillip)

“....are you fine with me? If you join the knight, the possibility of dying will be much lower." (Maurice)

"I just told you, didn't I? I'm not going to leave my back to someone I don't trust." (Phillip)

"....are you drunk?" (Maurice)

"Look, I haven't touched my drink at all!" (Phillip)

     Maurice nodded to Phillip who said that with a serious face.

"Your invitation, I accept it! However, there's only one problem." (Maurice)

"What problem?" (Phillip)

"I don't like the idea of traveling together with you alone." (Maurice)

     Phillip grinned.

"I agree with that. Just the two of us traveling together, it's as bad as it sounds." (Phillip)

"Right? That being the case, I'm thinking of inviting a certain woman." (Maurice)

"I'm also thinking of the same thing." (Phillip)

     Maurice and Phillip stared at the female barkeeper.

"I know it's an important shop left by your late parents, but.... it's a waste to end your talent in a place like this." (Maurice)

"Let's raise the banner to fight the demon lord together with us! What do you think, Colon?" (Phillip)

     The female barkeeper --- Colon, immediately nodded as if she has been waiting for their invitation.

"Sure. If my last two regular customers are gone.... this tavern will be as good as go out of business after all, so.... I will join you guys...." (Colon)

     At that time, nobody knew that the party formed in this desolate tavern would later become the star of people's hope, and known throughout the world as the hero party.




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