Saikyou no Butouka 1-26

Chapter 26 – Similar people

Uwah, what should I do....

     I scratched my head as I ran through the wasteland along the crack. On the horizon, I gradually saw a building that was split into two.

I wonder if this is how the children who accidentally broke the window of nearby house while playing baseball in a vacant lot, feel.

I'm sure I will be forgiven if I properly apologize for breaking their window, but I've destroyed the house itself.

I don't think I will be forgiven even if I apologize, and even if I compensate for it, I'm sure their hard feelings won’t disappear.

However, as long as those who live in that building safe, I don't mind being resented by them.

     While thinking about such things, I reached my destination. I only focused on the building when I was running, and didn't pay attention to the two people who were there. One was an old man in white coat, and the other one....

"Hmm!? Noire-san? What are you doing here?" (Ash)

     I spoke to Noire-san who was lying on the ground.

"Homecoming." (Noire)

"Eh? Then, is this your house?"(Ash)

"That's right." (Noire)

What should I do!? It looks like I just destroyed my classmate's house....

"I'm sorry, Noire-san! This is all my doing!" (Ash)

     I immediately lowered my head to Noire-san and apologized. I wanted to apologize to her grandfather too, but he didn’t want take his eyes off the rocks in front of him. "It's amazing! It's cool! Go, Golem!" --- he also kept murmuring such words as if he was obsessed with it.

Hmm, I don't think he can be talked to right now….

I will apologize to him later!

“You did this?” (Noire)

     While still lying on the ground, Noire-san asked that question with a confused look on her face.

"I'm really sorry! This should never have happened! I just tried to fly in the sky...." (Ash)

"I don't understand the meaning." (Noire)

"You see, I swung down my magic wand like this, and it went boom, and then the ground was split into two." (Ash)

"I don't understand the meaning." (Noire)

     Noire-san was getting even more and more confused.

Even I don't quite understand what I'm talking about right now. However, there's no other way to explain it.

“But you’re a lifesaver.” (Noire)

“Lifesaver…?” (Ash)

Doesn’t she mean a grim reaper?

"Not only my life, but you also just saved the world." (Noire)

Instead of saving the world, I feel like I almost destroyed the world. I mean, look at what I've done!

However, Noire-san’s face is serious, and it doesn’t look like she’s joking right now.

"I have difficulty understanding your words.... I mean, what do you mean by I just saved your life and the world?" (Ash)

     To my question, Noire-san summarized what had happened so far and explained it in a way that was easy to understand.

"In other words, that rock and that old man are bad guys, and it's also a good thing that the building was destroyed?" (Ash)

"That's right." (Noire)

     Noire-san who has regained her strength to some extent, raised her upper body and nodded to me.

"Because the laboratory and everything inside it were destroyed, the research to create the world's strongest wizard couldn't be continued." (Noire)

"Oh, I see. Even so, I've never thought Noir-san was in the same circumstances as me." (Ash)

Noire-san also told me about her background. Similar to me, Noire-san was abandoned by her parents because she didn't have Magic Spot (Stegel), and an old man picked her up.

However, while I was raised to be the world's strongest martial artist, Noire-san was raised to be the world's strongest wizard.

"Similar circumstances.... are you not a wizard?" (Noire)

"I'm a martial artist who aims to be a wizard." (Ash)

"....a martial artist? Isn't this destruction was caused by your magic?" (Noire)

"No, it was caused by physical force. I was also abandoned by my parents because I didn't have Stegel. But as the result of hard working and the guidance from Master --- the person who raised me, I was able to do this." (Ash)

"I don't quite understand, but we do have similar circumstances." (Noire)

     Noire-san suddenly looked sad.

" However, I don't have friends like you." (Noire)

"I will be your first friend then!" (Ash)

     Noire-san blinked in surprise.

"You want to be my friend?" (Noire)

"Yes, but if you don't want it------" (Ash)

"I’d love to!" (Noire)

     Noire-san cut off my words.

"Well then, let's go to Effa house!" (Ash)

"Won't I be a nuisance for them?" (Noire)

"Of course not. Effa and her family are friendly people. You will feel at home in an instant." (Ash)

"I'd be happy if you could introduce me to them…." (Noire)

"I will also introduce you to my other friends later. Now then...." (Ash)

     I turned my eyes to the side.

"Zuo~ zu ga ga ga ga~ Good! It's so cool!" (Lingland)

     There was Lingland-san busily playing with stones in both hands. The shock from losing the golem seemed to have made him lost his mind.

I wonder if Principal Phillip can do something about him….

"It's dangerous to leave Lingland-san here. I will bring him together with us!" (Ash)

"I'm sure he will only be a nuisance." (Noire)

"He seems to be harmless, and I think Effa and her family will have no problem with it too." (Ash)

Especially, the quintuplets will be happy to meet him. Lingland-san's mental age seems to have regressed to that of a five years old kid.

     After I convinced Noire-san, I held them in both sides and returned to Effa's house. Noire-san was welcomed by Effa and her family....

Well, needless to say.




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