Saikyou no Butouka 1-20

Chapter 20 - Airship

     The morning of the first day of the three consecutive days off.

"Oh, as expected of Master! You came earlier than me!" (Effa)

     Effa rushed towards me who was standing in front of the school gate --- our meeting place.

"I happened to wake up earlier than usual this morning." (Ash)

     There was around one hour before the appointed time, but Effa has already come to the meeting place.

I'm sure she came early on purpose, thinking that she shouldn't make me waiting.

What a good girl….

Well, setting that aside,

"You sure bring a lot, Effa! " (Ash)

     Effa shouldered a big backpack. Her luggage was too much for a mere two-nights-three-days trip. Looking at the size, I was afraid she would tip over backwards at any moment.

"These are souvenirs!" (Effa)

"Souvenirs?" (Ash)

"My hometown is in the countryside. When I get home with toys and clothes that are popular here, my little sister would rejoice!" (Effa)

     Effa talked about her family with a happy face. That showed how much she loved them.

"By the way, Felmina-san has not come yet?" (Effa)

"Yup, not yet." (Ash)

"Maybe she's still eating a large serving of grilled meat right now." (Effa)

"Even if it's Felmina-san, I'm sure she won't eat that kind of food so early in the morning." (Ash)

     I laughed at Effa's joke-like comment.

"Did you guys wait long? Sorry, I was eating a large serving of grilled meat until the last minute!" (Felmina)

     One hour later, Felmina-san appeared with that line….

"Whoa, it's so cool!" (Ash)

     I was standing on the flight platform of airship excitedly.

Airship --- the ship that flies through the sky, it’s big enough to allow 3000 people on board, with a lot room to spare.

I have seen it flying in the sky, but this is the first time I see it this close. I'm already so excited by just imagining I ride on it!

"Can I see the magic circuit?" (Ash)

     I asked Effa.

"The power source room is a restricted to anyone except the authorized people." (Effa)

"Figures...." (Ash)

The magic circuit is located in the heart of airship's power source. The airship can fly by pouring magical power into it.

It's written in the book that when the demon lord was still alive, the research about artificially creating powerful wizard by transplanting magic circuit into human body was being carried.

Human experimentation is banned in the peaceful era like now, but if I transplant a magic circuit into my body, I will be able to use magic too.

Oh well, I want to be a wizard with my own power. I've dropped "Modified Human Plan" a long time ago.

"It's about time to get on board!" (Felmina)

     Not long after Felmina-san said that, a light came down from the airship and then engulfed us. I hold onto the boarding pass that was incorporated with teleportation magic.

     In the next moment, my surroundings changed completely. Those who had the airship boarding pass were teleported into their own cabin directly.

"This is the first time I experienced teleportation magic and it was amazing!" (Ash)

I mean, it feels like I finally become a wizard!

"You react like a little kid, it's cute!" (Felmina)

"If it's Teleport spell, I can cast it anytime. Well, I can only use it for a short distance movement though." (Effa)

     Effa and Felmina-san were also teleported into the same room as me.

Because it was a sudden reservation, I and Felmina-san couldn't get a room and ended up staying in the same room as Effa. However, since it’s originally a single room, there’s only single bed inside.

The airship will arrive in the city called Pennilopa tomorrow morning. From there, we will take the train to travel to Nemuneshia. Well, anyway, the three of us will stay together in this room tonight.

"Is this really okay if I sleep here too?" (Ash)

Though we get along well, this and that are different matter. I have no problem with sleeping in the same room with girls, but this might be different for them.

"No problem!" (Effa)

"Fine with me. Oh, but maybe it’s a little embarrassing if I have to sleep on the same bed with Ash-kun." (Felmina)

"In that case, I and Master will sleep on the bed, while Felmina-san will sleep on the floor." (Effa)

"Isn't that strange!?" (Felmina)

"Then, I and Master will sleep on the floor." (Effa)

"I will feel bad and won't be able to sleep!?" (Felmina)

"Geez. Then what does Felmina-san want to do?" (Effa)

     Effa asked Felmina-san like an older sister calmed his little sister who was throwing a tantrum.

"You two can sleep on the bed. I will sleep on the floor." (Ash)

"No disciple would let his master sleep on the floor while she herself sleeps in the bed!" (Effa)

     Effa said such words with a straight face.

I’m glad she respects me, but I don’t want her to take this master-disciple relationship too seriously.

"Th-Then, I and Effa-chan will sleep on the floor, and Ash-kun will sleep on the bed.... How about that?" (Felmina)

"I agree." (Effa)

"Hold on! There’s no way I can do that." (Ash)

“I guess there’s no better choice than the three of us sleep on the bed together.” (Effa)

     We only talked a little but Felmina-san looked exhausted.




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