Saikyou no Butouka 1-21

Chapter 21 - Nemuneshia

     The second day of the trip --- we changed to the train in Pennilopa, and arrived in Nemuneshia at noon. Nemuneshia was more countryside than I had imagined. On the top of dry soil, wooden houses stood in a row. This reminded me of the town in western drama.

Oh well, it's much more urban than my hometown --- Demon Forest, at least.

"Master! Felmina-san! This is the town where I was born and raised! What do you think?" (Effa)

     Effa proudly declared.

"It's a calm town." (Ash)

"It looks like easy to live in." (Felmina)

     Hearing those, Effa's cheeks loosened.

"Right? This town is like my garden. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!" (Effa)

"Is Effa's house near here?" (Ash)

     I immediately took the offer.

"Just a little walk from here. I've told them that I would bring friends with me, I'm sure there's a feast waiting for us." (Effa)

"Yay! I love a feast!" (Felmina)

"My mother's cooking is delicious. You can expect it! Oh, this way!" (Effa)

     Effa walked on the road in a high spirit.

"That's my house!" (Effa)

     Effa's house was a three-story wooden house. There was playground equipment scattered in the garden surrounded by a fence.

"I'm home!" (Effa)

     Effa opened the front door and shouted. Shortly after, many footsteps could be heard from inside.

"""""Welcome home Effa Onee-chan"""""

     Five girl with the same face jumped at Effa.

"Welcome~ Nee-chan!"

"W-Welcome home, Effa Nee-chan."

     Two more girl appeared from the back. They were around 13~14 years old. One looked like a tomboy, while the other one looked like a shy type.

“Oh my, welcome home!”

     The last one to come out was a woman of great width --- Effa's mother.

"I'm home, everyone! Where is Dad!?" (Effa)

"He is picking vegetables in the back field."

"Well then, let me introduce my friends first. This is Mas.... I mean, Ash-kun and Felmina-san." (Effa)

     Everyone turned their attention to the two of us.

"Oh my, thanks for coming all the way here. I'm also indebted to you for always taking care of my daughter at school."

"Yeah, I'm really indebted! Especially Ash-kun.... I'm really indebted to him!" (Effa)

"Nee-chan's boyfriend?"

     The tomboy girl asked while grinning.

"Oh my, really? Will he become a member of our family in the future?"

     Effa's mother enthusiastically joined the fray.

"Y-You've got it wrong!? Ash-kun is my teacher!!" (Effa)

     Effa denied it with a red face. Effa, who felt nothing about sleeping on the same bed with me, seemed to be embarrassed when her family members teased her.

"I smell something delicious!" (Felmina)

Felmina-san really can't read the air....

Oh well, I certainly smell something delicious too.

     Hearing Felmina-san's words, Effa's mother seemed to have remembered something.

"Oh, right! Because Effa told me that she would bring her friends over, I’ve prepared a feast today! Let's eat together while it's still warm! Silcy, please call your father!"

"Yes." (Silcy)

"You girls go wash your hands! You've been playing with mud until a while ago after all."


"Rhyl will help me line up the dish."

"Un~" (Rhyl)

     After giving instruction to her daughters, Effa's mother turned to us.

"Ash-kun and Felmina-chan, please take a rest until the preparation is complete. Effa, please guide our guest to their room! You will stay overnight here, right?"

     I and Felmina-san nodded.

"Okay, this way!" (Effa)

     I and Felmina-san followed Effa to the third floor and entered a certain room.

"Sorry, only this room is vacant. Though I said vacant, we use it to store stuffs so this might be a bit uncomfortable...." (Effa)

"Don't mind it! I'm grateful to have a place to spend the night!" (Ash)

"I'm happy if you think so." (Effa)

"Where should I sleep?" (Felmina)

"You will sleep in my room with me. Let's go down to eat after we put our luggage." (Effa)

"Hooray!" (Felmina)

     After Effa and Felmina-san left, I put down my luggage and then sighed.

Still though, they really stored various items in this room. There are books, clothes, stuffed animal, and....

"Ah!? This is...." (Ash)

     I found a certain something.




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