Saikyou no Butouka 1-19

Chapter 19 - The world’s strongest wizard

     One week has passed since I accepted Effa as my disciple. There was a resistance to be called Master in the beginning, but above all, I wanted to be a wizard not a martial arts instructor.

     Giving martial arts training in the magic school, what the hell am I doing? --- I regretted it at first. However, Effa was a good girl and also a hard worker.

     Watching Effa working hard to learn martial arts, it made me think that I should work harder too. In that sense, accepting her might have been a good decision after all. However....

"Hiat!" (Effa)

"No, that's wrong. Lower your hip more!" (Ash)

"Hiat!" (Effa)

"You lowered it too much. Or rather, why are you sitting?" (Ash)

"Master, I don't know how much I have to lower my hip!" (Effa)

"Just lower it a little!" (Ash)

"It's difficult! That's right, I can do this too!?" (Effa)

"You shouldn't thrust it like that!" (Ash)

"Sorry, I thought it was a good idea...." (Effa)

"It did look cool, though." (Ash)

     ....Effa has no martial arts talent at all.

Today, we also trained at the school yard as soon as the class ended, but she has made no progress at all.

"Master, I wonder if I will be able to become like Master someday...." (Effa)

"That depends on your effort. I will strive to be a wizard, so Effa should work hard to become a martial artist too. Let's see who will reach the goal first!" (Ash)

In terms of difficulty, I think it's all over the place though.

"Yes! I will do my best to become like Master as soon as possible!" (Effa)

Her fighting spirit alone is a praiseworthy. I wonder if this is how Master felt when I said that I wanted to be a wizard no matter what.

"All right, it's already getting late. Let's call it a day!" (Ash)

"Understood! Thank you for today!" (Effa)

"Yeah, see you tomorrow!" (Ash)

"Ah, I'm sorry, I can't come to train tomorrow!" (Effa)

"Do you have other plan?" (Ash)

Three consecutive days off start tomorrow. Effa who lamented that she had no goal in this school, is still a teenage girl after all. It’s not strange for her to have a plan or two on a holiday.

"I will go home." (Effa)

"But it takes a day from here to Nemuneshia, wouldn't it better to wait for a longer holiday?" (Effa)

"I want to see my family, and my little sisters also wish to see me! So as their older sister, I have to fulfill that wish!" (Effa)

"True." (Ash)

"That's right. How about Master comes with me too? Of course, it's only if you are not busy...." (Effa)

     Effa looked at me full of expectation.

It's also a master's duty to meet the expectation of his disciple. When I went out to the town with my master, it was a great fun.

"Okay, I will go too." (Ash)

"Really!? As expected of Master, you are a truly understanding person!" (Effa)

     Effa looked really happy.

"Hey, you two! Doing special training again today? You are so full of energy!" (Felmina)

     Felmina-san came and greeted us.

"Do you need something, Felmina-san?" (Ash)

"You promised me to have a meal together at the cafeteria today, remember?" (Felmina)

"Oh, that's right!" (Ash)

     I was too focused on training and forgot my promise.

"Can I join too? After all, we haven't talked about the plans for tomorrow yet." (Effa)

"Are you going out somewhere tomorrow?" (Felmina)

"Yes. I will introduce Master to my family." (Effa)

"To get married!?" (Felmina)

     Felmina-san asked with a surprised face. She was really good at making the story takes a huge leap as always.

"I'm going home tomorrow, so I invited Master." (Effa)

"Oh, I see. In that case, mind if I come along?" (Felmina)

"Of course not. You're very welcomed!" (Effa)

     The talk was concluded in an instant. The two of them didn't seem to care about the details. Thus we were going to travel to Nemuneshia on the next day.

3rd Person’s POV

     The night before the three consecutive days off started. Noire was reading a textbook inside her room at the student dormitory. She decided to study because she only got 4 points in the written test the other day.

"I wish I was smart." (Noire)

     Depending on the circumstances, Noire would be a student with the highest magical power in the academy. Furthermore, it was a versatile magical power favored by all spirits. If only she could remember a lot of runes, she would be able to master all sorts of magic.

     However, Noire was not a smart girl. Remembering all runes of ice element magic was already a high hurdle for her head.

"This gave me a headache." (Noire)

     Noire had a headache from studying too much and decided to stop. She was about to go to bed when her mobile phone suddenly vibrated.

     This would make her happy if it was an invitation to hang out from her friend, but Noire didn't have any friends. Only the contact information of a certain old man was registered on her mobile phone.

“Yes?” (Noire)

"Experiment #001 --- Noire. It's me, Lingland. Have you accumulated enough magical power? (Lingland)

     Noire gave a positive answer to that question.

     Noire was a modified human. She who was abandoned by her parents because didn't have Stegel (Magic Spot) and couldn't use magic, was picked up by Lingland.

     Lingland had a dream of creating the world's strongest wizard. For that purpose, transplanting magic circuit into human body was indispensable. However, because human experimentation was ethically problematic, Lingland was expelled from the research institute.

     Haven't given up, Lingland secretly built hiw own laboratory in the wilderness near Nemuneshia. That was the place where a special magic circuit was transplanted into Noire's body.

     Because of that modification, albeit only little by little, Noire's body has the ability to suck magical power forcibly and automatically from all human beings within radius of 500 meters from her, and then stored it. Because there was also Principal Phillip within her range, her magical power became the versatile one.

"The world's strongest wizard golem, has finally been completed!" (Lingland)

     Even though it was midnight, Lingland sounded full of spirit.

     Lingland developed a magic circuit that produced magical power semi-infinitely a few year ago. However, that magic circuit was too big to be transplanted into Noir's body. Thus Lingland spent several more years building a giant that would always follow his commands --- a golem, and then transplanted the magic circuit into it.

"This golem is the culmination of my life! The best masterpiece! I want to test its strength immediately, but I couldn't find a suitable opponent!" (Lingland)

     Lingland's voice was suddenly getting more heated.

"That's why, I've decided to make you --- the first successful example of my experiment, its opponent! The experiment will start at dusk two days later! Come to the laboratory while preserving your magical power!" (Lingland)

When the experiments have been completed, he surely would take revenge on his colleagues who has kicked him out, and bring the chaos to the world….

I, who also have a magic circuit inside my body, is the only one who can defeat it!

     With that in mind, Noir was determined not to let that happen.

"This golem is the world's strongest wizard! No human stands a chance against it!" (Lingland)

     Lingland boasted the golem's strength as if reading Noire's mind.




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