Saikyou no Butouka 1-11

Chapter 11 - Transfer student entrance test

     After seeing off Headmaster Phillip and waiting for about one hour, the examinees who passed the magical power measurement test entered the arena. Many of them didn’t seem to make it here.

Even though there were a lot of people in the plaza, there are only ten people left.

I feel bad for using Master's connection to pass the test.

Erstadt Magic Academy is the world's top educational institution. In addition, the acceptance frame in the transfer student entrance test is smaller than the general entrance test. I guess this number is normal.

Oh well, it's not the time to think about other people.

I was exempted from the magical power measurement test, but I have to use my own power to pass the next test.

In order to fulfil my dream of becoming a great wizard, I must not fail here!

“Hmm, there are more people than I thought….”

     --- said a woman who would supervise the next test.

So this number is already higher than usual. I guess more talented people are applying as transfer students this year.

The specific content of the practical test has not been disclosed, but it may be difficult to pass without putting even more efforts.

"Okay, start by lining up in a row!"

     Under the direction of Miss Examiner, I moved to the left.

"Good. Then, from the right to the left, tell me the element you’re the best at!”

The wizard negotiates with the spirits to active magic in exchange for their magical power. For the spirits, wizard's magical power is something like food.

There are different kinds of spirit such as Fire Spirit (Salamander) Wind Spirit (Sylph) etc. Each person has a different magical power, and it’s also said that the spirits have their own preference.

Put it simple, the wizard whose magical power is favored by the fire spirits will excel in fire magic, and so on.

“Last one, what’s the element you’re the best at?”

     My turn came around at last.

The element I’m the best at, huh….

Honestly speaking, I have no line of expertise since I can’t use magic at all. However, such answers would immediately make me fail the test.

I don't have element I'm the best at, but if I look it from the other way, it means all the elements are equal for me. Yeah, I can just name any element.

"It's wind element!" (Ash)

     I answered so.

"I see. There are four fires, three waters, two ices, and one wind. Well then, the next test is going to be a team battle!”

…. a team battle!?

Considering the number of people, I will most likely be grouped with four member of the fire team, to fight the people from the water and ice team.

"For a start, form a team according to the element you're the best at. The team which wiped out the other three teams, passes this test!"

Hmm, what did she say…?

Could it be this is four vs three vs two vs one team battle!?

In that case, I’m in the most disadvantageous position here….

     Miss Examiner noticed that I had a frustrated face

“Sorry, it's the rule of this year's transfer student entrance test.”

I have nothing to say if it’s the rule….

Oh well, since I was exempted from the magical power measurement test, I should accept this disadvantage with open hands.

"You said wiped out, but what should we do specifically?"

   The examinee who stood next to me asked a question. There was no tension showed on his face since he belonged to the most advantageous team --- the fire team.

"You just have to knock out the other teams. Because this arena is protected by a safety system, you can use magic with full power without worry."

"What is this safety system you're talking about?"

"On the premises of this academy, a special barrier has been set by the headmaster himself. Whether it's physical attack or magical attack, the damage will only affect the mind."

"Does it mean we won't be injured by any attacks?"

"That's right."

I see. I would expect no less of a great wizard….

It's usually impossible to set such a great barrier on the entire large site by one person.

Someday, I also want to be a great wizard that's able to achieve such a feat.

"Then again, because this barrier only protects human body, the building can still be destroyed."

     Miss Examiner still continued on.

"....but don’t worry! The buildings in this academy were built using special materials, I guarantee this arena will not be scratched even if you guys go all out. You won’t be charged for the reparation fee even if the arena got destroyed by chance though, so fight with peace of mind!"

     Having said that, Miss Examiner winked.

I’m sure she’s trying to relieve our tension. However, it was only the fire team that smiled at her playful act. Especially, the two member of the ice team, they made face of people who had already given up.

Even though I'm in a more disadvantageous position that them, I absolutely won't give up.

"Okay, I wish you good luck!"

     That being said, Miss Examiner walked out of the arena. The examinees then gathered according to their teams, held a brief strategy meeting, and scattered around in their favorite places. On the other hand, I decided to stay in the center of the arena.

I thought of moving to the edge of arena to prevent the attack from behind at first. However, this also means I would easily be cornered. I also didn't want to escape. I would never be able to become a great wizard if I couldn't break through this disadvantageous situation head on.

     Miss Examiner gave a signal when everyone seemed to be ready.

“Let the test…. begin!”

“YEAH, COME AT MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!” (Ash)

     I screamed as loud as I could to raise my morale, but…. the result was all the examinees around me got blown away by the shockwave generated from it.

     In addition, my scream that echoed throughout the enclosed space, caused the building cracked all over. Most of the audience seat closest to the arena were also destroyed to pieces.

“…………” (Ash)

     Seeing such a disastrous scene, I was stunned.

What the hell is going on here!?

Could it be, the arena that was built using special material and wouldn't be scratched even if we go all out, is half-destroyed by my scream?

There was no indication of the other examinees using magic, so this must be really my doing....

Oh well, Miss Examiner said that we won't be charged for the reparation fee even if the arena got destroyed. Besides, there's something more important than that.

“…. is there anyone who’s still up here!?” (Ash)

     I threw such a question but I received no reply. Far from a reply, I didn't even see any signs of movement from the other examinees.

“This means, I passed. Yeah!!” (Ash)

     I made a guts pose, and rushed towards Miss Examiner who was lying unconscious on the side of half-broken arena.

"Miss! Please wake up!" (Ash)

     I shook Miss Examiner's shoulder to force her to wake up.

"Mmm.... Wh-What happened!? Did you do this!?"

     Miss Examiner was stunned after seeing the state of the arena.

"Yes. I did it!" (Ash)

     When I answered so with a confidence, Miss Examiner became even more stunned.

"I-I see... I-I mean, that was amazing.... You amplified your voice with magic.... Even so, I don't think this result is normal.... "

     What Miss Examiner meant was Voice Upper --- a magic that people normally used for a speech.

I simply screamed as loud as I could though, but it seems she's under the impression that I used magic to produce such a loud scream.

Oh well, it doesn't seem she will believe me even if I tell her the truth. I'd better to keep silent!

“Anyway, does it mean I passed the test?” (Ash)

     I asked such a question full of anticipation.

"Y-Yeah. This development is just too unexpected though.... anyway, congratulation, Ash-kun! You've passed the test. I look forward to your future career. But well, I want you to refrain using this kind of magic inside the academy ground again in the future."

     Hearing Miss Examiner's words, I made a guts pose again.





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