Isekai Sagishi C5P2

Chapter 5 – How to Hear (Part 2)

“Good morning, Yashiro-san. You’re quite early!” (Ginette)

     Ginette turned an energetic smile at me when I showed my face in the kitchen.

This girl is full of energy from early in the morning.

“You’re an early riser yourself. Are you sleeping properly?” (Yashiro)

“Yes, I always turn in early.” (Ginette)

True. She went to bed relatively early. Thanks to that, I couldn’t ask her to accompany me to the bathroom last night. I’ve been holding it back since then, I wonder if I should go now. Hmm, let’s wait until the sun comes out.

“I’m still making preparation to open the restaurant right now. I will prepare the breakfast right away.” (Ginette)

     Having said that, Ginette grabbed a nearby pot and then put it on the fireplace.

“Oh, don’t mind it. Finish your job first!” (Yashiro)

“But I’ve made promise to provide three meals a day.” (Ginette)

“It’s fine because I will match your routine. Is there something I can do to help?” (Yashiro)

“Hmm, let’s see……..” (Ginette)

What is this!? Oh well, it’s a restaurant that seems to be free of customers all year round. Still, she seems to have prepared a fair amount of ingredients. I always came here during night time, but maybe this shop is quite busy during daytime.

“Yashiro-san.” (Ginette)

     Ginette who was brooding over something for quite a while, finally raised her face and called my name.

“Yes?” (Yashiro)

“Do you know what kitchen knives are?” (Ginette)

     Ginette asked that question with a serious expression.

“Are you making fool of me!?” (Yashiro)

“No, I would never!” (Ginette)

     Ginette swung both her hands with a buzz while making a troubled expression.

“The kitchen knives are common tools among the cooks, but it’s not that well-known to the general public.” (Ginette)

Come to think of it, when was the kitchen knife invented again? I didn’t give it much thought because it has become something common for modern people like me, but it’s actually an invention created after many years of research.

“In general households, what do they use to cut the ingredients?” (Yashiro)

“This kind of knife.” (Ginette)

       Ginette took out a 10 centimeters-long knife from her cleavage.

Dangerous!? This girl, she concealed a knife inside that kind of place. I would get hurt if I carelessly plunge my hand between those valleys. It’s a dangerous a trap.

“By the way, Ginette.” (Yashiro)

“Yes.” (Ginette)

“巨乳ホイホイって、巨乳『を』捕まえるものか、巨乳『で』捕まえるものか、どっちだろう?” / <(-_-") I give up!

“I don’t know!?” (Ginette)

“I see. There’s no such a thing here….” (Yashiro)

“Is there something like that in Yashiro-san’s hometown?” (Ginette)

I’ve not seen it but I couldn’t assert that it doesn’t exist.

I wonder if it really exists.

No, I’m sure it does.

“In my old world…. I mean, in my hometown kitchen knives are commonly used.” (Yashiro)

“I see. There’s such a prosperous city out there. Kitchen knives are quite expensive.” (Ginette)

Well, there seems be around a hundred or so types of kitchen knife out there. They would be quite expensive.

“Can I see yours?” (Yashiro)

“Yes, go ahead.” (Ginette)

     Ginette took her kitchen knives from somewhere and lined them up on the cooking table. Gyutou knife (/chef’s knife), Deba knife (/fish filleting knife), Nakiri knife (/vegetable knife), and Yanagiba knife (/thin knife) were lined up to each other. There was also a fruits knife at the place a little further away from the rest.

The fact that the Deba knife exists, does it means the people in this city also using Sanmai Oroshi (Three Part Cuts) technique to process fish?

Putting Yanagiba knife into consideration, perhaps sashimi also has taken root as a culture here. Tool is a reflection of culture of that era after all.

Looking at Yanagiba knife, the first thing that comes to my mind is Okashiratsuki (Fish Served Whole). This knife has the appropriate uses for it.

“I see these knives are made of steel. This kind of knife is quite difficult to maintain, but these knives seem to be well-maintained.” (Yashiro)

“You could tell?” (Ginette)

“Hmm? Oh, yes, I know a little about metalworks.” (Yashiro)

It’s because Chief had hammered various knowledge into my head. He didn’t want to approve the stainless steel kitchen knife. He said that it should be made from steel, and our household uses only forged kitchen knife.

Steel knife is prone to rusting and more difficult to maintain than stainless steel knives. However, this kind of knife has a perfect sharpness and the ingredients that are cut using it has a powerful taste as if a new life was given to them. Being able to maintain these steel knives in this good condition, this is the proof that she has been taking care of them carefully.

Good girl. I have a good impression about those who use their tools with care. The Chief’s influence seems to have taken a deep root inside me.

“Because there’s a Yanagiba knife here, does it mean you also eat something like sashimi?” (Yashiro)

“Yes. I rarely eat it, though. I make Okashiratsuki at the time of celebration.” (Ginette)

“Hee…. You also eat Okashiratsuki here.” (Yashiro)

“Huh? Okashiratsuki?” (Ginette)


“Umm, that Okashiratsuki you mentioned earlier, what was that?” (Ginette)

“What do you mean? You said it yourself before, that you made Okashiratsuki for celebration.” (Yashiro)

“No, I have never said such a thing!” (Ginette)

Is this girl alright?

“Then, repeat the answer of my earlier question!” (Yashiro)

“I rarely eat sashimi, and I make Okashiratsuki at the time of celebration.” (Ginette)

“See that! You said Okashiratsuki just now.” (Yashiro)

“I did not!?” (Ginette)

This is weird….

What does this mean? Is this some kind of Forced Translation Magic’s error? If she really didn’t say Okashiratsuki, then …. Could it be….

“Did you mean Ikidzukuri?” (Yashiro)

“That’s right. That’s what I’ve been saying from the beginning!” (Ginette)

“Repeat After Me; Ikidzukuri.” (Yashiro)

Okashiratsuki.” (Ginette)

So it’s all because of the translation error!?

“There seems to be something strange with how the words are translated.” (Yashiro)

“Oh, so that’s how it is. The Okashiratsuki I uttered was translated to the most familiar word for Yashiro-san, but that translated word wasn’t familiar to me.” (Ginette)

“…. what a hassle!” (Yashiro)

“The Forced Translation Magic is not perfect, after all.” (Ginette)

Not perfect, huh? Then, this means there’s gap I could exploit somewhere. For example, when I say a fine dining restaurant, I mean sushi restaurant not western restaurant. Yeah, I wonder if I could lead it into money-making.

“So, what kind of dish Okashiratsuki is?” (Ginette)

“Okashiratsuki, it’s written using tail and head characters……..Ah, it would be faster if I just show it. Can I get some fish?” (Yashiro)

“Hmm? Oh, yes. I will bring a fish that can be eaten raw.” (Ginette)

Now it has come to this, I won’t let the fish be wasted. Good job. The staff would have a delicious fish for breakfast later.

“Oh, a horse mackerel….” (Yashiro)

“Yes, it’s a horse mackerel. You could tell it at a glance, that’s amazing. Is Yashiro-san a cook?” (Ginette)

“No, the country I came from is an island country. I’m much better at making tools than cooking.” (Yashiro)

“You’re a craftsman? That’s wonderful!” (Ginette)

“No, I’m not a craftsman, but….” (Yashiro)

If you ask what’s my formal occupation, the answer is a con artist. But, well, I won’t bother telling it to her. Let’s process the fish before she asks any further.

I would normally use Sanmai Oroshi technique, but it’s necessary the maintain the fish’s perfect form this time. First I will fillet one half of the fish and process the other half for later.

“Is there sea around here?” (Yashiro)

“Yes. If you go to the outside of the outer wall, you will be able to see it immediately.” (Ginette)

“Have you ever been there?” (Yashiro)

“It costs money to go to the outside of the outer wall….” (Ginette)

     Ginette showed a forced smile.

Do you need to pay a toll when leave? Or do you need to pay a toll when enter? Either way, it seems the poor can’t even leave this city freely. Will this city be alright with such a system?

Guess it’s the same even here. The government took control the flow of money while also extorting money from here and there. How annoying.

     *slash* I slain the horse mackerel.

I ended up taking it out on you. I’m sorry, horse mackerel!

“T-That’s quite dynamic….” (Ginette)

“Oh, sorry. I was a little irritated.” (Yashiro)

“D-Did I do something wrong, perhaps…?” (Ginette)

“Oh no, don’t worry! You did nothing wrong.” (Yashiro)

I shouldn’t get heated up over such a thing. You will act before thinking when angry, and people will be underestimating you.

Being underestimated will always bring about disadvantages during negotiation. You absolutely should never let the other party underestimating you.

     I thinly sliced the other half of fish fillet without making any sounds, and then arranged them on the top of fish body which only tail and head left.

Not as good as the one made by a professional, but the dish is finished.

“Wow, amazing! So this is the dish called Okashiratsuki!?” (Ginette)

“Yeah. It still has the head and the tail, that’s why it’s called Okashiratsuki.” (Yashiro)

“I see. It’s such an interesting presentation.” (Ginette)

“This dish gives off some kind of festive mood.” (Yashiro)

“You’re right. I will imitate this this in case of celebration.” (Ginette)

“Well then, let’s eat!” (Yashiro)

“Yes, let’s enjoy it!” (Ginette)

     Smiled, Ginette went out of the kitchen with Okashiratsuki in hands.

We’re going to eat it in the restaurant dining area after all.

     I crossed the counter, and headed towards the table where Ginette was waiting.

The chair rattled as usual, I need to do something about this too.

     The chair rattle twice before finally supported my whole body weight. On the other side of the table, I noticed that Ginette had a serious expression on her face.

“What happened?” (Yashiro)

“Yashiro-san, I just noticed it….” (Ginette)

What is this? Suddenly made a serious face…. is there something wrong with the dish?

“For our breakfast…. there’s no other dish except this Okashiratsuki.” (Ginette)

“Yeah, that’s right.” (Yashiro)

I mean, I can see that.

“I would like to serve bread, but…. I haven’t stocked it due to various circumstances.” (Ginette)

“In addition to the increase in the purchase value, you can sell it at all, right?” (Yashiro)

“How did you know!?” (Ginette)

I could tell. You sell bread 10 Rb higher than buying in town, and there are also two cross marks on the menu name.

“Yashiro-san is quite strange.” (Ginette)

“You’re one to talk!” (Yashiro)

“Hmm, am I strange?” (Ginette)

I’ve never seen a creature as strange as you. What’s with that I think there’s no bad person in this world- eyes? You look like some kind of endangered species that needs to be conserved.

“Oh, that’s right. There should be some nuts in the kitchen. I will bring it!” (Ginette)

     Ginette stood up and left her seat.

Peanuts and sashimi…. are we going to have an evening drink?

     Ginette rushed to kitchen and came back before long. There were four nuts in her hand.

Is that all!?

“I’m sorry, I wanted to prepare something proper, but….” (Ginette)

“Can we just make something else after eating this?” (Yashiro)

“I see. There’s that kind of solution….” (Ginette)

This girl, will she be alright? Would it be better if I keep her inside a cage or something?

“Setting that aside, there’s something I’d like to confirm.” (Yashiro)

“What is that?” (Ginette)

“You said that Forced Translation Magic wasn’t perfect, right?” (Yashiro)

“That’s right………… *slurp*” (Ginette)

     There, I saw a drool dripped from the corner of her mouth.

“…….. let’s dig in!” (Yashiro)

“I-I’m sorry! I’ve showed something unsightly!” (Ginette)

“It’s fine. let’s have a talk while eating.” (Yashiro)

“Y-Yes!” (Ginette)

     While looking embarrassed, Ginette held the chopsticks with her practiced hand.

She seems to be accustomed in using chopstick. Does this city have a culture similar to Japan? I should really change my way of thinking.

     Ginette picked the sashimi with chopsticks dexterously.

“Ooh…. eating sea fish after a long time.” (Ginette)

“You don’t eat fish often?” (Yashiro)

“Not really. I mean, if it’s river fish, you can find it on the menu, too.” (Ginette)

“Is the sea fish expensive?” (Yashiro)

“Because you have to go to the outside of outer wall to catch them, the price is higher.” (Ginette)

I see. We need to pay a toll to pass the gate, and it will be added to the price of the fish.

“This horse mackerel, I got it from an acquaintance who was so kind to share it with me.” (Ginette)

“Tell them to share it every day!” (Yashiro)

“Such a thing, that crosses the bound.” (Ginette)

     Ginette immediately swung both her hands with a buzz.

“I couldn’t thank her enough for sharing one of her catch with me like this.” (Ginette)

“You know, kindness is something that makes both the receiver and the giver happy.” (Yashiro)

“Really?” (Ginette)

“For example, you kindly brought those nuts for me, right?” (Yashiro)

     I pointed the nuts that she brought earlier. Ginette paid attention at the nuts on her hand.

“What if I say How am I supposed to fill my stomach with only four nuts? and throw them away?” (Yashiro)

“Uhh…. I’m sorry….” (Ginette)

     A sorry word came out from Ginette’s mouth weakly.

“Then, what if I say Yeah, I love nuts. Thank you!– and eat them gratefully?” (Yashiro)

“I’ll be happy!” (Ginette)

“That’s how it is.” (Yashiro)

     Yashiro picked the nuts, rolled them with his fingers, and turned his gaze at Ginette.

“The other party will also be happy when their kindness are accepted, which means everyone made a profit. Isn’t it a good thing? Conversely, the other party will be sad when their kindness are refused, and no one made a profit.” (Yashiro)

“I see……..” (Ginette)

I certainly witnessed the scale tilted from her eyes. It’s easy to understand that Ginette was impressed.

“That’s why, tell your acquaintance to provide a large amount of sea fish every day.” (Yashiro)

“Yes, I understand. This will also make her happy, right?” (Ginette)

This girl is really gullible. Well, if her acquaintances are masochist, they will be overjoyed for sure. That’s all for today’s lesson, I guess.

“Anyway, I have some questions about Forced Translation Magic.” (Yashiro)

“Yes. I will answer it as long as it’s within my knowledge.” (Ginette)

“What happens when you lie?” (Yashiro)

“You will be turned into a frog by a curse” (Ginette)

“Is that something absolute?” (Yashiro)

“Hmmm….” (Ginette)

     Ginette put her chopsticks, corrected her posture, and looked straight at my eyes.

“If the liars are subjected to Judgement of the Spirit, they will definitely be turned into frog.” (Ginette)

“What happens to the lies that aren’t subjected to Judgement of the Spirit?” (Yashiro)

“Even after the time has passed, the curse can still be activated when the related party calls for the Judgement of Spirit. However, if the related party never calls for Judgement of the Spirit, the lies won’t be judged and there will be no punishment.” (Ginette)

“In other words, is it safe as long as the lie doesn’t come to light?” (Yashiro)

“There’s no lie that won’t come to light.” (Ginette)

That’s not what I meant, though. Let’s change the way I phrase it.

“How about a lie without malice? For example, a white lie….” (Yashiro)

“A white lie?” (Ginette)

“Let’s assume that I have a serious disease.” (Yashiro)

“EH!?” (Ginette)

     Ginette immediately stood up while knocking back her chair.

“It’s just an example…. I have a healthy body, so sit down!” (Yashiro)

“Is that so? Thank goodness…. I’m glad….” (Ginette)

How gullible can this girl be!?

     Ginette heaved a sigh of relief as she stroked her chest with both hand. She tried to sit down. However, because she had knocked back her chair, she fell to the floor on her butt.

“Nya!?” (Ginette)

That was too comical…. are you a resident of manga world or something?

“Umm…. could you stop making such an astonished face? It’s quite embarrassing, but I’d prefer you to laugh at me….” (Ginette)

“I’m worried about your future.” (Yashiro)

“Stop it! I beg you, please don’t look at me with such pitying eyes!” (Ginette)

     Ginette sat back after dusting off her butt and raising her chair.

“So, where are we again?” (Ginette)

She seems to have completely forgotten my question. Let’s put all the main points into a single question!

“For example, I had a serious disease and won’t live long. Because I don’t want to put an unnecessary burden in your mind, I say a lie such as; Don’t worry, I’ll surely get better!. Will Judgement of the Spirit punish me for that lie?” (Yashiro)

“Hmmm……..” (Ginette)

    Ginette tilted her head and crossed her arms while pondering the question. She eventually released her arms and corrected her posture. Though a little unsure, Ginette gave a clear answer to my question.

“I think the curse can still be activated. It’s not about the reason or the process, -whether there’s a lie in the statement or not- is the activation condition of the curse.” (Ginette)

So it’s like that, huh. Now is the important point….

I want a bit more information, because the conversation record remains, it holds an undeniable truth. Then, what happens to the lies that never be brought up?

For instance, the gun is pointed at me, because I had no will to resist, I raised my hands. What would happen to me next in such a situation…?

The risk is too high to confirm it by myself. I want some more information.

“For example, we exchanged positions. Then, what happens if I didn’t bring up that lie? You who care about me and keep silent about the disease, I have no reason to turn you into a frog.” (Yashiro)

“At that time……..” (Ginette)

     After thinking for a moment, Ginette responded with some conviction.

“The curse won’t be activated. Unless there’s an appeal, that lie will be considered non-existent.” (Ginette)

Good. In other words, the gun won’t be fired if the other party doesn’t want to fire it. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the risk is still too high.

“Can I ask another question?” (Yashiro)

“Sure!” (Ginette)




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