Isekai Sagishi C5P1

Chapter 5 – How to Hear (Part 1)

     Morning of the fourth day after I came to another world. I woke up in a room on the second floor of Hidamari-tei, with a smell of straw floating in the air. When I raised my body, the straw which stuck on my cheek fell down while making a dance-like movement.

     I slept in a narrow private room with a size about 4 tatami mats, equipped with a bed and a desk. In front of the desk, there was a chest — a large rectangular wooden box with lid — which also played a role of luggage compartment and chair.

     You could say this room looked like a business hotel’s room. However, unlike the business hotels, there was no such a thing like electricity. In addition, the wall and the floor here seemed quite aged — which enough to make me feeling uneasy about my safety.

     However, the most terrible thing was the bed. It was just a huge wooden box jammed with straw. I expected a bedsheet would be laid on the top of the straw at least, but there was no such a thing. Thanks to this, the straw got stuck on my face.

     Sleeping on the straw which had been dried under the sun and then smoked to repel the insects, I felt like being a farmer girl from the Alps.

Ugh, so sleepy….

Thinking that there was a defenseless busty girl sleeping next door, I didn’t get much sleep last night…. No, there was nothing but hardship since I came to this another world, I felt grateful for having a room and a bed to sleep at last.

That’s right, I didn’t get much sleep because I was dedicating prayers to God. I should thank God again for making this encounter.

Yo, God. Thanks!

Well, I guess that’s enough. I will take whatever advantage I can get. I would like to sleep a little more, but it doesn’t seem to be a right time.

“Hmm, it smells really good!” (Yashiro)

     From the downstairs, a tempting aroma came drifting.

“What time is it now, I wonder.” (Yashiro)

     There was a wooden shutter fixed on the upper side of window frame with some kind of primitive hinge, and because it was still closed, no light came inside the room. You open it during the day by pushing it out, and then fix it with the stick to let the air and the light in.

There seems to be nothing like windowpanes in this world…. No, they exist. I have a memory of seeing them somewhere in this city. This house is simply too poor to obtain it.

Well, I’m not asking for such luxuries. Just having a roof and a wall makes me happy enough.

I’m afraid of the darkness….

I’m afraid of the frogs….

I’m afraid of the chasers from the guild….

Sorry for complaining about the bed. Being a farmer girl from the Alps is the best. If I had baby goats, I would like to spin around together with them.

I’ve finally got a place to settle down, I should not waste it. Let’s make good use of it until I have a foundation of living in this world.

I must get up and help out when the landlord starts her activities. I will make a good impression and earn her trust by doing so. After all,  beyond the trust lies a huge profit. It’s a common in any world.

     I pushed out the wooden shutter to get some sunlight.

I will completely awake after being exposed to the sunlight…….. wait, it’s still dark outside!?

It’s still night time…. and it’s freaking cold…!!

Though it’s spring, morning and evening are still cold here.

Oh, I miss my futon….

Does that girl start work this early every day?

     I closed the wooden board back and left the pitch black room. Exiting my room into the corridor, I saw similar doors lining up.

There are four bedrooms and one storeroom, so it’s five in total. On the north side of the floor — right after the stairs, there was Ginette’s room.

The three other bedrooms lined up to its left, facing the corridor. The storeroom that is rarely used now, located at the end of the corridor. Beneath them is the restaurant dining area.

There are leftover rooms even in such a poor household. I guess the land is cheap because this is the bottom district. The concept of a private room is rare during the medieval era. I heard that all family members sleeping together in a single large room. Which means, this world doesn’t match with medieval era that I know….

I will get into the trouble if I keep the assumption that the level of their civilization is the same. I need to be careful from now on.

This building has a narrow frontage and a long back — a structure called Eel Bed. Considering all the buildings I’ve seen in other districts so far, it can be said that this is a common structure building in this city.

There’s no private house or something that can be called building around Hidamari-tei. It’s so vacant to the point this building stuck out like a sore thumb.

However, despite being located in such an area, it’s still a mystery as to why this building was built with such a narrow and a long structure. I wonder if it’s like the old Japan where you would be taxed depending on the size of the frontage.

No, wait, the entrance is located on the side…. In this case, which one is the frontage? Yeah, forget it….

The first half of the first floor is the restaurant’s dining area. There’s a kitchen behind the counter, while a courtyard and food storage are located further back. In the courtyard, a small field was set and some chickens are let to roam free inside it.

All the living space is located on the second floor but there seems to be no living room there. The restaurant’s dining area will fill the role after the shop closed, I guess.

     I climbed down the stairs towards the courtyard.

These stairs are built outside the building. I said outside, but it’s still within the courtyard. You pass through the counter from the restaurant’s dining area, walk through the corridor next to the kitchen towards the courtyard, climb the stairs, and finally, it’s the second floor. This is a very troublesome flow line, indeed. I’d like to ask the craftsmen to renovate this place later.

The most trouble thing is the toilet. Since the only toilet in this place is located in the back of this building, to go to the toilet from the second floor, after going through the route I mentioned earlier, I need to walk even further outside.

However, the toilet which I’ve gone through all those hardships to reach, it’s just a hole on the ground, not something that can be called a toilet. In addition, it stinks and naturally doesn’t have a light source during the night. This is the worst.

For that reason, I’ll try not to go to the toilet as much as possible during night…….. It’s not like I’m scared because it’s dark, I tell you.

     I noticed a change in the courtyard as I climbed down the stairs — it was narrower than last night. There reason was a large white cloth stretched over one side of the courtyard like some kind of partition.

There was no such thing last night. In other words, Ginette intentionally set it up after she woke up. Since there are also chicken coop and field in the courtyard, it’s getting difficult to move around. Still, what on earth is this cloth for? It’s not wet, I guess it’s not a laundry…. I wonder what is this.

“Well then, please excuse me…!” (Yashiro)

     Gotten curious, I drew the cloth aside and then walked in. On the other side of a large white cloth partition was a fluffy and fluttering space.

“…….. ooohh!?” (Yashiro)

     The slightly rounded triangular fabrics, were hanging on the washing rope while fluttering in the wind. Not just one or two, the same object filled my field of vision.

Yup, this is a men’s common treasure — panties.

My field of vision is filled with panties. As a man, if there’s a hidden treasure (panties) in front of me, it’s a decency to appreciate it wholeheartedly.

     I, with a sharp gaze as though a connoisseur observing the artworks, was carefully watching the fluttering panties before me. The first one jumped into my line of sight was a pair of dazzling pure white panties. Decorated with frills, it produced a sense of cuteness within the purity of white.

     Shifted my line of sight to side, I discovered panties with lace stitch. The side part which touched the waist was fixed by lace, and the fabric was a little see-through. Furthermore, there was also white and blue striped panties to grab a man’s heart.

“…….. is this a heaven!?” (Yashiro)

I mean, what are these treasures doing in this kind of place? God’s compassion? Or could it be panties in this world can be harvested like this? What an amazing world!!

Come to think of it, Landlady once said that the freshly picked vegetables are more delicious. Okay, let’s prove it!

No, wait, Adam who ate the forbidden fruit went through a painful experience afterwards…. It’s dangerous to put a hand on the unknown carelessly.

“Hmm?” (Yashiro)

     Suddenly, when I looked downwards, within the darkness, a shining small white cloth entered my field of vision.

Oh God, is this your grace for me?

Although taking the forbidden fruit is prohibited, the fruit that have fallen to the ground is an exception. This is a sign from God, so let’s go pick it up!

“Hmm…. a frilly panty.” (Yashiro)

Frills are installed to cover the whole fabric that directly touching the skin. However, it’s precisely because there are many hidden parts, the tip of a small triangle peeking from within the frills makes it looks more appealing. While the frills are creating the overall cuteness, there’s a sexiness hidden behind it.

“Wonderful! This is such a fine job.” (Yashiro)

     Involuntarily, such words came out of my mouth.

This deserves a praise. It’s a sewing technique that can’t be compared with the cheap clothes I bought on the main street’s. If I try to sell the clothing of this quality, it would be worth good amount of money.

Wait, could it be it’s her handmade!? If I look closely, the seams are uneven. I can make a better one with my skill….

     I spread it out, pulled it, flipped it inside out, while carefully observing it.

The quality is comparable to the products being sold in store. If she really made this herself, this can be a new business opportunity. Well, at the very last, she doesn’t have to bother to buy clothing. By the way, I’m also good at sewing and can make various other things. That being the case….

“This is just for a reference material….” (Yashiro)

     I put a pair of panties in my hand into my pocket.

It’s not a crime to pick up what has fallen. Just like peach, apple, or orange…. there’s no commercial value in what has fallen. Back in Japan, the uncle farmer who was my acquaintance once said; “Take the fallen one as much as you want. I will throw them away, after all.” —thus I went home with a whole bunch of fruits.

Yeah, this is exactly the same situation. The only difference is this is a pair of panties, not fruits.

Speaking of which, this place is like the Land of Peach Blossom — a paradise on earth, a dreamland. The land of ever-spring where peach trees which gave off a sweet aroma filled the whole area. I mean, look, isn’t it the same here? The only difference is instead of ripe peaches, this place is filled with panties.

I reached this place is probably the result of God’s guidance. God, thanks for guiding me to such a wonderful place. No, actually, from the start, I believed that you would never disappoint me.

This is it. This is something I’ve been waiting for.

“Well then, now that I’ve conveyed my gratitude, it’s time for me to go.” (Yashiro)

Those who left the Island of Peach Blossom could never set foot in this land again. However, I will come back again…. someday, to this dreamland, for sure.

     A gentle wind caressed my skin as I passed through the large white cloth which separated the dream world and the real world.

Let’s get inside!

     I walked through the door leading to the kitchen from the courtyard, and entered the room on the first floor.

“Good morning, Yashiro-san. You’re quite early!” (Ginette)




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