Isekai Sagishi C4P3


Chapter 4 – Wait!! (Part 3)

     It was a dilapidated restaurant with the images of a knife and a fork engraved on its signboard. A delicious aroma was wafting from its inside yet again.

“I came back here, but…. what now?” (Yashiro)

My anger has completely gone because of the shock from the wanted poster. Even if I want to pay for the food, I’ve spent all the money to buy the clothes.

Hey Me, why did you come here for again?

“Yeah…. Let’s turn back…” (Yashiro)

If you think about it, I’m the wrong person to get angry here. In the first place, that girl didn’t mention anything important in particular, it seems she hasn’t even realized that I dine-and-dashed.

If I leave this city quietly, this case will be forever in the dark…. and it will eventually be forgotten… Yeah, I shouldn’t bother to bring this up myself.

Yup, that’s right. I just momentarily lost my cool. I remembered my foster parents and got a little sentimental. There’s all there is to it.

Where’s the problem with me getting a free meal?

There’s nothing nobler than something free — is said since a long time ago.

All right, let’s turn back!

“Thanks for the food, I shall accept it gratefully.” (Yashiro)

     I said thanks to nobody in a low voice and then turned around.

I won’t meet that girl ever again, I guess.

     While having such expectations in mind, I looked at the darkening sky.

“……………” (Yashiro)

     The distant sky was stained with a dark blue color. The tip of a narrow road leading to the main street was dim and blurry, creating an atmosphere like an entrance to the netherworld. I felt as though I would be swallowed by the darkness which was pressing closer if I let my guard down even for a second.

“Fwuuh…!” (Yashiro)

Well, I’ve spent more than a whole day since I came to this city, so it’s not like I will be forever acting like a lost kitten. I even experienced spending the night outside yesterday, that’s why…




“Welcome to Hidamari-tei…. Hmm, oh!?”

“I’ve come again.” (Yashiro)

“You come again!? I’m happy.”

Please! Let me stay!

I’ll throw away my pride and depend on the kindness I can depend on. I mean, she’s the only one I can take advantage of right now. If it’s her, no matter how I let my guard down, I’m sure she will never realize that she is being used

     With an innocent face, the girl said welcomed me while skipping happily.

They’re jiggling each time she jumps….

What are jiggling? I dare not explain it in detail. But well, let’s say that dream and romance are jiggling around. Oh, no. Not good. I almost went off to start a trip to the dream world while looking at that dreamlike sight.

I have to pull myself together. I don’t want to be thrown out in the middle of the night alone. No more staying up all night at the dark place. In any case, the negotiation starts here.

“First of all, I’ve come here to pay for the meal I ate yesterday. However, I have no money right now.” (Yashiro)

     I frankly confessed my current state. The girl looked surprised at first, but continued to listen with a calm expression.

“Did you sell those expensive clothes?”

Clothes? Oh, right. I’m wearing shabby clothes right now.

I see. She seems to think that I sold that clothes because I was in need of money or something. Well, there’s no need to correct her.

“…anyway, I was thinking of how I should pay for it.” (Yashiro)

“You can pay me anytime. I trust you.”

Hey, you should not trust a suspicious character like me that easily! How could you say it without a shred of doubts?

“………..” (Yashiro)

“You came back here to tell me about this, right? I’m sure you’re a sincere person.”

Whoa, seriously… This girl is so easy… She’s not just a sitting duck, but she’s a duck sitting on the top a hotpot surrounded with a lot of vegetables.

This girl, I wonder how could she manage to survive to this day.

“I’m grateful for your trust, but the prospect of that to happen is not in sight.” (Yashiro)

“Still, I will be waiting patiently.”

“I really appreciate it, but it will be no different from making you wait forever.” (Yashiro)

“I don’t mind.”

“I do mind!” (Yashiro)

What’s wrong with you?

Do you dislike money that much?

Why don’t you stick more to the money!?

Instead of this deserted land, you can do business in a better place with money. You can make a better food and a better restaurant with money. Human kindness is not even worth a cent, so stick to the money more!

“Then, how could I convince you?”

     The girl slightly tilted her head and asked.

I don’t have money but waiting is not an option. For this problem, only one natural answer lies ahead.

“Please let me work here.” (Yashiro)


“Of course you don’t have to pay me. Well, if it’s possible…. even just a little… Nah, never mind… Just please provide me a place to stay and meal in return.” (Yashiro)

     I said it loud and clear while deeply lowering my head

I’m in a pinch. I don’t have money to stay in the inn. I haven’t even eaten anything today. I probably can make money in my usual way, but in order to do that, I must know this city well. The risk is too high to do “business” here without enough information.

I do have the stolen pepper in my bag, but my movements are currently being restricted and I need to lay low for the time being. There’s also this Judgement of the Spirit thing. One wrong step and I will turn into a frog. I just happened to be lucky last time. Furthermore, if I were caught by the guild in another district…

Well, anyway, I did barely survive to this point, but if nothing changed, it won’t be long for me to meet my demise. It’s necessary to know more about this city. For that purpose, it would be great to have someone who’s kind, easy to deceive, and easy to use, around. In other words, working here as a live-in is the best thing I could hope for right now.

However, there’s a problem. She seems to be living alone here, so I don’t think she would let an unknown man live under the same roof with her.

This is where “I want to pay it by working” appeal comes into action. This is just a stepping stone, and it’s not like I want to get closer with this pretty girl with big boobs, not at all. Even if it doesn’t work out, I have to make sure she would let me stay for tonight at least….

“I’m happy!”

“Huh!?” (Yashiro)

     When I raised my head, I saw the girl brought her clenched fists in front of her chest while getting in high spirit for some reason. Her eyes were also sparkling.

“I’ve been running this restaurant alone for quite a while now, but the customers are hardly coming for some reason… I was wondering if there was someone who could lend me their power!”

“…………” (Yashiro)

      he girl grasped my hand with both hands. Her face was approaching to the point I could feel her breath.

“This must be a fate!”

“That’s too exaggerated….” (Yashiro)

“No! I’m sure this is the guidance form Alvie-sama! I’m glad I prayed every day… That’s right, Alvie-sama is always watching us after all.”

This is just a guess, but I think even God doesn’t have that much free time in hands.

“Welcome, you’re hired! I have several vacant rooms available, so please choose whichever you like. You should be able to use the rooms right away since I cleaned them regularly!”

     The girl picked my bag and then walked toward the room behind the counter while making such an explanation.

“Please tell me if you need anything. While most  of those requests probably couldn’t be granted since I don’t have much money, I will prepare anything that’s within my ability.”

     Still talking, the girl gradually advanced further inside…. and left me behind.

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

     Noticing that I hadn’t moved a single step from my spot, the girl ran back and asked such a question.

“Hey, are you really sure about this?” (Yashiro)


“I mean, this whole stuff about hiring me.” (Yashiro)

“Yes! However, about the salary, I hope you don’t expect it to much…. but I will serve you three meals a day for sure!”

“You live here alone, right?” (Yashiro)

“Yes… I lived with my grandfather until several years ago, though……..”

Stop it! I don’t want to hear such a dark story. In short, she’s indeed living by herself.

“Let me ask this again, are you really sure about this? Letting a man you’ve just met to live under the same roof with you.” (Yashiro)

“Hmm…………………… is there something wrong with that?”

Whoa, is this girl serious!?

Doesn’t she have something called a sense of crisis!?

Could it be she’s actually a bitch who loves to play with the men despite her innocent face!? 

Or is she some kind of fairy or spirit who doesn’t understand human’s ugliness!?

“Hey, actually… I really love big boobs!” (Yashiro)


What the hell am I saying while looking all serious!? No, wait, this is because this girl is too defenseless. If she doesn’t have a sense of crisis in the slightest, then I will….

I mean, keeping a good sense of distance is the most important to facilitate cohabitation life. Yeah, that’s what I meant. If she’s too defenseless, I might do things I shouldn’t, and it will be troublesome later on.

“Umm…. because…. this body is to serve God…. such acts…. ermm…. with the opposite sex….  are strictly forbidden…. therefore….”

“Please wait!” (Yashiro)

     Looking at the girl who panicked, I felt relieved a little.

Though it’s scarce, there seems to be a sense of crisis inside this girl’s head at least.

“I don’t intend to do anything like that, so you can believe in me there!” (Yashiro)

“Yes, I believe in you!”

Again, don’t just go believing in people.

“Okay, I will ask you once again after taking such things into account…. Do you really want to hire me?” (Yashiro)

     I asked the girl with a serious expression.

“Yes, I’ll happily welcome you!”

This girl, she’s a genuine fool…

Oh well, I was saved because she’s like this. This makes it easier to establish a base of operation in this world. In the meanwhile, I have to teach the severity of the world to this girl.

“I got it. I will try not to betray your trust.” (Yashiro)

“Yes. Let’s work hard together!”

     When I reached out my hand, the girl accepted it without hesitation. Furthermore, she held it tightly with both hands.

Stop, this kind of thing makes me nervous somehow!

     We shook hands as a proof of contract.

“My name is Oba Yashiro. This might be confusing because of the difference of our culture, but Oba is my last name and Yashiro is my first name.” (Yashiro)

     I introduced himself to the shopkeeper who will be his employer.

I’ve never been abroad and there’s some kind of resistance to introducing myself as Yashiro Oba instead of Oba Yashiro. Regardless of this one-time relationship, I wanted to formally introduce myself to someone who will take care of me for the time being.

“Okay, I will call you Yashiro-san then.”

Calling me using my first name from the start!? I was sure she would call me Oba-san, but this girl… She’s the type of girl who would be popular at drinking parties. Ah, I won’t be able to go to a drinking party with girls anymore…

     Unaware of the sorrow inside my head, the girl kept staring at my hands and then giggled.

Oh? She giggled! Did she find my hand funny or something!?

“Oops, I’m sorry!”

     Noticing my gaze, the girl let go of his hand.

“It’s just… Yashiro-san’s hand is so big….”

Whoa, is this a signal? Did she just send me a signal?

This girl, there’s no doubt, she’s the type of girl who would be popular at a drinking party. In addition, she seems to be an airhead type character.

“Somehow, this reminds me of my grandfather’s hands….”

“Whose hand is wrinkled !?” (Yashiro)

“N-No! That’s not what I meant… Anyway, please forgive me if I had made you uncomfortable.”

It’s ridiculous to be uncomfortable! I just got a little nervous because your hands are so soft. Really, I even want to try playing a King Game with you right now…

“Do you know about King Game?” (Yashiro)

“Eh? The king’s?”

“No, it’s nothing!” (Yashiro)

This reaction… I guess there’s no King Game in this world.

“Let me also introduce myself!”

     The girl cleared her throat, correcting her postured, and then gave a deep bow.

“My name is Ginette. Feel free call me Ginette.” (Ginette)

“Okay, I’ll call you Ginette then. I guess that’s all the information I need to know.” (Yashiro)

“Oh, I’m sorry. It’s Ginette Tinar. This might be hard to understand because the difference of our culture, but Ginette is my first name….” (Ginette)

“Oh, I got it. I got it already!” (Yashiro)

I mean, I did say about the culture difference. If she understands that, why bother with explanation!?

     Towards me who unconsciously furrowed my eyebrows, Ginette turned a dazzling smile like the sun.

I understood well of being welcomed. However, I’m still worried about how defenseless she can be. Hmm, what is this? Somehow, I want to protect her…? Nah, that’s impossible!

Well, anyway, I have a base of operation now. Let’s learn about this city more and look for the seeds of money making. This might be also a good idea to take over this shop while I’m here.

This girl… Ginette, she will never learn about her stupidity unless she went through some painful experiences. To get this restaurant as the tuition fee… it might not be bad.

     My eyes met with Ginette’s when I turned my line of sight. That moment, she made a small gut pose and said something.

“Let’s work hard with my Naisu Booba!” (Ginette)

“Cough! Cough!?” (Yashiro)

“Yashiro-san! What’s wrong!? Yashiro-san! Are you okay!? Yashiro-san!” (Ginette)

     Ginette gently stroked me on the back.

Not good. This might be a bad idea to be with her. There’s a possibility I won’t be able to survive, mentally.

What are you saying with that kind of face? Well, this is 100% my fault.

     In this way, I became a live-in employee at Hidamari-tei in the 42nd District. My job was mainly giving a retort to the airhead shop manager.




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