Isekai Sagishi C4P2

 Chapter 4 – Wait!! (Part 2)

There is a wanted poster in the middle of the bulletin board with my portrait drawn on it.

  • A felon selling stolen goods.
  • Please inform the guild if you find him.
  • For those who caught him dead or alive, would receive 100,000 Rb prize money.
  • Features: About 170 cm tall, black hair, black eyes that look like a dead fish’s, medium stature, and wearing a fine clothing.


I’m in a big pinch!

I’ve been put on a wanted poster!?

     I thought of removing the poster, however…. there was “The curse from Spirit God will befall to those who remove the poster from bulletin board without prior permission.” written on the bottom.

Shit, what the hell is this!?

Since when was it posted?

Dead or alive? Don’t screw with me!

What kind of Wild West show is this!?

I didn’t hear any such stories at the tavern, I wonder if it’s safe to assume that this news hasn’t spread yet. Is there any other place where this information posted?

Anyway, I need to do something about this. The most noticeable thing about me…. I don’t think there’s something like hair dye being sold around here, in that case…. clothes? Yeah, let’s change my clothes!

It seemed that Norbert guy saw my clothes and assumed I was a member of the aristocracy. This might be that my clothes look like a high-class item and eye-catching for people of this world. In that case, I have to arrange new clothes at the shop around here as soon as possible.

     I returned to the main street and jumped into the clothes shop nearby. I took off the blazer and hug it in my armpit. I also unbuttoned my cutter shirt, to look as shabby as possible.


     Inside the store, there was a sheep anthromorph with a distended stomach who seemed to be the owner, welcomed me with a composed voice.

Is this a wool shop? Nah, I don’t think so.

“I want a set of clothes!” (Yashiro)

“I’m afraid that this shop doesn’t have a better clothes than yours….”

“I don’t need good clothes, the shabby ones are better! Oh, but as long as they don’t smell!” (Yashiro)

     The sheep anthromorph shop owner frowned upon hearing my request.

Crap! I guess it sounds suspicious.

“…actually, I’m being targeted by scary people because of this clothes.” (Yashiro)

I do think those people from guild are scary, I didn’t say a lie.

“So, in order to hide my identity, I’m thinking of wearing shabby clothes.” (Yashiro)

“Oh, I see. I understand….”

     Convinced by my explanation, the sheep anthromorph shop owner nodded.

“The public security isn’t good around here. Certainly, if you walk around in such fine clothes, you will be targeted by various people. Yes, I understand!”

Fuwh, I managed to convince him at least. Or rather, do these clothes really look that expensive? It’s good that I wasn’t attacked until now.

I’ve done quite reckless things. Like wandering around in the middle of the night or going into that tavern in these clothes.

“If that’s the case, I would like to recommend the clothes over there. The inhabitants of 42nd District are mostly wearing clothes of this level.”

     The sheep anthromorph shop owner recommended me some clothes that were obviously used ones, piled up in the corner of the room.

Certainly, in this kind of world, only a group of certain people could afford to have brand new good clothes. When they were bored or the clothes damaged, they would sell them, and finally, the general people could get their hand on them. I guess that should be how it works.

I have no idea to how many people this clothes had been handed down. I feel reluctant to wear it, but I don’t have a leeway to be selfish in the current situation.

     I picked the cleanest clothes with sturdy-looking sewing from the pile. In addition, I also bought a shoulder bag to keep the blazer I took off, the other world wallet, and a hat to hide my eyes.

“Hmm, do you sell ink?” (Yashiro)

“Ink? I can spare you some from the ink for my personal use if you don’t mind….”

“Yeah, I don’t mind. If you have a worn out brush, also give me one.” (Yashiro)

       Then, calculating all items…. everything was 30,000 Rb in total.

What a coincidence! This feels like a kind of development that happens a lot in RPG game tutorials. I can only think that this is a God’s prank…. You’ve got to be kidding!

     I borrowed a fitting room inside the shop and changed my clothes. I stuffed the blazer and wallet into the bag and wore the hat.

It doesn’t seem that my wanted poster is made well-known yet….

     I left the store and headed to the bulletin board right away. I then drew a beard and a mustache on my portrait with plenty of ink.

Let’s add some wrinkles on the forehead…. Yup, this looks good!

It only says “don’t remove it” not “don’t doodle on it”, so it’s safe.

Like this, no one would recognize if this is me. From what I heard from that shop owner, it seems that such a poster could only be posted on this bulletin board.

Although it seems that the news itself has already been circulated in some guilds, it’s impossible to spread the poster to all guild existing inside this city.

Tailor guild, blacksmith guild, eatery guild, pharmacist guild, etc. There’s a guild for each occupation in this 42nd District.

In the world without copy machines, it would be impossible to distribute the poster to them all. This wanted poster is also handwritten.

It seems there will be some kind of dispute if only some guilds receive the poster. Why didn’t we receive it? Do you only favor those guilds? …and so on. Thus it said that this kind of notification is only posted on some bulletin board near the main street or main square.

Lucky! Like this, I will be safe for the time being.

There are good things coming from the low level of civilization of this world. In Japan, it would not have been like this, such things would be spread in an instant through the internet.

Hooray, low-level civilization!

Then again, if the level of civilization in this world is high, there will be no “wanted: dead or alive” thing on the poster in the first place.

Because of everything, I’ve completely lost sight of the girl. The owner of the clothing shop said there were slums spreading in the north cliff and I shouldn’t get close to it.

In addition to wetlands, there are also slums, huh. The public security in the 42nd District seems really bad.

     I left the main street and proceeded towards a certain narrow alley. Gradually, the road was getting bumped, and the surrounding buildings were getting shabbier. The hustle and bustle of people was slowly getting further away and the traffic was getting sparse.

I feel like I’m steadily leaving the civilization.

     The holes on the road further increased the surroundings’ dimness and eeriness as the sun started to set.

I haven’t eaten a decent meal today….

     My stomach cried for every step I took. Then, when the sky was completely dyed in red, I finally reached my destination.

It’s here, Hidamari-tei….




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