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1.13 Without Misunderstanding, Something Serious Is Going To Happen

I push the cola from my mouth to her mouth in this manner. Of course there is possibility that the cola will enter her respiratory tract instead, or it doesn't work against this kind of poison. But she will die for sure if I don't do something. It's not the time to be confused.

For me, this is the first time doing this mouth-to-mouth act, her mucous membrane taste like iron because of her blood. It seems that I managed to pour the cola into her stomach somehow.

[*cough*  This is.... my body feels better]

The magician girl talked. It seems that she has recovered a little.

[I had you take a panacea. Now, drink it more!!] (Toru)

I don't know whether cola is truly panacea, but at times like this I need to say it with full of confidence and it really worked. With a little hesitant, the magician girl drank the cola until the last drop because she believed to my words.

[It seems that the poison has really gone because of this black water. The taste is strange like a medicine. Is it a medicine? Though it's sweet but it's also spicy at the same time....]

The magician girl stand up unsteadily but it seems her legs are still weak.

[You look better but it seems your body hasn't fully recovered even when the poison has gone. Come with me, there is a safe place for rest in the vicinity] (Toru)

The magician girl just looking at me with a suspicious eyes when I said so. Well, that make sense. Helmet with headlight, tracksuits, and pickaxe, of course people in the world of the dungeon side have  never seen a person with such an appearance. But what she said next is completely different matter.

[Do it here if you are going to attack me]

[Eh? what do you mean....] (Toru)

[I would prefer if you are alone rather than being ganged with your friend. Is that also better for you?]

[Wh-What are you talking about?] (Toru)

[I don't have food or items as you can see, so your aim must be "that" right?]

The magician girl shoves out her thigh from inside the black cloak a little. It seems she wore a black leather leotard under the cloak. Her thighs are strangely captivating. I wonder if the people from the world of the dungeon side have a habit of showing off their thighs to people they just meet?

However.... because we were attacked by a great centipede and she was about to die, I had no time to look at her properly but this magician girl is a super beauty. Of course Lia is beautiful and cute. There was slightly hard feeling, but this magician girl is also a perfect beauty.

I couldn't say anything about her glossy lips that I took away before. Come to think of it, this is the first time in my life to kiss a girl.

I put both my knees and both my arms on the ground.

[Aaa~ I wanted a more normal one for my first time, No-No-No, Lia and grandma it’s not like that! Why did Lia’s name came up? No-No-No, It’s misunderstanding!!] (Toru)

The magician girl girl absentmindedly looking at me who is spouting gibberish-like excuse to myself.

[What’s misunderstanding? You put your lip on mine me by force a short while ago? Such a thing is....]

I am doomed. This is bad.... is she conscious at that time?

[So-Sorry, it’s to help you drink the medicine] (Toru)

[Eh? What? Are you not helping me because is going to assault me later?]

[Assault?] (Toru)

The magician girl asked so with a little red face.

[You aren't like people who live on the ground no matter how I look at it? I never saw such clothes before]

[What are you saying, that’s wrong!] (Toru)

[Then what is it? that unusual appearance!]

It can’t be helped. It’s going to be complicated if she’s still think of me as a suspicious person. She should take a proper rest soon for her own sake.

[I am a wi-wi-wiseman who hid himself in the dungeon because I dislike a secular way of life] (Toru)

I use Lia's misunderstanding as an excuse. The magician girl looked at me with suspicion for a while but it seems she has trusted me in the end. She reach out her arm.

[What is this?] (Toru)

[You are going to take me to a safe place for rest, don't you? I can't walk yet so lend me your shoulder]

[Yeah sure] (Toru)

We began to walk towards the room, then the magician girl muttered something in small voice.

[Umm.... thanks for a little while ago and sorry for saying a strange thing to a person who saved my life]

[Don't mind it. Grandma taught me to help people in need] (Toru)

[You are really a nice person. I would first think a gain and a loss before act if it was me.....]

[Think?] (Toru)

I don't understand what this magician girl is talking about since a while ago.

[To be done..... or get done.....]

[I don’t really understand, but I will take you to a safe place anyway] (Toru)

[Yeah. If it’s your purpose..... oh well.....]

The magician girl suddenly entrusted her whole weight to me.

[Are you okay?] (Toru)

[Sorry. Thanks to a medicine that the poison has been healed, but it seems my stamina has reached the limit. I leave everything to you. You can take me anywhere you like]

Like before, I don't understand what this magician girl is talking about. However, because I ate Chi-kama that raised 【Strenght】 status and the level rise, it’s not that heavy.

We are moving forward with head to head being close, she is indeed beautiful. There is shining brooch on her chest that seems illuminating the cave. Unlike headlight, there is no directivity so the light spread all over, showing her chest in clear view. Under that black leather clothes was filled with a man’s dream, something *boing-boing* that almost to burst out.

[Mouu..... how far is that place..... please take me there in hurry.....]

[Ah so-so-sorry just a little more. Look, it’s the strange doors over there?] (Toru)

The magician girl showed a dubious face when I pointed the entrance door on stone wall.


[What’s wrong?] (Toru)

[There is only stone walls not a strange door]

[What did you say?] (Toru)

[Wait!! You are a bandit after all!! Just as I thought, let me go!!]

The magician girl started running wild in her weak condition for some reason. It's just a little more so I forcibly take her in front of the entrance door.

[Is this stone wall?] (Toru)

[It’s a stone wall no matther how you look at it!!]

I open the door. I could see the interior of my apartment’s room from there.

[Is this still stone wall?] (Toru)

[I told you.....]

I forcibly bring her inside the room.

[What is this, wa wa wa wa wa, I am being sucked into the wall..... eh???]

The magician girl looking at the room with her eyes wide open. I see, that kind of mechanism huh. This didn't happened because Lia was unconscious when I brought her in, but it seems for people from the world of the dungeons side, it just looks like a plain stone wall. But now, the magician girl was able to enter the room.

Let’s see, Lia couldn’t get out to Japan from the window, I couldn’t pass through to the other side of iron door, so how could it works this time? That’s it, the method probably we have to get in touch with people from the respective world.

[What is going on? What is this place?]

Well, let’s make sure of this for a later time. For now let’s take the magician girl to Japanese-style room to rest. Actually, I would like her to use the bed but Lia was sleeping there right now.

[Over there] (Toru)


I turn off the headlight so there is only the magician girl's brooch that still emitting a light. I make her to lie down on tatami while almost like I was embrace her.

I puts the biggest bath towel under her head as a substitute of pillow and then touches her forehead with my hand but it seems there she has no fever.

[How are you feeling?] (Toru)

[I am fine but it’s very surprising.....]

I guess so. She wouldn’t think there was such a place inside a dungeon. I didn’t think there was a dungeon either.

[Are you really a wiseman?]

[That’s..... Ummm.....] (Toru)

Though I lied to her before because of the situation but it was unnecessary right now. Lia seems to misunderstanding without permission but I am at loss if she ask me whether I was really a wiseman or not.

[Well, it doesn’t matter who are you..... fufufu]

[Ah, is that so] (Toru)

She seems to be a carefree person. She slowly removed her black pointed hat and cloak to make it more comfortable and black clothes like  a swimsuits became apparent. I am troubled about where should I look. I shook my face.

[I know what you think but It would be hard for me to sleep if I wear such a thing]

Oh, that's right. Certainly it will be difficult to sleep. The most important thing is to make her comfortable. This is for the sake of recovery process. Huh? when I look closely, the magician girl’s ears are sharp.

[Eh? Eh? are you perhaps an elf?] (Toru)

[That’s right, did you not notice it? All human men are like it, right? Come! Look!]

As I was surprised, the female magician entangled her arms around my neck and dragged my body towards hers.

[Wa-wait!! What are you doing?] (Toru)

[There was a misunderstanding at first but I want to give something in return for saving my life]

Eh, give me what? I don’t know what she is talking about,it’s true that she is beauty and sexy but Lia was sleeping in the next room and this position is misleading. Thus something serious was going to happen.

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Chapter 72 - Hero?


Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow.....

A large number of cows are approaching at great momentum, while shouting *moo* they are running towards this place. No, towards the bandits to be precise.

And then, there is a huge cow twice as big as the other cow in the front leading them. One eye that closed because of scar increased its heinous look.

However, it's not the cow that draw my attention but a fellow on the top of that cow instead. Black and white with cow pattern cloak, cow-shaped mask that covers his whole face except a mouth part, his face is hidden but....

He wore butler clothes.... Freud? He is Freud, right....?

The man shouts loudly with a big laugh.

[WAHAHAHAHA!! If a cow demon king exists, I also exists!! I am “Cow Hero”!! I love cow, for those people who also love cow, I will bring a judgment to the evil in this place for you!!] (Hero Cow)

Huh....? I wonder what.... my head is hurt for some reason....


The villagers eyes are sparkling regardless of their age and sex, they are shouting in excitement. There are also some people who whistling with *phi-phi*  sound.

On the other side, I and the bandits who couldn't get to the situation dropped our jaws respectively.

I couldn't comprehend the situation, I just looking at the cows that heading towards this place in daze. I  noticed Hero Cow's line of sight, ah that’s right!!

I move in an instant and snatched the knife from a bandit that was still in daze before saving Fluff.

Fluff and all the inhabitant of this village glued their sparkling eyes towards the horde of cow. --[Yahoo....!!]-- then she also started hopping in joy at the scene. Where did your crying face from before go? and it seems she also didn't noticed that she has been saved.....

The Hero Cow nodded at me and then he lead the horde of cows to charge towards the bandits in great speed.


The bandits are being trampled by cows. I couldn’t see the end but a lot cows rushed all the way here from afar. It’s horrible, but despite such a sight the villagers are in great excitement.

The cows who were running in the front row turn their heels and trampling the bandits once again. The bandits are shrieking in agony, even if they try to escape, the cows are chasing them at a frightening speed and they are getting blown away as a result.

Then the hero cow jumped with *hop!!*, he spun around on the air before landing to the ground splendidly. The villagers are getting even more excited.

Dyed with anger, the bandits are aiming towards Hero Cow who just landed to the ground to return the favor. But no matter how many swords that comes simultaneously to cut him, Hero Cow avoids them with a nimble movement. One by one their consciousness being deprived by a single hand chop towards their neck in return.

It seems like I was watching a superb fight scene from some was splendid.

The bandits are fall down one by one as if responding to Hero Cow's movement. All villagers started to cheering towards Hero Cow’s action, the adults are shouting with --[Get them all!!]-- or --[I have been waiting for this!!]--  and the children --[It’s cool!!]--.

Is he cool?

But if my eyes aren't playing trick on me, the most dangerous group is a female camp. From a little girl to an elderly, all women are looking at Hero Cow with a face as though they were shot through their heart. --[How charming....]-- when I heard that, I wondering if my hearing had become strange.

To that extent.... huh? I wonder if I am the odd one here.... no no, I was almost dangerously taken in. His appearance is not cool or anything no matter how I look at it. I sat on a stump that was near and devoted myself to watch from the side.

Soon the trampling drama of cows and Hero Cow ended, then Bluff-san was screaming --[Juliaaaa~~~]--. He cuddled to the face of a gigantic cow that led the horde of cows. Is that a female cow....? The gigantic cow expressing her joy with a --[mooooo~o~o~o!!!]-- roar.

Hero Cow stands on a roof of the house. He is standing in full height like the time he appeared while seeing the villagers in calm manner. The villagers showering such a figure with a words of gratitude.

[Thank you~~~!!!]

[You saved us~~~!!!]

[It’s cool~~~!!!]

[Kyaaa~~~!!! Marry me please~~~!!!]

[How charming~~~!!!]

[Hero Cow!!!] [Hero Cow!!!] [Hero Cow!!!]

I let out a big sigh at the scene. The Hero Cow tooke a pose and shouted something in a loud voice as to reach everyone in this place.

[Those who love cows!! Evil has perished!! Everyone drink milk to become stronger and healthier like me!!] (Hero Cow)

What is this guy saying with a thumbs-up pose? Just drinking milk doesn't make you that strong. But the villager are getting more fired up to hear that.

[Well then let’s meet again!!!!] (Hero Cow)

The Hero Cow turns his mantle and leave this place in dash. Still, cheers of the villagers never stopped.

[Hero Cow!!!] [Hero Cow!!!] [Hero Cow!!!]

Do as you like, I couldn't keep up with these people anymore.

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Chapter 71 - Nidi Village

According to Buff-san's story, Nidi village is a village of agriculture and pasturage that's well-known with its dairy products. Above all, cows are carefully raised and loved by everyone in the village. He seems to hurt so much because he couldn't find his cows that ran away. I mean, he preached to me about "The Path of Cow" from my back.

Cows in the village are cute, cows produced delicious milk, etc. His love for cows is too excessive. I don't want to pay attention but he was talking behind my ears. It's a secret but I really want to run away right now. "The Path of Inn" or "The Path of Cow", please spare me from any of that.

I responded to his preaching with --[I see~]-- or --[Yes~]-- but then, --[Such answers are extremely rude for a person whom pursuit the path of cow]-- I was scolded. I don't remember entering that path in the first place....

Then, we arrived at Nidi village under Buff-san's guide, but there were no figures of villagers at all. Buff-san also notices this strange situation, then screams rose from somewhere inside the village.

We heading towards the direction where the screams were heard in a hurry. Men and women of all ages were making noise in an open place of the village. Everyone didn't seem to notice our arrival because they were facing in the opposite direction. I spoke to a young man nearby while shouldering Buff-san.

[Excuse me, what's going on? What are you all doing in this place?] (Place)

[Oh, actually.... eh who are you? wait, Buff old man!! what happen? were you looking for your cows?]

What a busy person....

[Noisy.... I am fine as you can see] (Buff)

While still being carried by me, Buff-san swung around his arm in buzz. Please stop because it was dangerous.

[So Morph, what is this fuss all about?] (Buff)

Buff-san called the young man Morph, he showed a strained face when hearing Buff-san’s question. Then he approached us and spoke in a whisper.

Wait, how long should I carry Buff-san....?

[Actually.... the bandits came back again.... they attacked in a large number this time and Fluff was taken hostage a little while ago.... those guys said to give all our money and valuable things if we don't want Fluff's life in danger....] (Morph)

[What did you say!!!!!] (Buff)

Hoi calm down!! You will fall at this rate!!

[Umm, are the villagers collecting money right now?] (Wazu)

[No, we don’t have money, we has been using it all for our beloved cows.... more importantly, who are you?] (Morph)

[Oh, my name is Wazu. I came to this village to send home Buff-san who I found collapsed on the road] (Wazu)

[I see, Buff old man has been in you care, thank you very much for saving him. It would be good if we are not in this kind of situation....] (Morph)

[I came in a bad situation huh?] (Wazu)

[Yeah, we couldn't fight back because Fluff was taken hostage, those guys also didn't believe no matter how much we said that we don't have money] (Morph)

[Fwuh.... for the time being, let’s see if I can do something about this situation] (Wazu)

I put Buff-san down and headed to the front row with Morph-san in the lead. Meanwhile, I asks about this Fluff girl. Apparently Fluff was 12 years old girl and she was also Bluff-san's cute granddaughter. Therefore he got mad earlier.

We stood in the front row while looking at the other side, we could see around 30 bandits over there.

Is the person who stood in the center their leader?

A big man with an unrefined beard was shouting to the villagers to hand over their money. He pointed the tip of a knife on his hand towards a girl's neck who got caught and seems about to cry. I guess she is Fluff. The surrounding thieves also set up their swords and daggers to threatening this side.

[Come on, bring us the money at once!!]

[Also, bring us a beautiful woman while at it!!]

[That’s right, let’s have a lot fun together with us!!]

I can’t bear to listen. I move one step forward to quickly end this turmoil, but Buff-san beside me is running forward before I could take an act.

[Bastard~ release my granddaughter at once!!] (Buff)

Wa~Wait!! You are too reckless old man!!

[What the heck are you!? Do you understand the situation?]

[Grandpa!!!] (Fluff)

Buff-san stopped his steps when the bandit showed him the knife that directed towards his granddaughters neck. Morph-san and I who came later, move in front of Buff-san to protect him.

[Stop there!! If you move from that place, this brat's life will end!!]

To be honest, I may be able to save Fluff with my speed. However, I can't guarantee it will be safe. Because the knife is touching against her neck, she will get hurt even if it only moves a little. I want to avoid it in all cost.

When I was at a lost about what to do, I feel the ground is shaking. No, it's not just my imagination but the ground is really shaking. Together with the tremor, I hear a big number of something running echoed all around.


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Chapter 70 - The Person Who Followed

A few minutes after I running in the direction where Meru flew away, I feel a presence of person following me. Though I was running at a considerable speed, I couldn't completely shake off the presence behind. It's kinda bothered me so I stopped on the spot and look back, there was....

[Oh? Why did you stop your feet? We should hurry to find Meru-sama] (Freud)

[....what are you doing here?] (Wazu)

There was Naminissa's personal butler, Freud with his usual shady smile. He still keep his cool face even when I glared at him.

(TL : Change Floyd to Freud --- フロイド = Furoido = Freud --- it's sounds better for me)

[The reason why I was here is simple. Under Naminissa-sama’s command, I’m going to cooperate with Wazu-sama] (Freud)

[....cooperation? I didn’t ask for help] (Wazu)

[Do you have any idea about the location where Meru-sama was taken?] (Freud)

[No. I’m counting on you then!] (Wazu)

I will receive his goodwill obediently this time. I must not lose sight of my purpose. The most important thing now is to return Meru to my head.

[So, where was Meru taken to? It’s a hot spring town in the north, no?] (Wazu)

[Yes, it seems there is no doubt, and about the girl that the peddler was talking about, if he wanted to make her fight with Wazu-sama who has stopped being human, there is only one person that comes to my mind. Probably, she is “The Northern Hero Hao Sui”. Because the hot spring town in the north is where Hao Sui-sama lives] (Freud)

[Oi, who is the person you have called stopped from being human?] (Wazu)

How rude!! I am still a human being.... for now!! Would you like me to show you my guild card? I don't show it because there are so many problematic people in the skill column.

[And then, Northern Hero Hao Sui was it? Even though she is a hero, is she really a companion of that kind of peddler?] (Wazu)

[How should I put this, Hao Sui-sama is not interested with good and evil. However, a strong person has the tendency to seek another strong person.... I wonder if it's the case this time] (Freud)

[....sigh] (Wazu)

[Well, we will understand when we meet her in person] (Freud)

Freud bowed elegantly. That's a gesture of a perfect butler but for some reason I feel some ulterior motive every time he does it.

[So, how can I head to that hot spring town from here?] (Wazu)

[Let’s see.... if you proceed at the previous speed, there is a village across the river ahead, let's stay overnight there first. Since there are several choices from there, let’s talk about the details at the inn] (Freud)

[I understand, let’s go then] (Wazu)

Just like that I followed Freud’s suggestion. I ran at the same speed as before. I gradually increase my speed because I suddenly want to know how fast he could run. Freud caught up without dropping a single sweat not long after.

Huh? could it be he's as fast as me?

[Even though I was speeding up, you could catch up to me easily huh] (Wazu)

[Because I am a butler] (Freud)

On second thought he is a dubious person indeed....

I arrived at the other side of a river in fearful speed.... I was running too fast so I ran through on the top of the river just like that. Of course Freud as well.... we head towards the village at that speed.

There was person shedding blood from a shoulder who had collapsed on the roadside. The moment it entering our line of sight, we rapidly dropped our speed and headed there to help.

[Are you okay?] (Wazu)

As we approached the person who collapsed, we found out that it was an old man. I called out but there is no response from him and he also doesn't seems to be conscious. Freud checking the condition of the old man.

[....he is still alive] (Freud)

Freud took out some bandage from out of nowhere to treat the wounds in an appropriate manner. I brought the old-man to a shady place nearby and let him rest.

[Is he perhaps from the village ahead? If it so, something might have happened there] (Wazu)

[Well.... we will know when this person gets up] (Freud)

There are two mixed feeling inside me now. Of course I want to save Meru as soon as possible but at the same time I couldn't abandon the person in front of me. I am getting impatient because I can't handle these two well. I inhale a deep breath to calm me down. Then, Freud who noticed my condition calls out.

[Don't worry. His purpose it to make Wazu-sama go to the hot spring town, not to bring harm to Meru-sama] (Freud)

[I knew it....] (Wazu)

Though there is no guarantee of what that peddler said is true.... but it's relieving my frustration a little.... I feel pathetic right now.... fwuh.... let's believe in Meru.... in order to meet Meru in my usual self.... let's think positively....

[Ugh, this place is....]

Freud ask about the circumstances when this old-man woke up. This old-man is Buff-san. He is an inhabitant of the village ahead. As for why he was wounded and collapsed, it seems his village was attacked by bandits a while ago. They managed to repel the bandits because their number are small.

It seems that he was looking for his cows that got scared and ran away. He lost his consciousness in the process because he went to search for his cows without treating the wound first.

I consulted with Freud in a low voice because there is a possibility that the bandits attacking the village again.

I decided to head to the village with Buff-san while Freud is going to search for the cows that ran away to bring them back.

Freud went into the forest nearby to look for the cows. I carried Buff-san on my back and headed to the village.

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Chapter 69 - Another Talk 2 : Cleaning Up

I, Tata-san, and the others are headed to Linnic city as fast as possible. It's because Wazu-san may have left the city if we don’t hurry. I think we were moving at a considerable speed. Tata-san had difficulties to breath, she must be tired. But still, she kept moving her legs forward. She wants to see Wazu-san as soon as possible, that's same goes for me. Because of that I didn't neglect to help her. I applied a wind magic on her legs so they could move easier even a little. It's a strange feeling even though she is a rival. Perhaps, I didn't dislike her who is honest with her feelings towards Wazu-san. We talked of each other's episodes when Wazu-san helped us.

We arrived to Linnic city in a short time. We have to go through the examination to enter the town. First, we elves at the front and then behind us Tata-san who wore a hood that attached to the cloak of travel clothes to hide her identity. I asked about the reason behind it, even though she was from this city.

Garret-san said that there was the possibility that the idiots who had lived from sucking the sweet nectar from the previous lord will be looking for her as revenge towards Wazu-san. I’d like to say that it’s their own fault.

We were passed through the gate without being inspected on the sight of Garret-sans face. They also didn't asked us any question whatsoever in particular. Just like that, we enter Linnic city.

First we headed to adventurer guild. According to Garret-san, Regan the guild master there should know Wazu-san's whereabouts. However, Yuyuna and I had another concern inside our mind.

We feel a gaze watching us since we entered the city. I think that Garret-san also noticed it, but he said we don’t have to mind it now. Thus we arrived at the adventurer guild without meeting any problem in particular.

[Do you know Wazu's whereabouts?] (Garret)

Led by Garret-san, we arrived to a room where a man without hair on his head was inside. That person is the adventurer guild master, Regan. He was in trouble when he heard about our circumstances.

[Too bad.... he had left. He should be in Mabondo kingdom right now] (Regan)

It seems that he has already set off. According to Regan's story, Wazu-san headed to the imperial capital with a young man called Orlando. I am relieved because he wasn't with a woman but at the same time I am disappointed because I couldn't meet him.

However, because he said he went on foot, I think it's still possible for us to meet him in the imperial capital if we head there with a horse-drawn carriage right away. But we decided to stay overnight to heal our fatigue from the journey so far and head to the imperial capital tomorrow morning.

Though I am still fine but it would be impossible for Tata-san. Besides, if I leave her and meet Wazu-san alone, it seems as though I was stealing a march from her, and I dislike it. We have to be together to meet him.

As for the inn, we were introduced to "Wind of Light Pavilion" that's running by Regan-san's wife, we plan to stay overnight there. Wazu-san also stayed in that inn before. Is this only me who wants to use the same room as Wazu-san used before?

That's a story for a later time, we leave the adventurer guild to head to the inn. The moment we come out, we are surrounded by a dozen of rude-looking guys. Some people also blocking adventurer guild entrance door to cut our way for escape.

[Yoo~ Garret!! If you are here, it means Tata has also come back? Give her to us quietly if you don't want to taste some painful experience!!]

Is he the leader of these guys? A man who is neatly dressed speaking to Garret-san. Though he was neatly dressed, it couldn’t hide his vulgar face. There was only an unpleasant feeling from his gaze as if appraising us. Probably, these guys were the people who had lived from sucking the sweet nectar from the previous lord that Garret-san was talking about before.

[What are you going to do with Tata?] (Garret)

[Isn’t it clear!? we ere going to mess up her pretty face and drag her in front of that shitty bastard!!]

Shitty bastard? is he talking about Wazu-san.... suddenly the anger rose up inside my body. I put my hand on the hilt of my short sword.

[What was that again!? ....ah that's right, we will make that Wazu bastard suffered and regret for being alive!!]

I slowly walked towards that man the moment Wazu-san's name come out.

[Haa? What the heck are you? Are you perhaps Tata?]

[Regret for being alive....] (Sarona)

[Haa? What did you say?]

I stopped in front of that man and pull out the short sword with anger.


The man who was slain by me spouting blood and fell as is sinking on the spot. I shake off the blood that attached to the sword and take off my hood. I turned my eyes full of anger towards the other guys.

[You should understand the result of your stupid behavior now!!] (Sarona)

After that it was just a trampled play. Nenya-san and Ruruna fought while protecting Tata-san. Yuyuna skewered those guys with spear and Garret-san cuts them with sword. I ran around while killing those guys one by one with a short sword and magic. The adventurers who heard the commotion also come out. Regan-san also joined the fight pleasantly.

Those who could still fight disappear in the blink of an eye. They all were taken by security guards of this city. The adventurers from this city were all pleased because they could return a little favor to their savior in this way. Cheers also raised from the citizens who watch the fight. We leave the rest to Regan-san and Garret-san and headed towards the inn. Thus we spend overnight there.

On the next day, Tata-san and I went out from the room where Wazu-san was staying before and took breakfast. After that we headed towards the imperial capital with a horse-drawn carriage that Garret-san has
prepared. We are going to see Regan-san's elder sister, Leria-san that might know information about Wazu-san's whereabouts.

To be honest, The Path of Inn is so deep....

(I translated it as "The Inn Road" bofore. I change it to match the next one)


Later time, Reagan became the new lord of Linnic city with the support from the citizens. As a former of guild master, he created good cooperation with the adventurers guild to keep the peace in Linnic city. After being independent from Flebondo kingdom, this city will become the world's smallest middle-ranking country a bit later....


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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Chapter 68 - Iddle Talk : Narellina

My heart was deprived at a glance.

Even if I lost my reason and my body didn’t listen to what I said, the memory remained. I didn't want to point my sword towards the knights (Navirio’s) and hurt them, but everyone who approached me had seemed as enemy. I felt full of gratitude towards my knights that still followed me despite my condition. However, deep inside my heart I was also afraid that I would see and attack them as an enemy later. It’s wrong, I screamed inside my mind that they are not an enemies but my body was forced to hurt them.

In such a situation, he appeared in front of my eyes and saved me. I left the weight of my body on his form in relief. This is my first time to be held by a man. *badump* I could hear the sound of his heartbeat that put me at peace.  I would like to remain in his arm forever just as it is....

Wazu said that Denoga who gave me the cursed tool was inside the forest....

He is the fiancé of my cute little sister!!

Such a person in unworthy for her!!

I would ask my father to cancel it at once!!

The thing that worried me was Naminissa looked happy when she heard that Denoga is the mastermind of this incident.... even though he is her fiancé, why did she look so happy?

Naminissa and I are twins, we often liked the same thing since the old days.... it can’t be.... did she also fall in love with Wazu!!

Denoga appeared in front of us. After he did all of this, what nerve he has. I wonder what he was planning this time.

Denoga summoned a monster horde with a black ball and transformed with a red ball. Even if you have turned into something mysterious, did you think could overpowered our anger with such an effort? It doesn't matter even if you are a son of the late king!!

The thing about Denoga is the problem of our royal family so we must settle it by ourselves. Understanding it, Wazu was going to keep Fluegel busy for us. His strength as an S rank adventurer is extraordinary. We may be able to do something if we challenge him together. Fluegel was that kind of opponent. However, we have to settle things with the transformed Denoga before that.

As were fighting with Denoga, I saw Wazu was badly done by Fluegel. You.... I am going to kill you!!

Denoga's claws come closer when I let my guard down because I turned my attention towards Wazu. I managed to parry it with the sword somehow but it was really dangerous. Guhh, I have to concentrate fighting this guy now. I have to defeat him quickly and help Wazu!!!

Our cooperation was brilliant. We had a breathtaking combination like some veteran party of adventurers. Wazu was overwhelming Fluegel when I turn my line of sight at him again this time.

How strong is Wazu!? As expected of my future husband!! How much are you going to make me fall in love!? My heart is beating so fast just watching you!!

More unbelievable things happened. Wazu who has defeated Fluegel, also crushed the group of people with strange shield and the horde of monsters all alone.

Wonderful!! Please hug me!! ....opss, my concentration got distracted by Wazu's coolness.

When the surrounding people were astonished, we also succeeded to defeat Denoga. Using the opportunity when he lost his balance and fell down because of Naminissa's barrier magic, I unleashed a deadly sword attack.

[My sword burns everyting] (Narellina)

Fire from the fire magic flared on my sword.  I thrust it towards Denoga's throat in a reverse grip. Denoga’s life was over just as it is.

But the situation didn’t end there. A peddler wearing black clothes took the dragon child who was on Wazu’s head to the northern hotspring town. Certainly over there.... don't tell me the girl he mentioned before was....

It seemed Wazu is going to leave this country to pick up Meru. I caught a word "reward" from Naminissa when we exchanged conversation. Therefore, I also promised to meet again. It's not good to stealing a march, Naminissa.

After that we returned to the imperial capital. We made father and mother drink a medicine that was prepared under Navirio nii-sama instruction, their consciousness came back not long after. The whole family embraced each other. I was relieved from the bottom of my heart that it was over.

The prime minister was surprised to hear that Denoga was the mastermind of this incident. Though he was crying because Denoga died, but I wonder how he really felt deep inside his heart.... I'm sure he was also trying to get rid the royal family from behind the scene.

A few days later, Naminissa and I lined up together in front of father and mother who were finally able to move. We are going to convey the result of our discussion from the past few days.

Orlando who is Wazu's friend has become new exclusive knight of my older brother. Currently, it seems he was moving around according to instruction from older brother, because of that they are not here.

[Father, the young man who has helped us, we are thinking to go after Wazu and marry him, could you please allow us to go?] (Narellina)

[Father, please grant our wish] (Naminissa)

[Sure, no problem] (Givirio)

Eh....? can you allow us to go so easily?

[I heard about this young man from Navirio. If you two are good with him, why not? About that shitty father (prime minister) and shitty son (Denoga), we didn't recognized the engagement and all] (Givirio)

[ [Thank you veru much!!] ] (Narellina / Naminissa)

Naminissa and I holding each other’s hands in joy.

[However, he is a commoner, is that really fine?] (Naminissa)

[No problem. I mean, we already quit from the royal family so don't worry about it. It's troublesome and I don't want to be bothered by that shitty prime minister. I will be going to the south with the people I could trust and the people who are willing to come with us. Because of that we are not a royal family anymore~] (Givirio)

[Haa~a....] (Narellina)

I knew that father was a happy-go-lucky person but I didn't think he would go to this extent.

[Could I also have a words for the two?] (Mirellina)

[What is this, mother?] (Narellina)

[We have not meet Wazu yet so bring him to meet us without fail, okay? Also, I’d like to see my grandchild’s face soon!] (Mirellina)

[ [Understood!! Certainly!!] ] (Narellina / Naminissa)

Grandchild huh!! Understood!! When we are promised to ourselves in the heart, Naminissa's maid (Kumia) came into the room.

[U-Umm!! Please excuse me!! Leria-sama has came to see Naminissa-sama and Narellina-sama] (Kumia)

Leria-san? Did something happen?

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Chapter 67 - Iddle Talk : Naminissa

It was love at first sight.

I was attacked by a mysterious group and ran away. I was fascinated when he appeared gallantly after I ask for help through the ring by channeling magical power into it. I like everything about him from head to toe. I have completely fallen for him. Fiance? I have nothing to do with such a person. Father would understand for sure.

On my way to Maima village. I tried to gather information about Wazu-sama from his friend Orlando. Such as his favorite food, hobbies, and so on. But the most important thing is whether he has a lover or not. Thus I found out that Wazu-sam doesn't have one right now. If there was no one here I might have started to dance in joy.

Did he find out I was watching his back? His back is also wonderful....

In Maima village Wazu-sam was charging towards the enemy alone. I had been asked to hide inside the shadow of a building and wait. I was excited to see Wazu-sama's strength and coolness, my breath becomes rough, puffing and blowing. Orlando floated a wry smile at such appearance.

I am grateful to Wazu-sama who has helped Floyd and Kumia in the blink of an eye. Then we headed to the imperial capital to meet Leria-sama who is my collaborator. I went back to Wazu-sam after made an appointment but his eyes have been deprived by a disgraceful dressed female adventurer. I was driven by jealousy and pulled Wazu-sama's ears. I wonder if I will also be able to seize his attention if I dressed like that?

A serious thing occured.

Southern hero came to visit when we were talking with Leria-san. Then, Wazu-sama suddenly got restless and hid himself. What’s the matter?

It has been a while since I met Aria. She looked tired for some reason, I wonder if she was all right? Aria was trying to ask something from Leria-san but changed her mind at the end.

I was surprised when Wazu-sama suddenly collapsed after Aria and group left the room. I am getting anxious. Leria-san pulled me to take a bath when I was in dismay. I have to polish my body carefully to impress Wazu-sama later.... shampoo and conditioner are wonderful things.

Wazu-sama has woken up when I returned from the bath. I couldn't hold myself and jumped to hug him a little.

Ufufufu.... so this is Wazu-sama's smell.... sniff.... sniff

Just watching Wazu-sama's face that's about to cry made my heart aches. I gently wrapped his hands with my hands. I hope my words could make him better even a little. Whether my prayer has been granted, Wazu-sama smiled.

You can embrace me, you know? Please don't worry about the surrounding eyes!!

I feel like Wazu-sam is looking at me passionately. Just by a stare from him my lower body is.... opss, it's disgraceful.

I understood the reason about why Navirio nii-sama and Narellina ane-sama turned strange. But at the same time I heard they were already about to start the war, we headed to that location immediately.

In the Bondo plains, the knights were already formed in two faction and about to start the fight. I certainly would like to rescue ani-sama and ane-sama, but I couldn't bear to see the knights get hurt in the process.

I there something I could do? I am helpless....

Wazu-sama called out when I was in such a condition. His serious eyes told me that I could rely on him.

Wazu-sama ran towards the knight alone after telling us to wait. I know that Wazu-sama is strong, but I want to stand by his side to help even a little but Orlando stopped me. --[Everything will be fine if you leave it to Wazu]-- he said so and told me to calm down. We were watching Wazu-sama without moving from that place. was just in an instant, Wazu-sama had rescued Navirio nii-sama. I was astonished to see Wazu-sama's strength was beyond my imagination. Then Wazu-sama headed towards Narellina ane-sama along with Navirio nii-sama. We headed to that place while thinking that we could help even a little bit.

Narellina ane-sama has been rescued before we arrive as a result. She clung at Wazu-sama afterward.... Narellina ane-sama... please get away from him already.... or I will get angry.... Wazu-sama as well!! I know that Narellina ane-sama's breast are bigger than mine.... but I also have pretty decent breasts!! If you want to enjoy the feeling of breast, plese use mine instead!!

We celebrated Navirio nii-sama and Narellina ane-sama's safety and thanked Wazu-sama. But he told us that everything is not over.

What do you mean?

According to Wazu-sama's story, those who gave Navirio nii-sama and Narellina ane-same the cursed tools are inside the forest.... I was told that the person is Denoga. The story about my fiancé is gone now. I took a guts pose in my mind. I want to become Wazu-sama's thing right now.

And then the former fiancé in question appeared before us.

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