Monster Girl 030

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Chapter 30 - Spring, Come!

    I had a dream. In that dream, I became a human again and walking on my legs. I spent the winter in the royal castle as a saint with my fiancé the prince --- Hero-sama. When I sat down on the couch, he sat down next to me and gently wraps his left hand around mine.

Oh, I'm so happy!

What else could be happier than this? No, there is such a thing.

Hero-sama, I had a nightmare.

I was reincarnated as a plant and I was all alone in the forest.

Moreover, in the winter, there was a heavy snowfall and I almost froze to death.

It’s such a strange dream, isn't it?

I'm not confident I can endure such a life.

So please, Hero-sama, promise me that you would always stay by my side.

    The warmth of Hero-sama suddenly disappeared from my left hand. Instead, something warm gushed out and stained the room in deep red. I looked at my left hand to see what had happened, but there was nothing there.

    Hero-sama was holding my left hand --- no, my entire left arm which had been severed from my shoulder. Feeling another presence from behind, I looked back and saw my junior --- the saint apprentice. For some reason, she was holding a scythe made of wind magic.

I took her under my wing and taught her everything I knew about light magic because the country recognized her talent and was expecting her contribution in the future.

I know that her breast are bigger than mine and that sometimes Hero-sama's gaze was glued to her chest. Nevertheless, I swallowed that fact and continued to treat her kindly.

So why did she do this to me?

    Blood kept flowing from where my left arm had been, so I used super recovery magic to regenerate it back to normal. Then when I tried to get up from my seat and run away, I realized that both of my legs had also been severed. I immediately cast another super recovary magic to regenerate them back, but for some reason, it didn’t work.

Why!? My arms could be regenerated, but why can't my legs be regenerated? I can't move from this couch.

    I tried to raise my right hand thinking that I should counterattack with magic at least. However, nothing rose. My right arm had also been severed by my junior. When I cried out in pain, she once again severed my left arm that had just been regenerated a moment ago.

This is no use.

What should I do?

Please help me, Hero-sama!

    When I turned to Hero-sama asking for help, I found that he was hugging my junior for some reason. The two of them were in close contact as if they were lovers.

I was abandoned.

These two are betraying me.

    When I looked downward, instead of legs, there was a crown of flower. Further down was a bulb, from which roots were growing into the ground. My body had turned into a pistil, and countless vines were growing out of it, which could be manipulated freely like arms.

That's right, I remember now.

I was reincarnated a plant monster.




*bud opened*

    There was a pungent, stimulating smell, as if I had landed on an inorganic snowfield. When I opened my eyes, I saw my surroundings were dyed in white.

Come to think of it, I was buried in the snow.

    I looked around, wondering why my bud, which was supposed to be frozen under the snow, had opened. Then I noticed that the area around me was unnaturally devoid of snow.

What's the meaning of this? The last thing I remember is that the snow keep piling up until it reached my head and buried me alive. However, there is no snow around me now, as if I had fallen into a hole. It's like someone had shoveled the snow for me.

The question is, who on earth did such a thing? There are no footprints nor a trace that anyone had come anywhere.

Maybe the snow had just naturally disappeared around me? No, that makes no sense. I wonder if something like that could even happen.

If I had a body temperature, it's possible that the snow melted due to it. However, there are no such plants in the world.

I wonder if it's some kind of goddess’ miracle. I used to be a saint, who had mastered light magic that only women blessed by the goddess could use, after all

In any case, the snow around me had mysteriously disappeared. This is the second of the Seven Wonders of the Forest, after the neighborhood tree that had withered before I knew it.


    Something fell from the sky as I was racking my brain to solve this mysterious phenomena. It was a flower with murky deep red color, with what looked like a small clump of flowers in the center, which reminded me of a monk sitting in Zazen. When I looked up, I saw a bird hovering above me.

Oh, it’s the white bird. I guess she is still doing my request from the other day. What a dilligent bird.

But it's a blessing for me. The flower she brought this time resembles Zazensou flower, after all. If it's really a Zazensou flower I knew, that explains why it could still bloom even in this kind of weather. In addition, I might be able to get trough this harsh winter if I gained its ability.

Zazensou is a very unique flower. The reson is, despite being a plant, it can generate heat by itself to melt the snow.

Flowers cannot bloom if they are buried in snow during the winter. In this kind of situation, Zazensou will continuously generate heat of about 20 degrees Celcious from its own body, and slowly melt the surrounding snow. That's how Zazensou bloom in the snow, where there are no competitors, before anyone else.

I am sure that it also exists in Japan. If the Zazensou in this world has the same characteristics, then I can acquire a heat-producing ability if I eat this flower. Well then, without further ado....


    I could feel something had change inside me. Then when I imagined my body heating up, it really did. The snow that touched my body gradually turned into water.

Even though I am a plant, steam is coming out of my body.

In this extreme cold below zero, my being was as warm as spring.

It doesn't matter if more snow falls.

All I have to do is melt it all and turn it into water.

The cold is no longer my enemy and snow is no longer a threat.

I have conquered this bitter and harsh winter!

    The water flowed into my roots as more snow melted.

The water is so delicious....

I have to thank the white bird for this. First Christmas Rose, and then Zazensou. Don't tell me that it was also her who shoveled the snow that buried me? Yeah, I know that it's physically impossible. But after everything she has done for me these days, such thoughts just crossed my mind.

Thank you, White Bird. You really saved my life. I swear I won't try to eat you again after this.

There is one more person I need to thank --- the mysterious snow shoveler. I have no idea who it was. There were no footprints whatsoever, after all. It's as if I've been bewitched by a fox. Or maybe it was a fairy playing a prank on me

Speaking of winter, it's Christmas. Maybe it was Santa Claus who rescued me. That would explain why there are no footprints since he rides a sleigh pulled by reindeers and flies though the sky. He gave me, a lonely flower girl, a gift of shoveling snow.

There is probably no Santa Claus in this world, though. I can't say there was one in my previous world either.

In any case, I don't even have a recollection of the event because I was unconscious at that time. If only there were footprints, I could at least make a guess. I’m completely in the dark right now.

Oh well, I'm not in a hurry. I can just take my time to find the answer to this mystery. After all, winter is not scary anymore.

I don’t know who you are, but thank you for saving me, Mysterious Snow Shoveler.

    When I bowed my head, I saw something small peeking through the snow. I cleared the snow around it with my vines in hurry, and found some little yellow-green sprouts growing out from under the snow. I shoveled the snow in other places as well, and found that children of plants were being born here and there on the ground. I was finally convinced that the footsteps of spring were approaching.

New lives sprout and raising their first cries as the long winter is coming to and end.

It’s a paradise season for the living.

Spring, is coming soon....





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