Maou-sama V2C16

Chapter 16 - Dere

    I walked out of the World Tree with Maou-sama.

It's bright outside....

    Looking up, I saw the World Tree was shining light blue.

Is this the rumored inverse photosynthesis? No, considering what Maou-sama had told me, is the building called Ark shining? But this is strange. Something this big should have been visible even from the outside of Elven Forest. Or at the very last, I should have been able to see it from the Sodogora Village.

"Maou-sama, why can't something this big be seen from outside the Elven Village?" (Fell)

"Oh, this structure.... I mean, the forest around here is not the Elven Forest in the first place." (Maou-sama)

I often don't understand what Maou-sama says.

"I'm sorry, Maou-sama. Could you give me more detailed explanation?" (Fell)

"You were teleported from the Elven Forest to this place, so you are not there anymore. Did you feel any discomfort on the way here?" (Maou-sama)

Speaking of which, on the way here, I suddenly felt a little dizzy. Maybe that was when I got teleported to this place.

"That planet is small, so the huge structures were built somewhere else. There's only the entrance to this place in the Elven Forest." (Maou-sama)

Planet? What is that?

"Maou-sama, I'm sorry for all the questions, but---" (Fell)

"Fell, I'm sorry, but I'll be away for a while. There's something I need to investigate, and I need to move right away." (Maou-sama)

"In that case, I shall accompany you." (Fell) 

"No, I want fell to continue to improve the image of demon race." (Maou-sama) 

Does that mean I won't be useful? Too bad. 

"Fell is the most trusted demon. In order for the demon world to survive, I want you to earn the trust of the humans in this world." (Maou-sama)

After being told that much, I can't call myself a woman if I still insist on coming along. 

"I understand. Please leave everything to me, the faithful servant of Maou-sama." (Fell) 

"I will be away, but if you need something from me, just knock the door of my room in the inn. Umm, if you do that.... the magic tool I installed there will inform me, that's right." (Maou-sama) 

"I understand. I will do so if there's something I need." (Fell) 

"Good. Then, I will go now. See you later…." (Maou-sama) 

"Yes. Please take care." (Fell) 

    Maou-sama's figure gradually disappeared as he waved at me. 

Maou-sama can also use teleportation after all. However, unlike me, he seems to be able to use long-distance teleportation. I wish I could calculate spatial coordinates as good as him. Now then, since the World Tree seems to have been restored to its original state, let's return to the Eternal Garden.

Hmm? Speaking of which, how does one dedicate oneself to the World Tree? I'm here now, but I still don't understand it. 

Oh, whatever. I have cleared my name. That’s not important anymore. Before I return, I have to limit my ability first. I have to disconnect myself from Magic Blast Furnace as well. 

    I was attacked by a sudden dizziness again on my way back to the Eternal Garden.

Did I just get teleported? The fact that my field of vision didn't change even for a second means the space itself permanently connected. That's really amazing. 

Speaking of which, it's brighter than when I was here before. Does the light from the World Tree reach until here? No, it seems the road itself is shining. I wonder if the trees around here are not real trees, but part of the structure that Maou-sama mentioned.

    When I arrived to the place where I parted with the elder, he was already there waiting for me.

How long has he been waiting here?

    The elder suddenly knelt down when he noticed my arrival. 

"Welcome back, Fell-sama. You have truly restored the World Tree to its original state. On behalf of all the elves, thank you very much." 

I better not tell him that the world tree is actually some kind of building. I can't explain it well, and it would be a hassle if I got dragged into something because of that. 

"How did you know that? You are not wrong, though." (Fell) 

"The light has returned to this area, which makes me sure that the World Tree has been restored." 

So that’s how it is. However, thanking me just feels wrong. 

"I hardly did anything, it's all thanks to Maou-sama that the World Tree returned to its original state That's why you don't have to thank me, and don't start addressing me using '-sama' either." (Fell) 

"Then, please convey our gratitude to the demon king. However, Fell-dono is really humble. You are completely different from the demons in the past. To tell the truth, I was skeptical before. However, just as what I've heard, Fell-dono is a very reliable person." 

I wonder what kind of impression does he has about demons in the past. Well, it was an era when you had to kill or be killed, so it couldn't be helped. Still, if he was skeptical, I wonder why he still gave me a permission to go to the World Tree, and alone to boot. 

"Then, why did you still give me a permission to go to the World Tree?" (Fell) 

"I heard from my son that you could be trusted." 

Son? Who is he talking about? 

"From your expression, it seems you don't know who I am talking about. My son is the captain of forest guard unit." 

"Oh, the captain guy." (Fell) 

"That's right. His birth was quite difficult, so we were a little overprotective and forbade him from leaving the village until he reached adulthood. Because of that, he had come to think the races other than elf were dangerous and untrustworthy." 

So it was all your fault that he grew up to be such a pain. 

"I was skeptical, but since even that son of mine said I could trust Fell-dono, I decided to make a bet."

Did he really say that? I wonder if it's because I helped the elves to drive Ur and her group out of Elven Forest. Even so, that didn’t explain why he switched to 'dere' mode. I feel like I'm making a lot of things go wrong. 

"Now then, shall we return? Everyone must be worried. Let's tell them that the World Tree has been restored."

I don't care about the other things as long as I can complete the mission from Maou-sama. No, wait, I almost forgot about the apples. This is not from Maou-sama, but I still have another mission. I've got permission from the captain guy, but to be safe, let's ask permission from the elder too. 

"You want to thank me, right? In that case, please sell the apples to the village where I'm staying at." (Fell) 

"The apples...?" 

"Yes. When I just came to this world, I ate some apples without knowing they belonged to the elves, and I really liked them. That's why I want you to sell the apples to me regularly. I've got permission from your son, but just in case, I want you to give me your permission too." (Fell)

"If that's what Fell-dono wants, I'll be more than happy to grant it. Besides, we could do nothing against the humans who attacked us this time. To have a good relationship with someone like Fell-dono will surely beneficial to the elves too." 

"Let's get along then." (Fell) 

Great. I can procure the apples without any problems with this. If I ask Nia, she might be able to create new dishes using them. My dream is getting bigger. 



    I returned to the Eternal garden with the elder. When he declared that the World Tree has been restored, all the elves there started worshiping me. 

St-Stop it! 

"You really restored the world tree! Thank you! Thank you!" (Captain) 

Is this the captain guy in 'dere' mode? I'm not interested, so try someone else. The story will be different if it's Maou-sama who is acting like this to me. 

"You are awesome, Fell! No, I always believe in you!" (Mittor) 

Don't lie! But, well, since Mittor was kind of friendly from the beginning, I'll forgive him. I have no comment about his personality, though. 

    The other elves also came to thank me. 

I can't tell them that it was Maou-sama who caused this commotion in the first place…. 

"Everyone, let's go back to the village first. We are going to hold a feast to celebrate the restoration of the World Tree."

    The elder turned his attention at me. 

"Fell-dono, please join us tonight. Tomorrow morning, we will send you back to the human village."

There's no need to decline. Let's take a hint and accept his good intention. 

"Got it." (Fell)

"Okay, I've decided it!" (Mittor)

    Mittor suddenly raised his voice. 

Decided what? I'm sure it's just something useless. 

"Fell, I accept your proposal. Let's get---gofhu!!" (Mittor)

    I punched Mittor before he finished his sentence. 

See? He was just spouting nonsense. Maybe I should have used my killing punch.




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