Chapter 2 - Escort Request

"Hello, Priest. It's unusual for you to come to the adventurer guild." (Dia)

"I'm here to submit a job request." (Priest)

He came to submit a job request? Maybe it's about the escort job he mentioned before. Speaking of which, I don't know the market price for this kind of job. It's probably best to leave this kind of thing to Dia.

    I've got the feeling that she will extort this old man, though. I'm glad I will receive more money, but I'm a little bothered by the fact that Dia will also make more profit from this.

“Are you perhaps talking about crushing the Goddess Religion!? 100 big gold coin, and 10% of that will be my income!” (Dia)

10% of the reward goes to the guild, not your pocket. I've just witnessed a moment of corruption.

"You're still the same as ever. Would you like to doing seiza in the confession room?" (Priest)

"I've done a lifetime's worth of seiza yesterday, so I will pass. In any case, if it's not about destroying the Goddess Religion, what kind of request do you come here with?" (Dia)

"It's an escort request. I've talked to Fell a little before that a nun will come to this village." (Priest)

"Come to think of it, Fell-chan did talk about it before." (Dia)

Yeah, I also told her about a request to destroy the Goddess Religion for 100 big gold coins at that time. I had said something extra.

I don’t know how much the reward will be, but can that battered church pay it? This old man even went as far as asking donation from a demon, after all.

"I don't know the market price of escort jobs, but can you pay it?" (Fell)

I won't do it for free. It takes some money to live in the human world, after all. Mainly for food expenses.

"Oh, don't worry about it. The headquarter will shoulder all the necessary expenses for this job." (Priest)

"Then, while at it, make them shoulder the reward to destroy the Goddess Religion, too!" (Dia)

There's a fool in front of me. Does she hate the Goddess Religion that much? Look, the old man is beyond stunned.

"I don't know if you are being silly or serious, but I'm not going to dig into it. Rather than that, tell me the market price for this kind of job." (Priest)

"Umm, I'm reflecting a little. I got carried away by the momentum.... The market price, is it? Well, it depends on the subject of the escort, but it's usually one big silver coin a day, and all the expenses such as food are paid by the client. Most of the cases are a success reward. It would be dangerous if the escorts ran away or betrayed the clients on the way, after all. There are also times when the clients refuse to pay the reward even after the job is finished because of something or other. Therefore, it's customary to give 30% of the reward as a down payment." (Dia)

Nobles and merchants might pay more, but if the clients are common people, that's about it. Oh well, I'm very grateful that the client will pay for my food expense. This all-you-can-eat is already wonderful.

"I see. You don't have to worry about the expenses since I will pay everything using the money from the Goddess religion. It's just...." (Priest)

Is there some kind of trouble? In that case, I will add it to the expenses.

"Your escort target informed me that she had arrived at the Leanne Town on the same day you were captured by the elves. However, I haven't heard anything from her since then." (Priest)

I heard it took two days to travel from Sodogora Village to Leanne Town, and vice versa. I was caught by the elves three or four days ago, so she should have arrived at this village already.

"She might not be able to find an escort over there, but there's also possibility she got caught in some trouble. If there's no problem, I'd like you to escort her to this village as it is, but if there's any problem, I want you to help her." (Priest)

I don't mind, but I don't know what to do since there's no enough information.

"By the way, there's a church of the Goddess Religion there too, right? Have you heard anything from them?" (Fell)

"I asked the priest over there, but he kept beating around the bush. The telepathic communication magic tool has a time limit and I couldn't get anything conclusive until the end. I don't like that priest in the first place." (Priest)

This old man sure likes to make some problematic comments.

"I don't know her situation is, but another problem might occur if a demon like me goes there. Of course, I won't be violent for no reason. I came to this world to establish a friendly relationship with the human race, after. In spite of them, are you still going to give me this job?" (Fell)

"No problem. If you don't like the priest over there, you can kick him, punch him, or whatever. In the name of Goddess, I shall forgive you." (Priest)

I don’t need your forgiveness!

"The next telepathic communication is in two days. I will let them know that a demon will come to pick up her. Maybe the person herself will contact me at that time. Otherwise, I want you to head to the Leanne Town in three days from now." (Priest)

"I will also notify the adventurer guild over there that a demon is coming. That way, should be able to avoid unnecessary trouble. While I'm at it, I will let Nost-san know about this as well." (Dia)

This is unsettling. I feel like it's been decided that I will get dragged into some kind of trouble. Then again, I need a job, so I guess have no choice but to accept it.

"I got it. I accept this job for the time being." (Fell)

Speaking of which, I don't know the location of this Leanne Town. Should I go east along the road? I need to collect some information first. I'm also considering asking someone who knows about this city to guide me there. I can just write it off as a necessary expense.

"Then, I will see you again in three days." (Priest)

"All right. Consider yourself riding on a big ship." (Fell)

"I'm counting on you." (Priest)

    The old man said it with a laugh, and left the guild.

"Fell-chan, this is our chance! Let's squeeze every gold coins out the Goddess Religion! Doing that will also make our guild prosperous!" (Dia)

I'm not a goddess believer. If anything, I'm like an enemy for them. Even so, I'm still hoping Dia to receive a divine punishment.

"Do you know anyone who knows the way to the Leanne Town, or maybe familiar with city itself? I don't think I will get lost, but I'd like some information before I go there just in case." (Fell)

"Hmm, let's see.... Via-chan and Uncle Ron, I guess." (Dia)

"Those two?" (Fell)

"There is a commerce guild over there. Because both Via-chan and Uncle Ron are member of the commerce guild, they have been there several times. Usually, they would hitch a ride on a traveling merchant's carriage who visited this village to go there." (Dia)

Come to think of it, I've heard that the inn also sells ingredients and seasonings. I wonder if you have to become a member of commerce guild to run an inn or a general store.

"You don't have to join the commerce guild to run a shop in such a remote village like here, but you see, both Via-chan and Uncle Ron are just too serious." (Dia)

I think that Dia is just too un-serious, but let's not tell her. Still, I just can't recognize Ron as a serious person after the cat ears incident. He is not a bad guy, though.

"Hmm, I guess I will try to invite Via to come with me." (Fell)

"You two are going together? Then I will go, too!" (Dia)

"You have guild work to do, right?" (Fell)

"No! If there was, I wouldn't have tea with you like now!" (Dia)

I guess she made a point.... No, it will cost extra if I also take Dia with me. Besides, I'm still feeling unsatisfied with the fact that 10% of the reward goes to the guild. This feels like an abuse of authority. This is an unforgivable act in the demon world.

Anyway, it's almost lunch time. Let's try to invite Via while having lunch together.




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